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JULY 2020

Son Of Libyan Diplomat Is Kidnapped In Ukrainian Capital


Son Of Libyan Diplomat Is Kidnapped In Ukrainian Capital

Photo: kyiv.npu.gov.ua

A son of the financial attaché of the Libyan Embassy in Ukraine, Abdusalam [1992], was kidnapped in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev, Police told media on June 25.

According to Ukrainian media, police units were deployed on the scene and started invesitaging into the issue. Ukrainian MP Anton Gerashenko claimed that kidnappers may seek to extort money from Abdusalam’s family.

However, the June 25 incident in Kiev is interesging because of two moments.

According to some experts, the Ukrainian government are using non-public channels to sell weapons and munition to armed groups operating in Libya.

Another point is that it’s known that Ukraine is a hub of one of the illegal migration routes to the European Union. Persons from Libya arrive in Ukraine where they get, by different ways, passports of Ukrainian citizens and then they sneak into the European Union.

The kidnapping of the son of the Libyan diplomat in Kiev could be linked two one of these factors.



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  • Pave Way IV

    Abdusalam should have been more cautious when living in that lawless, Khazar-mob-ruled, failed-state shithole the US created. Those places are damn dangerous! Libya is probably safer.

  • Smaug

    Another factor to consider; which Libyan faction is this embassy loyal to? This may be a small extension of the wars in Libya.

  • Siegfried

    Money, drugs, punishment for delivered but unpaid weapons ?. The wolves eat each other.