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South Korea And China Agreed To Discuss THAAD Deployment Issue

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South Korea And China Agreed To Discuss THAAD Deployment Issue

A U.S. military vehicle which is a part of Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system arrives in Seongju, South Korea, April 26, 2017. Kim Jun-beom/Yonhap via REUTERS

On October 31, Seoul and Beijing agreed to discuss the deployment of the US anti-missile system in South Korea, Reuters reported.

As part of the agreement, South Korean President Moon Jae-in will meet Chinese President Xi Jinping on the sidelines of the summit of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) countries in Vietnam on November 10-11.

“Both sides shared the view that the strengthening of exchange and cooperation between Korea and China serves their common interests and agreed to expeditiously bring exchange and cooperation in all areas back on a normal development track,” South Korea’s foreign ministry said in a statement.

The installation of the US Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system in South Korea had angered China, with Beijing being worried the THAAD radars can penetrate into Chinese territory. South Korea’s tourism, cosmetics and entertainment industries took a hit due to Chinese backlash, as businesses in these areas rely heavily on Chinese consumers.

This move comes days before US President Donald Trump begins a trip to Asia, where the North Korean nuclear crisis will take center stage.

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S. Korea should tell US they do not want THAAD on their territory, instead they could deploy it in Japan.


Which is the funny things. THAAD can’t shoot down missiles intended to destroy their country. Barrage of ballistic missiles from a couple Miles from DMZ flying low isn’t a valid target for them.


South Korea is just an attack platform for the US as they are too close to two of it’s biggest rival. Close enough to launch effective preemptive nuclear attack but too close and too narrow to be protected.
They better get the reality of things soon since there’s no real effective counter to North Korean nuclear and ballistic missile capabilities.


If Koreans didn’t let Americans enter Korea, there will be one Korea by now. Hopefully for Vietnamese, they win the war and expelled Americans and prevented their country to be cut in two parts.

But, for Korea and now Syria, they loose.

Never let USA enters. They don’t give a fuck about you as long as they build military bases. Americans are very selfish and violent.

Jonathan Cohen

Syria is very different from Korea and Vietnam in that the latter respect ABORTION RIGHTS, as does Russia, but Assad does not and therefore forfeits any right to sovereignty.


China should take a lesson from the US playbook and sanction South Korea until THAAD is removed from it’s territory. It’s the only sure fire way to deal with the problem.

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