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JUNE 2023

SouthFront Gets Award For Uncompromised Integrity In Journalism

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In August 2019, SouthFront was honored and profoundly moved to be considered worthy of the Serena Shim Award for Uncompromised Integrity in Journalism. We are proud to be among other respected and dedicated media organizations, journalists and investigators like Julian Assange, Vanessa Beeley, Dilyana Gaytandzhieva and others.

The award was launched to honor Serena Shim that covered crucial events in the Middle East and other regions.

We are set to continue our struggle asserting independent journalism, and providing an independent point of view on key military and political developments around the world. The Serena Shim award will help SouthFront to continue its work.

Over the past few months, SouthFront has had significant difficulties with funding of our minimal monthly budget needed to continue the production of content close to the level you have become used to seeing. We were even forced to temporarily reduce the scale of our video production.

All the difficulties of the previous months were overcome thanks to your inspiration and support. Once again, thank you to all who have contributed to SouthFront.

Nonetheless, the situation remains complicated.

The Middle East is still the powder keg in the heartland of Eurasia. Eastern Europe is being militarized. The US-Chinese tensions are growing.  The world is rapidly moving towards a global dystopia of zealots of the New World Order. Google and other mainstreamers are limiting the audience’s ability to reach “undesirable” sources of information. This “shadow banning” campaign targeted SouthFront along with many other dissenting media organizations.

In these conditions, your support is critical for our joint struggle against the neoliberal globalist dystopia.

Since August 1, SouthFront has collected 3,020 USD. This is about 64% of the minimum monthly budget [4,700 USD].

SouthFront Gets Award For Uncompromised Integrity In Journalism



Account: southfront@list.ru

SouthFront Gets Award For Uncompromised Integrity In Journalism

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SouthFront Gets Award For Uncompromised Integrity In Journalism

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SouthFront Gets Award For Uncompromised Integrity In Journalism


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SouthFront Gets Award For Uncompromised Integrity In Journalism

SouthFront Gets Award For Uncompromised Integrity In Journalism SouthFront Gets Award For Uncompromised Integrity In Journalism SouthFront Gets Award For Uncompromised Integrity In Journalism SouthFront Gets Award For Uncompromised Integrity In Journalism SouthFront Gets Award For Uncompromised Integrity In Journalism


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Christian S

Congratulations SF, we support and salute you

Jim Prendergast


You can call me Al

Well done SF, congratulations and I hope the 1st award of many.




Congrats SF! You are worth every penny!


Congratulations, even though i already read it on their site some time ago?? Funny.

But nice to see this Iran backed Award for SF! Serena Shim got killed by Erdogans forces working for Iranian media. Always remember what Erdogan stands for in light a new “humanitarian ceasefire” for the so humanitarian Turkish sponsored Jihadist in Idlib.

Rhodium 10

Thanks to SF we know the truth.

Zionism = EVIL

Well, Southfront rightly deserves the accolades as it has established itself as a credible alternate to the Jew Bilderberg Murdoch fake media of sheer lies and propaganda. I have been posting on SF since it came on the scene to provide factual news and objective analysis, especially on the middle east, and sometimes that riles some people, but SF’s veracity and integrity is beyond reproach. I would hope over time more people will support it and it will create alliances with other reputable media like RT, Sputnik, Press TV, Iranian media, Syrian media, Al-Manar, Al-Mayadeen, Al-Masdar, AL-Monitor and other blogs and online independent journalism which provide good quality reputable factual news. The only way to confront Zionist media lies and propaganda is to expose it and refute it, like their plastic dummies on the Lebanese border. Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS Southfront, keep up the good work and good luck for the future!



It’s well deserved. SF is one of the genuine truther sites on the internet


Congratulations and May God always protects you and your family from any harms. Keep it up, we support you SF.

José Filho


Ceasar Polar

SF is a the light in a room filled of darkness. This light is actually lighting up the whole thing and geopolitics are much clearer with SF being around! Thank you SF, stay strong!

Rodney Loder

The circumstances are much different now that what they were in October 2014, Serena Shim would be very happy with the turn around, SF is doing a good job reporting on Syria the broader implications of Assad’s success are more reasons for a propitious future .

US attacked Hurras al-Deen in Idlib July 2019 ; 40 people were killed wounded unknown, now August 31, 2019 US strikes Ansar al-Tawhid more or less the same group as July attack.

Why is US doing this crimes, ? Serena Shim was murdered by MIT (Turkish intelligence) so now the US appears to have changed sides just to oppose Turkey, when Serena Shim was alive US and Turkey were allied against Assad,

It could be that Trump wants to make a statement asserting Kurds to be the no.1 priority, or maybe it’s just that Trump has to be seen to be murdering someone so as not to be marginalised and the HTS brothers can be murdered without consequences.

Serena Shim would be proud of her achievements.

Ashok Varma

Congrats and keep up the good work. Namaskar.




C’mon, people! It’s September 3rd and SF has garnered a whopping $90. I’m assuming that this is the total of all monthly contributions, meaning that there may be only 8 or fewer other monthly contributors at my monthly contribution of $10. Only 9 of us?! Do we really have to continue to endure the late days of the month hand wringing for funding on this valuable site month after month?? Get on board! $5 or $10 a month and sit back and let them do the work you appreciate.


Congrats to South Front.

I recently came here after a fellow poster on Breitbart posted the link, and I am very glad that I visited.

Excellent analysis by this news site. SF’s strategic maps and their illustrations are also outstanding and informative.

Our MSM cannot even come close re any objectivity anymore, as it is completely controlled and micro managed by Bilderberg/Davos insiders and Jesuit globalist lodge rats. All to reflect their slant alone on all geopolitical issues.

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