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JUNE 2023

Something Is Happening around the World

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Something Is Happening around the World

Originally appeared at A-specto, translated by Borislav exclusively for SouthFront

The world is undergoing a series of events in recent weeks, which suggest that the world has entered a “turbulent zone”. Brexit was covered in the media in a one sided manner. The “surprising” outcome of the British referendum almost coincided with the “sudden” recognition of the Armenian Genocide by Germany. And President Erdogan “unexpectedly” wrote a letter to Vladimir Putin and apologized for the downed Russian bomber. So far the Russian president pointedly did not answer the phone when the Turkish president was calling. He did not notice Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s implicit attempts to apologize. Then “suddenly” Vladimir Putin took the initiative and himself telephoned the Turkish President and the two talked for about 40 minutes.

The next day at the airport in Istanbul, which is a major cargo hub between Europe and Asia, and a key element of the southern route of the Chinese “economic belt of the Silk Road” there was a large-scale terrorist act. Almost as if done by special forces.

An absolute reversal. Turkey, which had a good relationship with DAESH, is punished for “betrayal of the caliphate” according to the politically correct version of the mainstream “experts” in the global media. The Chechen cutthroat Ahmed Chataev, organizer of the attack at the airport “Ataturk” gets the label “from the former Soviet republics”. The important thing in this case was for it to made with a “Russian undertone”. Then it turned out that the terrorist has toured all over Europe like a VIP tourist, and where he was “outrageous and unjustly” arrested, NGOs, special services, and public personas stood up for him. Even the head of the SBU (Security Service of Ukraine) Nalivaychenko, was outraged in the media that the “freedom fighter” Ahmed Chataev had “unjustly and outrageously” turned up in Ukrainian custody. The band “was betrayed” by the Georgians. On one of the national TV channels in Tbilisi, it was admitted that Ahmed Chataev is an agent of the Georgian special services from the time of Saakashvili. In short, in this new situation Russia and Turkey turned out to be situational partners and began to jointly fight against DAESH. And Russian tourists can go to Turkish beaches if they want to.

Strange things are happening in the US. The Republican part of the commission investigating the incident in Benghazi where the US ambassador was killed, published a report of 400 pages about the case. The Democrats who are in the same committee and had already published their part of the investigation, immediately began to protest. They jumped against the head of the commission, who has long accuses them of sabotaging the investigation, that he had hidden from them and Congress, the thorniest facts of the case and that he is preparing to use them later when (if) the power in The White House changes.

Vladimir Putin again”disappeared” from media space for a longer period of time. He appeared on July the 1st in Finland and then”disappeared”. He probably has canceled previously scheduled meetings and travels around the country. Which can be interpreted as a possible health problem, or an emergency.

The ICJ is currently reviewing a court case about several tiny islands in the South China Sea, which China transformed into tourist attractions, and which can become unsinkable aircraft carriers in just a few hours. But the Philippines, Vietnam and Taiwan also have claims for these islands. Beijing has already made ​​it clear that it does not believe in the impartiality of the court, and that it has no intention of obeying its decisions. Instead, China publicly demonstrated that it has the military-technical capability to sink US aircraft carriers in the region. Separately, it is becoming increasingly clear that the financial union between London and Beijing is taking shape.

At the same time the husband of Hillary Clinton, “discreetly” met in a private plane with Attorney General Loretta Lynch. She must decide whether to indict the former first lady of the United States, based on the materials provided by the FBI.

Parallel to the above events, Taiwan fired a rocket towards China. It hit a Chinese trawler and killed several sailors. At the same time Turkey seek the perpetrator of the bloody chaos at “Ataturk” airport. Moscow also sees strange events. Employees of the FSB (Russian security service) forcibly stop an American spy with a diplomatic passport, who tries to enter the US Embassy by force. The next day he is evacuated to the United States in an emergency. A vague story that is of course described by global media as yet another provocation by the Russians. An American alternative website comments on the case with the following headline: “Top Russian military members were dismissed after a shootout between the FSB and a Hillary Clinton spy in Moscow.” Around the case, information came out about the private military company Triple Canopy LLC, which some consider to be the private intelligence of the former first lady of the United States. Precisely at a time when Hillary Clinton is Secretary of State, Triple Canopy LLC receives an unlimited access to US embassies around the world, including in Moscow. Before the collision at the US embassy, Hillary’s spy arrives from Kaliningrad with a bag. After the mayhem with FSB personnel, an employee of the US embassy is shot. He tried along with several people (all from Triple Canopy LLC) to guard by force the IT-specialists official who arrived from Kaliningrad and works for the international company ABBYY, which has a contract with the Defense Ministry of Russia. After the collision with the FSB, Hillary Clinton’s spy is allowed to enter the US Embassy, ​​but without the bag which he brought from the province. The company in question transferred the paper documents of the Baltic Fleet onto electronic media. Anything unclear? All in all, a banal story.

During the Independence day holiday on July the 4th, the concert usually performed is an overture to the opera by Tchaikovsky. It’s full version has the choral performance “God save the Tsar”. This choral piece was never performed on Independence day. In 2015 it was performed in Russian, by a personal order of Barack Obama. This resembles a “sign” to Putin. The same happens in 2016. “God save the Tsar” is performed again. The difference is that 10-20 before that, Barack Obama’s for the first time publicly supports Hillary Clinton in the presidential race. Immediately after follows a stream of belligerent statements by the US establishment and senior US military, addressed to Russia. US officials, who are preparing to attend the NATO summit in Warsaw on July 8th to 9th have the rhetoric and behavior of casus belli. Logically there are doubts that Barack Obama can perform the ​​arrangements made with him. And in general, there are doubts on whether Barack Obama right now, can realistically manage the US? The very next day after the national holiday of the United States, Vladimir Putin called his US counterpart, and appeared in the media after his brief disappearance.

The FBI Director issued a speech in which he confirmed that almost all serious charges against Hillary Clinton are correct, including her use of a private server for personal correspondence in which secret state files were present. But the FBI refused to raise charges because “the poor girl was wrong by accident.” Then it turned out that that secret correspondence of the former first lady of the United States was “hacked” by the Romanian hacker “Guccifer.” He was arrested and extradited to the United States, sat in US custody sort of just “faded”. US IT-specialists consider that Russia, China and Israel have copies of Hillary Clinton’s files.

Russia adopted the “anti-terror law Yarovaya.” It was introduced in the Duma by Irina Yarovaya from the party “United Russia”. Signed by Russian President, this bill resembles a war time law. Donald Trump’s adviser arrived in Moscow. German business desperate due to Angela Merkel’s policies, addresses Gerhard Schroeder, asking him to mediate with Moscow.

Paris held its annual meeting “EU – Western Balkans” on July 4th, 2016. Brussels is afraid, and with good reason, that the Balkan countries are beginning to leave the control of Brussels bureaucracy. Therefore, Merkel, Hollande and Renzi sounded encouraging and mobilizing. With well-known promises of a “bright future” for the European periphery. But there were also the “metallic notes” that things can’t be “lax” when instructions from Brussels come down. Increasingly the Western Balkans raises the question: “Is there a sense of entering the EU?” And if Edi Rama of Albania is still enthusiastic for obvious reasons, then Aleksandar Vucic of Belgrade unequivocally said that he “does not like such bright promises” and that “we do not strive to enter the EU at all costs.”

In Paris was sounded today’s strategic line of the EU. The Euro-bureaucrats will provide broad personal guarantees to the Balkan Euro-integrators by way of Berlin, Paris and Brussels, in exchange for loyalty and respect for “the values ​​of European unity.” Unfortunately this selective approach to personal guarantees and prosperity, will unearth an even greater gap between the “Balkan Euro-integrators” and the Balkan people. There are thought times ahead for the Balkans. Perhaps we will see a “second supplemented and revised” wave of Balkan “color revolutions.” The wave can turn out to be a tsunami. In Macedonia there is already something happening. Bosnia is also not calm.

On July the 7th, the world famous French political scientist Pascal Boniface, founder of the French Institute for International and Strategic Relations in Paris, began to ask questions like: “What is the real Russian threat in Eastern Europe, on which is based the last large-scale military exercise of NATO – “Anaconda? Is NATO maintaining a strategy of tension with Russia by strengthening its strategic forces in Europe?” Pascal Boniface stated: ” In my opinion, it is neither necessary nor urgent to send additional many thousands of troops in Europe to counter a potential Russian threat “. He even added: “Russia can not claim to have the millitary power of the USA, much less compete with NATO in firepower… therefore there is no Russian threat to member states of NATO …” And all this just before the meeting of the North Atlantic Alliance in Warsaw, to which are heading the Bulgarian military “strategists” Plevneliev, Mitov and Nenchev.

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