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SouthFront Calls For Volunteers

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SouthFront Calls For Volunteers

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Take your chance!  Join the SouthFront Team

SouthFront: Analysis&Intelligence unites volunteers and specialists from all over the world and you can be the next to join our ranks.

We are looking for:

  • Writers of military and political analyses and overviews;
  • English language voiceover artists;
  • Translators from Russian to English;
  • Translators from English to German (and from German to English);
  • Designers to make images for articles, videos and infographic pieces.

If you are interested in a survey of the current agenda or in-depth military-political analysis, you have a wide experience or you wish to improve your skills, our team will help you share your ideas.

SouthFront  is committed to the freedom of speech and the principles of independence, valuableness of different but confident points of views. Our cumulative audience is made up of millions of readers and viewers from all over the world.

It’s your chance to contribute to the work of an internationally recognized media and join the professional community.

If you are ready to fight in our ranks, feel free to contact press@southfront.org

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I fill one of the criteria you’re looking for and would to help, however I also have my own project, full time work, chores, wife and hobbies to attend to, and don’t really have enough time as it is.

If I could get paid a small amount for each piece I could justify it (wouldn’t have to be a lot), as I’m always looking for ways to bring in a bit more income. However I recognise that SF doesn’t exactly have the favour of the rich and powerful people in the world, and must rely on small donations only.

A bit of shame really, as I love this kind of content and have been religiously following this site for years now.

Arch Bungle

I’m a seasoned political commentator (just check your forums SF!).
Happy to share my analysis and opinions for free!

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