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SouthFront – ‘Extreme-Right “News” Organization’


SouthFront - 'Extreme-Right “News” Organization'

Recently, SouthFront has noticed a new “stunning fact” about itself in the mainstream media. If you don’t know, it appears that SouthFront is now labeled as “the extreme right “news” organization”. SouthFront has repeatedly been labeled as “Commies”, a far-left outlet, a pro-Trump outlet etc. Furthermore, the same people believe that SouthFront is “highly likely” a Kremlin-linked organization, a CIA-linked organization or even a Mossad-linked organization.

However, “the extreme right” is something new.

Terry Glavin, in his article “Here’s why some people choose not to believe in Assad’s atrocities“, writes:

…It is Fisk’s account — indistinguishable from a report by the far-right One America news site — that was picked up by the Kremlin propaganda outlets RT and Sputnik, and by leftish pseudo-journalism sites like Common Dreams, and the neo-Marxist Morning Star newspaper, and the extreme-right “news” organization South Front


Now, a serious topic.

Dear friends, over the past two weeks, SouthFront has faced a new, strengthened wave of media and technical attempts to damage the project. You have been able to observe attacks on our website and the censorship on Facebook.

However, there is a strange tendency on YouTube. Over the past few month, about 200 people have been subscribing to SouthFront’s YouTube channel on a daily basis. When the channel reached 99,000 (at the same time, the escalation started to develop in Syria), the channel growth curiously slowed down. It has been also noted that YouTube delete the channel’s subscribers.

There have been more strange things with the channel’s views and videos. Some of our YouTube subscribers have noticed that SouthFront’s videos have disappeared  from the “related” section and the videos’ views numbers have been technically reduced and in some cases there have been no notifications about new SouthFront videos [this info is from people subcribed for notifications].

All these facts are examples of censorship.

Earlier, we noticed that SouthFront’s ill-wishers had started using more sopisticated means and measures to damage the project. The current situation is an example of these efforts.




SouthFront - 'Extreme-Right “News” Organization'


Account: southfront@list.ru

SouthFront - 'Extreme-Right “News” Organization'

SouthFront - 'Extreme-Right “News” Organization'

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SouthFront - 'Extreme-Right “News” Organization'

SouthFront - 'Extreme-Right “News” Organization' SouthFront - 'Extreme-Right “News” Organization' SouthFront - 'Extreme-Right “News” Organization' SouthFront - 'Extreme-Right “News” Organization' SouthFront - 'Extreme-Right “News” Organization'


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Sincerely yours,

SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence Team

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  • Kell McBanned

    Welcome to the dark side

    • We are already there Dark Lord)

      • EoF


    • qveenz

      The dark side of the farce.

  • hoss

    Do do you have link have link to this organization. “Commies”, a far-left outlet, a pro-Trump outlet etc..

  • Paul James

    Anyone exposing truth must be shut down by the NWO which is why they invented their CIA labels – its why the Mockingbird media exists: – Conspiracy Theorist, Anti-Semite… those that respect sovereignty, foundation of the American system couped in the 1860’s, those that respect American common law are labelled Sov-Citziens et al! ANYONE challenging the false worlf reality is being shut down! TRUTH destroys the NWO: So – if you are being labelled then you are being effective at exposing the NWO:…excerpt from 1776Reloaded.org: The ‘Black Nobility’ Criminal Triumvirate behind the CROWN (Corp. Of London), United States Corp. and the Holy See – Vatican system has through its proxy agents been occupying our nations covertly for millennia! The parasitic agents, sycophants, order doers behind this Roman Death Cult did install what amounts to a global fake Governance system, fake money system (BIS, FED, IMF, ROTHSCHILDS CONTROLLED CENTRAL BANKS), fake legal systems (UNDER THE CROWN BAR FRANCHISE) that have been used to literally enslave humanity inside of a false world system. If we do not separate ourselves from this death cult – anti-life system it will end us all as it has been designed to do. An awakening humanity can no longer ignore this global problem. This system is actively engaged in genociding humanity and it has been doing so for decades. All you need to know, to un-learn and re-educate can be found at the links on the left margin menu. You first premise should be that everything you have been told by government your entire life is a lie! Everything MAINSTREAM MEDIA is communicating to you now is a carefully manufactured agenda designed to socially engineer the unthinking masses in to accepting a preplanned NWO agenda that will move humanity in to gladly accepting a One World Order slave planet system – a Hell on Earth that will be presented to them as our only salvation for the failing of a deliberately bankrupted, sacked we the people American governance system that was couped 150 years ago (without the American people knowing); and much earlier for the people of British Isles, France et al. If you find these realities hard to accept click here! This timely video may also be helpful: here.

    • Kell McBanned

      Cool another person using Et Al, never hurts to chuck a bit of Latin in every now an again, English is an interesting language when you think about it with its many bits gathered from elsewhere.

  • leon mc pilibin

    HIGHLY LIKELY that the fake news zionist media dont like real news getting out to the people.

  • Kell McBanned

    Interesting, according to the journolistic hack Syria now also uses “Napalm”?

    • EoF

      They must have learned a thing or two from the yanks

    • Vitex

      Well, they certainly use thermobarics :)

  • Barba_Papa

    You know you’re dealing with an activist SJW journalist when he labels the other side as extreme right wing. They know it sounds extra scary to the audience.

    Of course to an activist SJW journalist everything to the right of him is extreme right.

    • testera

      There ain’t much to the right of activist SJW journalist.

      • Barba_Papa

        >>There ain’t much to the LEFT of activist SJW journalist.<<

        Fixed it for ya. ;-)

        • testera

          There ain’t nothing leftist in bullshit they spew (feminist, LGBT, and rasist nonsense). They support the agenda of the 1% (or whatever you want to call them). No Clinton supporter is a leftist, or even centrist.

          • Barba_Papa

            I’d love nothing more then to do that. I despise SJW’s and everything they stand for. But in the current context they are considered leftists, so in that context everything to the right of them gets hit with the label right wing extremist.

          • testera

            That context is created by themselves in order to fool comon people. They are labeling leftists as right extremist too (if they are white straight males, which is usually the case).
            I guess thier goal is to devoid those words of any meaning. They may have muddied the waters in the west, but Eastern Europe is still resisting (and me in it).

  • antoun

    ahah commies orextreme right journalists west are bouffooonnn


    Its all about INFORMATION , INFO WARS

  • Alan

    Well at least your covering all bases and being inclusive!



  • Karol Maksymowicz

    I’m socialist and IMO SF is great, very reliable source of information

  • Atlanta Bill

    The Terry Glavin article is there to gain sympathy for Robert Fisk. What’s Fisk doing there? Is he saying that the chemical attack was hoaxed? NO. He’s saying that there was no chemical attack BUT the “humane” White Helmets and the “professional medical personnel” of the USAID-funded, US State Department-allied Syrian American Medical Society had saved children in Douma from asphyxiation and hypoxia by immediately dowsing them with water. The children, according to what Fisk’s Wahhabi informants told him, had been choking from dust blown up in an air attack by Russian warplanes and a simultaneous artillery barrage by the Syrian Arab Army. What do you do when countless respected analysts are saying that the chemical attack was a fraud? That only NATO’s terrorist proxies are known to harm the children? You can’t stop the hoax story, but you can do the next best thing. You can send in your stooge, Robert Fisk, to dull the exposure of the NATO criminals by turning the story into one about deadly dust stirred up by a heartless air-and-ground attack by Russia and Syria. This article has some of the pertinent facts: https://popularresistance.org/caught-in-a-lie-us-allies-bomb-syria-the-night-before-international-inspectors-arrive/

    • Lars

      Fisk is MI6, his pro Arab views are solely for information gathering, and his arrival to Douma is for the purpose of narrative control.

  • Mohammed Asim

    I have experienced problem at south fronts youtube Channel and I don’t get nofications too

  • Paul James

    Sadly true – not in denial any longer – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNPNWEY44NY&bpctr=1524138775 1776Reloaded.org



  • Michał Hunicz

    Don’t believe Zionist propaganda, Nazis were Commies!

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      Nazis are Aske-nazis, or better originated by them. Plenty of sick mindless people, to follow an ideology, when they are introduced to them.

      • Michał Hunicz

        Well, Nazism was a NATIONAL SOCIALISM.

        • Promitheas Apollonious

          so they say. BUT….. check who was behind it. When you sell politics to the idiots always chose one that will speak to their natural stupidity and be able to relate to it so it catch up. In short check who promoted it, like national geographic and the Hearst yellow papers in US as well who financed it who was not other than the two Rs. Then you get the drift, of what I am saying

  • Vido Dasler

    Just add the site to the favorites and you do not need faceshit or youlies any more.

  • Real Anti-Racist Action
  • JPH

    Extremely ‘right-news’ organization. Fixed that.

  • velociraptor

    One thing is right. Southfront in dissonance with russian law, allows here to write comments for meganazis.

  • Attrition47

    If Southfront has a bias it’s that it isn’t left wing enough….;O)

  • R PLobo

    Terry Glavin is a presstitute troll. Even the readers at the National Post are not buying his nonsense.

  • Pete

    I agree that SouthFront is extreme right, as in extremely right/correct in it’s analysis of world events.

  • alexis

    Southfront is excellent web news media. I like this style of presented information. I follow this web since late 2015, and always was for me very reliable and objective source of information, on opposite to CNN or BBC….I passed a part of Syria conflict with you, guys…Thanks a lot…

  • Ciccio Serry

    It means that you are doing a great job.

  • Caesar

    Personally I am convinced that my monthly donation of €50 to Southfront, which I started about 4 months ago, is very well spent.
    If I dare to say that “Actions speak louder than words”.

  • RamboDave

    South Front and Everybody … please listen. In addition to subscribing to the YouTube channel, you actually have to “ring the bell” at the right corner. This is the only way to insure that you actually get YouTube email notifications.
    Here is Jimmy Dore, who has the same problem as South Front:

    HEADLINE: YouTube Admits Not Notifying Subscribers & Screwing With Algorithms


    So… please ring the bell !!!!!!!!

  • NeoLeo

    That idiot Terry Glavin obviously doesn’t know the difference between SOUTHFRONT and STROMFRONT, he thinks that’s the same site lol!
    F*ckin imbecile!

  • Luutzen

    Gandi: first they laugh at you, than they fight you, than you win.

    Southfront ‘s getting famous.

  • Jonathan Murray

    My only criticism is the racists and Stormer readers that comment – which you really should delete. Your analysis is spot-on. SF is a daily must-read.

  • Spyros Marchetos

    i proudly belong to the far Left, and i professionally study the extreme Right for twenty years now. SouthFront is my choice source for ongoing military conflicts. I
    cannot sympathize with some articles, and with the sentiments expressed
    in many comments, but i would never imagine of labelling it ‘extreme
    Right’. An over the top characterisation.

  • frankly

    South Front defies categorization. Though it is certainly one of the best! You must be a threat, one can’t help but notice all the new really aggressive trolls, they must get paid by the word, I go on too long but they just don’t shut up.

  • GMCK101

    If you are not mainstream you are off script and must be adjusted or removed.
    Don’t let your voice be silenced.
    Honestly I think youtube will become unmanageable soon and recommend using other platforms like bitchute and minds….

  • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

    Well I think the moniker of “Extreme right is used to describe the comments here and the view that is shown in deriving the right answers as we know enough to realize and arrive at a conclusion with logic and good sense in determining our stance in regards to the story.We have learned to not follow “I told you so answer” so it must be true! Here we like to see reason and facts to support an opinion as whether we accept it or not.

    Extreme Right- Those who seek to get answers after they apply logic and knowledge and proven theory to test the story,the moral and ethical truth seekers who search for the truth tellers looking at the event and finding answers to questions from the event.

    Extreme Left- Those who want you to believe their narrative whether it’s right or wrong which it’s mostly the latter , who use the phrase “my friends believe and trust me so should you” or “The policeman is nice don’t you trust him!” These are just some of the excuses before they become abusive towards you and act like a bully to make you accept their version of the events.

    Rrriigghhttt… you expect me to believe any of that which they say with out explaining everything to me first before I accept their version of the events, I don’t think so!

  • Atlanta Bill

    Fascist trolls of the well-funded Libertarian Right are trying to mark South Front as an extreme-right (alt-right, Nazi) site by posting antisemitic and other antisocial comments that mirror the memes of the Third Reich in either the act of an unconscious provocateur or as part of an orchestrated campaign, either one of which have the effect of giving ammunition to the corporatist media. SouthFront will have to be stricter with monitoring the comments, sadly, since I believe the best way to defeat fascist propaganda is not to delete it, but to counter it openly with demonstrable facts and well-grounded logic.

  • Ivanus59

    lol, absurdity from pro-imperialist propaganda has no limits.