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Son Of Former Hezbollah Top Military Commander Was Targeted In Alleged Israel Strike On Syria


The son of one of Hezbollah’s founders was the target of the alleged Israeli strike on the Syrian-Lebanese border earlier this week, the al-Arabiya TV reported on April 16.

According to the UAE-based channel, the drone strikes targeted Mustafa Mughniyeh, the elderly son of late commander Imad Mughniyeh, known as al-Hajj Radwan. Mughniyeh was Hezbollah’s top military commander. He was assassinated in the Syrian capital, Damascus, in 2008, allegedly by the Israeli intelligence.

32-year old Mustafa Mughniyeh is heading “Unit 112,” a Hezbollah division specialized in transporting the group’s high-ranking personnel between Syria and Lebanon.

Al-Arabia claimed that Mustafa and an officer of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) were on a mission when an Israeli drone targeted their SUV in the Syrian town of Jdaidit Yabws on the border with Lebanon on April 15.

Lebanese sources shared a CCTV video of the strike, showing not only two but three men leaving the SUV, a black Jeep Grand Cherokee, seconds before it explodes. The three men retrieving several bags from the vehicle before leaving.

Israel has a track record of targeting Mughniyeh’s family members. In 2015, an Israeli airstrike on the town of Mazraat Amal in the southern Syrain governorate of al-Quneitra, killed Mustafa’s younger brother Jihad Mughniyah and several Iranian commanders. Jihad was also a prominent commander of Hezbollah, working mainly in Syria.

Al-Arabiay’s report is highly plausible. Nevertheless, Hezbollah usually announces Israeli attacks on its personnel, even if they failed. The group is yet to comment on Jdaidit Yabws incident. The group’s leader, Hassan Nasrallah, is having a speech in two days. Some observers believe that he may touch on the incident in the speech.




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