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SouthFront accused of subverting Polish government


SouthFront accused of subverting Polish government

Original published by Telewizja Republika; translation by J.Hawk

Daily Polish Press reports that the Committee for the Defense of Democracy [an organization formed by opposition pro-EU, pro-NATO parties to the current Euro-skeptic and Russophobic Law and Justice government–J.H.] is spreading Russian propaganda by making available information about the Polish military published on internet sites promoting disinformation. Dr. Jerzy Targalski, a Sovietologist [USSR clearly still exists, as far as Poland is concerned], has no doubt that the Committee represents Russian interests in Poland.

At issue is the Internet page Southfront.org. It published an article suggesting that the dismissals of Polish generals are the effect of the negative atmosphere within Poland’s Ministry of National Defense which supposedly prevailed after Antoni Macierewicz took over ministry. The author of the text slandering the Polish army and the defense chief is a Polityka reporter, and the text was translated and commented on by J.Hawk [That’s me!!! I’m famous now.] known in the Internet from pro-Russian activity [I prefer to think of it as simply reporting the news the CIA doesn’t want people to know].

Southfront.org is a platform headed by Putin trolls (sic) , spreading Russian propaganda (sic), clearly anti-Western materials (sic), where it is difficult to find any criticism of the Putin regime (sic). SouthFront.org was described by European View as “it appears to be a professional project that arose within the framework of the information war and which is supported by the Russian military.”

KOD took Southfront.org as a trustworthy source of information and shared the information concerning the allegedly bad situation within the Polish military on the social media.

During discussion with Polish Daily Press, Dr. Jerzy Targalski, a Sovietologist (sic), stated that “the Committee represents Russian interests in Poland and therefore it is only natural for it to use materials supplied by Russian propagandists.”

J.Hawk’s Comment: This is both flattering and hilarious, and the level of hysteria reflected by the above article is truly indicative of the profound crisis in which Poland and other countries of Eastern Europe have found themselves in. SouthFront is not funded and supported by any government, its contributors are citizens of many countries, experts in their fields, who will never be seen on CNN or BBC not because they lack knowledge of their subjects, but rather because they don’t support the official narrative promoted by the neo-liberal, neo-conservative, globalist forces.

The reason why SouthFront got singled out for this treatment is because it reports that which no Polish media outlet, irrespective of their political orientation, is willing to report: Poland has reached a dead end, politically, economically, and…morally. Both the government and the opposition blame Russia for every imaginable sin, both in Poland and worldwide, and accuse each other of being Russia’s agents.  Both the government and the opposition support the xenophobic, militaristic, cleptocratic government of Ukraine.  The fact that the Polish opposition and government seek to outdo each other in their Russophobia is a reflection of their inability to address the genuine problems facing the region, inability that will at some problem lead to a far bigger crisis. Time will tell whether the Trump Administration is able to reverse the course of the outgoing administration and whether the governments of Poland, Ukraine, the Baltics, and other countries that have placed their bets on a confrontation with Russia will find a place themselves in the post-Obama order.



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