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Southern Karabakh Is In Fact Lost To Azerbaijan, But Armenia Continues Denying This

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Southern Karabakh Is In Fact Lost To Azerbaijan, But Armenia Continues Denying This

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As of October 23 evening, the situation on the frontline in the Nagorno-Karabakh region remains complicated for Armenian forces as they continue retreating under strikes of the Azerbaijani-Turkish bloc. The main clashes took place in the southern part of the region, where Azerbaijani troops captured another group of abandoned villages:

  • Dolanlar and Bunyadli in the Khojavand district;
  • Dagh Tumas, Nusus, Khalafli, Minbashili and Veysalli in the Jabrayil district;
  • Vanadli and Mirzahasanli in the Zangilan district;
  • Zilanli, Kurd Mahrizli, Mughanli and Alagurshag in the Gubadli district.

The Azerbaijani military insists that the Armenians lost control over the border with Iran in the area. The Armenian military denies this, but the situation on the ground indicates that this is mostly propaganda wishful thinking.

The Armenian Defense Ministry released a new report claiming that in the recent clashes Azerbaijan lost at least 80 soldiers, 8 armoured vehicles and 4 UAVs. The total numbers claimed by Armenia since the start of the war on September 27 can be found here:

Meanhile, the Azerbaijani side confirmed that Colonel Shukur Hamidov, the national hero of Azerbaijan, died during clashes in Nagorno-Karabakh. This is the first time when Azerbaijani sources confirmed the death of high-ranking officer in the combat zone.

Southern Karabakh Is In Fact Lost To Azerbaijan, But Armenia Continues Denying This

Colonel Shukur Hamidov

Armenian forces strike military equipment of Azerbaijan:

Both Azebaijani and Armenian sources continue releasing photos and videos showing the clashes in the region. The visual evidence released by the sides also confirms the advance of Azerbaijani foroces.

The Turkish-Azerbaijani bloc is now aiming to reach the area of the Lachin corridor linking the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic with Armenia. According to Armenian sources, rocket launchers of the Azerbaijani military has been already shelling the area.

HINT: The Lachin corridor is a mountain pass within the de jure borders of Azerbaijan, forming the shortest route between Armenia and the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (Republic of Artsakh).

The Azerbaijani advance towards the corridor has been ongoing along the road in the narrow valley of the Akari River. This stretches supply lines of the advancing forces and creates conditions for potentially successful Armenian counter-attacks. Nonetheless, if the Armenian side loses momentum and Azerbaijani forces entrench in the area (even without reaching Lachin), they will be able to regularly shell this vital supply line thus undermining the ability of Armenia to provide supplies to the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic.

In these conditions, President of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, Arayik Harutyunyan, posted an open letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin on his Facebook page. Harutyunyan asked the Russian leader to intensify peacekeeping efforts in the zone of the conflict. He also noted that the republic highly appreciates the efforts that Russia is making to resolve the situation in the region. Harutyunyan also recalled that it was Russia that had a decisive role in the conclusion of the 1994 Trilateral Ceasefire Agreement and the de-escalation of the conflict in 2016.

Nonetheless, it seems that one open letter will be not enough to change the Russian (relatively neutral) position towards the conflict. In previous years, the Armenian leadership (especially the government of the current Armenian prime minister, Nikol Pashinyan) was providing an open anti-Russian policy. Thus, it would be wrong to expect the Russian intervention to protect Armenian interests in the territory, which even Armenia itself does not recognize as an independent state. Thus, Moscow’s efforts will be mostly focused on the diplomatic field.

However, there are several factors that may lead to the more active Russian attitude towards the conflict. For example, on October 23, Russia stated its concern regarding the deployment of members of radical militant groups in Karabakh. The increase of the terrorist threat in the region due to the boosting presence of Turkish-backed militants (mostly Islamist radicals) there will push Moscow to more active actions to counter this threat. Another factor is the potential ethnic cleansing of Armenians on the territory captured by Azerbaijan. If this happens and is documented, this will lead to a wide international reaction. Nonetheless, the Karabakh locals (99% of them are ethnic Armenians) are not willing to temp their fate and just flee the advancing Azerbaijani forces.


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Servet Köseoğlu

Dont deny it anymore bro…There are times when you have to give up on one thing to preserve the other:)))

Servet Köseoğlu

There was never serious reason/indicator for İran to intervene..Nonsense to spend precious resources..


Iran is not even interested in getting involved. Iran has a huge Azeri population and it knows how unpopular it is to support Armenia in this conflict.

Khazarian II (merchant)

I want to say lots of things but that video sums everything up. We told Great Khazaria will rise again but some goyim laughed, now whos going away haah? Whos uprooted? whos leaving ??



That is antisemitic show by Hamas in Arabic, it’s amazing that you use it.


Fate and God will punish Russia and the West severely for this second abandonment of the poor Christian Armenians in the face of the juggernaut of Turko-Islamic extermination in a century, this like much else is a test and there will be Hell to pay! You think 2020 is bad? Wait for what’s coming you treacherous scum!

Arman Melkonyan

Is killing germs who thrive on genocide possibly a justified genocide in of itself, similar to the concept of a just war?

Turks and Christian-hating Jews that’s what I’m talking about.


That sort of speculation does not help, my advice is delete it.

Arman Melkonyan

Turks and Jews are not speculating but DOING it while forcing the rest of humanity to accept their deeds as just and humanitarian.

Psychopaths cannot be persuaded by words.


Sometimes they can, depending on the words. But regardless, one thing Armenians should have long since learned is not to in any way ‘legitimize’ the claims of their enemies with talk like that. Defend yourselves, and plead your case, but DON’T fall into the very propaganda trap they want.


Oh no poor Christians :((( Christians are responsible for the most of the murders in the human history. Congrats, you are at the top of the list ahed of Communists.


Bullshyte. Turko-Mongols are the top mass-murderers, along with atheist Commies.

Fog of War

” Christians are responsible for the most of the murders in the human history. ” That’s statement is so dumb it boggles the mind how someone could make it.


See below


Bullshyte. (Often Muslim) Turko-Mongols are the top mass-murderers, along with atheist Commies and N@zis.


I see you are lack of knowledge on your own history.

Let’s start with the persecution of pagans in the late Roman Empire. Crusades against pagan Celts, Germans, British. Crusades against Middle Easterners. Inquisitions. Protestant-Catholic Wars. Destruction of Southern-Meso American cultures and their people. Native American genocide in the North America. Caused deaths by the slave trade. KKK terror. Belgian genocide in Kongo. French genocide in Algeria. Murder against Jews.

This is just the most known events, want more? Ah..I know what you will say, these events are not related with Christianity, right? Yeah mate, yeah…

You despise Muslims and think that they are the lowest creatures because they still live in middle ages, nothing more. Hmm… maybe Muslims are 2nd at the list instead of Commies.


Most of the cases you cite either were not by actual Christians (a creed of meekness and mercy), or did not have very large tolls, especially compared to eg the Eurasian genocides of the Mongols and their Turkic brethren, many tens of millions slaughtered mercilessly, that actually altered the climate amongst other things. Most of the native Americans died via disease actually, due to lack of resistance to new pathogens, but some by massacre (they also made many massacres of their own, eg the Aztecs). Like vast numbers of Europeans died from Asiatic plagues and massacres. Long lists of slaughters can be adduced for not only Turko-Mongols, but eg Islam otherwise. Also eg Imperial Japanese. The Crusades were in response to guess what Turkic-Muslim aggression and massacre. The Arab-Muslim slave trade was even more deadly than the Atlantic.

Your ‘version’ of history is selective and distorted garbage.

Your speculations on my religion and views on Muslims are off the mark.


Exactly what I thought, “not real Christians”…. classic! Okay then those imperal Japans, Nazis were not real Atheists. Those Muslims were not real Muslims.

One important point, most of the native Americans killed by disease, that’s true, but I did not even include that. I suggest you to search how Christian monks erased their culture from the earth!!

When you guys find it suitable you use the term “Christian civilization”, that is the Christian civilization. Oh and I see… you started to compare your murders with Muslim murders, nice! With doing this you indirectly accepted what I suggested.


Firstly, I didn’t ‘murder’ anyone. And, how is a mass-murderer a real Christian? Read the New Testament, it’s clear that mass-murder is out. Unlike for Imperial Japanese, Nazis, or even Muslims on jihad under shariah in Dar el Harb.

Some of the native American culture deserved to be erased, eg Aztec human sacrifice. I also granted there were some massacres by the Conquistadors (ruthless soldiers and adventurers), but it’s still debated on what scale.

You started here with the ‘comparison’ of murders between religions, not me.


Your arguments are basically these, “the others did more”, “those were not real christians” Think again!!

And they deserve it?? Wow, thanks for showing your real face.


Get lost bullshytter. My argument is, the facts are the facts, and yes some others certainly did more, according to recorded facts, and mass-murderers are definitely not real Christians, according to the actual recorded words of Christ and his Apostles themselves. Aztec mass human sacrifice sure deserved eradication, do you disagree? That’s your real face.


Facts? Your facts is “they were not real Christians”

They were not real Muslims and they were not real Atheists. These are facts and now get lost :)

cechas vodobenikov

it is Anglo-Saxon barbarians that have been the most genocidal — religion is an artifice, an excuse


By Christian scripture and doctrine, they weren’t. By Islamic, Communist, and Nazi scripture and doctrine, they were. That’s the difference, and those are the facts. Your specious bullshyte and false equivalences don’t alter that.

cechas vodobenikov

Steve is so racist she believes that genocide vs Aztecs was justifiable


Liar. What I said was justified was ending Aztec mass human sacrifice (and cannibalism). Even the other native Mexicans were happy to help the Spanish end Aztec tyranny. What a sick mentality to twist that into painting the Aztecs as some virtuous victims.

cechas vodobenikov

quit lying–amerikans genocided Indians, intentionally providing them blankets infected by European diseases…


You are the liar – that was the British, and only one or two recorded cases at that, with no proven effect, though maybe on a small scale it did ‘work’. Indians also committed many massacres and genocides, against each other, and against settlers.

Lavrenty Beria

Moghul invasion of India killed 80 million. Estimate quarter billion died as the tears of Jihadi over 14 centuries.


It is not even clear which event you are referring. “Moghul”, Mongols or Muhgals??

If you are referring to Mongol invasion, Mongols killed up to 60-70 million people in total. Not close to your figure given only for India. Share your source with me.


Actually Mongols may have killed well over 100 million (especially Chinese), not even including Tamerlane or India.

As for India, ‘Muslim’ would be more accurate:



The Mongols and Moghuls/Mughals were just two (related) waves of Islamic assault and massacre on India, of many.


All you did is list some conflicts that involved Christians. You didn’t give any numbers. Back your claim that Christians are responsible for the majority of deaths in all of history, or else its just a baseless assertion. I could also make a list that is the size of this entire page of the conflicts of each individual group of people that exists in the world. Not that I care about this argument very much anyway, since Christians are not one group of people, and I for example do not see what you would consider other “Christian denominations” as Christian to begin with.

Europe hates America

Isis muslims still most retarded people. Living like dogs in their countries


Well… I can’t argue about this.

Jens Holm

You probatly counted them Yourself too:)


As Stev60 says plus you do not include the Communists’ butcher’s bill for comparison. Your confusion is that you discount the wars going on among those groups prior to “conversion.” Imagine a Roman general told to either covert or due. Meh, what is another ignored diety in his life?


Keep crying baby.

It has nothing to do with religion. You just can’t occupy someone else’s land for 30 years and take people’s homes as your own.


Turks did it for much longer than that, to Armenians, and others. Who were there for thousands of years before Turks arrived.

John Brown

It is Armenians who signed a a pact with Soros and Satan to install teh Anti Russian government.

People who sign pacts with Satan don’t have happy endings.



Artsakh signed a pact with Soros and Satan? The Armenian people signed it? Or they are just being punished, crucified, and betrayed again because Putin is unhappy with Pashinyan? That video above looks more like Putin in the circumstances.


Picture of Seven Moons in basement awaiting new instructions and downloads from Turkey. He should be with us shortly. :) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b1fe3290bb064e9a66b9eb5d4a63585a505c53e98cf817844a5afea053f851d4.jpg


Fuck, Armenia is losing hard

Death to Turks

Not at all

Death to Turks


Yes much progress for azeri donkeys


Greetings, SouthFront has a very soft moderation policy. However, we will not tolerate the spam of photos of dead bodies of troops of any side of the conflict, especially if this is done with the apparent purpose of insulting other people. If you continue act this manner, you will be banned. Please, consider this as a warning. Best regards, SF Team

Death to Turks

Barbecued azeri anybody? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/100c44674c3bf42697e8ce44a51490e19875e0a0def471e1a1e94778ef47933f.jpg

Random Dude

So Lachin and Kalbajar corridors both are within artillery reach. With supply shortage even the previous Armenian hope of somehow holding the territory until winter seems pointless. They are doomed for sure.


Exactly. Winter is coming.

One of the demands from Armenia before was to have Azerbaijan share the energy resources with Armenia. What was that absurd demand.

Russia has to build energy pipeline from Russia to Armenia. That the neighbor Azerbaijan is the local energy center.


all of the land is armenia. stalin gave some of it away 90 years ago to fucking rats. turks and azeri jew dogs will die and the land will be recovered

Rhodium 10

The problem in this conflict is not so much Etnic cleasing or destruction of Churches, Cultural sites or Looting ( Like in Afrin)….the problem is that once the conflict is ended with the fall of NK..Russian troops will have to leave Armenia…Pashinyan will ask to join EU and NATO to save his beard…..and Iran will face problems along the NK-Iran border because in both side live Etnic Azeri people and together with the support of Turkish backed terrorist( the officially Turkish PMC)…and NATO&Israel in the shadow.. will destabilize Iran!

Jens Holm

Most of that is vertical lies fabricated to make contrast.

fx https://www.consilium.europa.eu/da/press/press-releases/2019/07/10/remarks-by-president-donald-tusk-after-his-meeting-with-prime-minister-of-armenia-nikol-pashinyan/

Death to Turks

Azeri barbecue prepared fresh by Armenians. Anybody hungry?https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/100c44674c3bf42697e8ce44a51490e19875e0a0def471e1a1e94778ef47933f.jpg

Death to Turks

You call this being in control? https://twitter.com/301_AD/status/1319784515968114689?s=20


@PZIVJ is so mad. LOL.


This selfie is much better.



Not possible for Armenia to wage war with traitor (Padishian) as commander in chief.. It pains to see that.. Armenia is not alone in that case (Macron, Merkel…)


It’s clear that South front has devolved being a mouthpiece of 2 genocidal dictators. People should stop wasting their money on this garbage page.


Who are you saying they are a mouthpiece for?


Some Turks here masquerading as Russians apparently, or Russians who are Turk-lovers, and Armenian-haters, Turks in effect. Enemies of Christianity at any rate.

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