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South Korea Holds Live-Fire Naval War Games Following North Korea’s Nuclear Test

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South Korea Holds Live-Fire Naval War Games Following North Korea's Nuclear Test


South Korea has carried out live-fire naval war games off its eastern coastline a day after staging ground and air force drills in response to the North Korean hydrogen bomb test.

On Tuesday, the South Korean Defense Ministry said its warships, including a 2,500-ton frigate and 400-ton guided-missile vessels, took part in the naval maneuvers responding to potential provocations by Pyongyang following its Sunday nuclear test. The ministry added that more naval drills will take place in waters south of the Korean Peninsula from Wednesday to Saturday.

On Monday, the country’s army and air force conducted joint war games, involving F-15 fighters and land-based ballistic missiles, simulating an assault on the North Korean main nuclear site. South Korea said that the goal was to “strongly warn” North Korea over its sixth nuclear test.

Meanwhile, South Korean media are speculating that North Korea is preparing for an ICBM missile launch.

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Let us all throw more oil onto the fire. What could go wrong?

It’s like world leaders have no impulse control anymore these days. They’re obsessed with sending messages or else they look weak. Usually in the shape of military actions or economic sanctions. Whatever happened to taking things slow and methodically?

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Think the US Neocons are saying ” Bun Baby! Burn!” and are willing to throw more gasoline on to help it burn!

The only problem is Oil based fires can take a long time to extinguish since they have been raging for what seems like an eternity.


OK I dont support North Korea in any way! I think its a disgusting nation! However, I must say that its good to see a nation standing up for itself, even if it is just a proxy of China! The more the USA ramps up its rhetoric, NK just conducts more and more tests! Its definitely the way to go! Look at what the USA did to Gaddafi after he admitted he was seeking nuclear technology! NK is going about this the right way, just keep testing (they did sign the NNPT)! Id also say “We will stop testing if we can have our own inspectors allowed entrance to inspect Israel’s hidden nuclear facilities! We know they exist! The world will know peace if we can disarm Israel’s nuclear silos and we will stop testing”! lol, this will then put the spot light back onto the USA and Israel! Hahaha, imagine the US media trying to say “but Israel doesn’t have nuclear weapons” hahahahaha!

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