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JUNE 2023

SouthFront Approaches And Volunteer Cooperation

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SouthFront Approaches And Volunteer Cooperation

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Dear readers and viewers of SouthFront,

As you know, SouthFront is a team that is mainly composed of volunteers. We are always open to cooperation and ready to publish various points of view on current events.

We receive a lot of articles with a request for publication. We always do so if the articles meet the criteria of relevance, reliability and consistency of data analysis. It happens that later, when author gets acquainted with other points of view presented on SouthFront, which he or she doesn’t share, the author asks to delete his publication. And we comply with such requests.

Dear friends, we kindly ask you to consider that SouthFront is one of few really independent platforms that disseminate different points of view on international issues.

There are only two possible ways:

  • Rather we follow the principle of diversity of opinions and remain independent;
  • Rather it would be another SouthFront.

Thus, while sending us your valuable materials, please, consider our position and whether accept it or follow your own way.

We invite those who endorse our values to express your opinion and send us your articles. SouthFront  unites volunteers and specialists from all over the world, that’s why English is not a native language for a good part of SF members and volunteers. We invite those who could contribute to our endeavor as English language editors.

Feel free to contact SouthFront via press@southfront.org.

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