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Soldier VS Wounded Attacker. Make of That What You Will

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Soldier VS Wounded Attacker.  Make of That What You Will

Israeli forces killed two Palestinians who allegedly stabbed a soldier in the West Bank on Thursday, as video emerged of one of the attackers being shot in the head as he apparently lay wounded on the ground.

The Palestinian Authority’s Ministry of Health identified the two men as Ramzi Aziz al-Qasrawi and Abed al-Fattah Yusri al-Sharif, both 21.

The video shows an Israeli soldier step forward and shoot Sharif in the head. He was already splayed on the concrete, ostensibly unable to move.

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Jewish supremacist. Genociding ethnic-Japethites and ethnic-Shemites and ethnic-Hamites for 5,000 years… http://holodomorinfo.com/

Gregory Louis

Yes they did consider Blacks inferior lol and that picture is so photo shopped it hurts they murdered dozens of captured Black soldiers during the Battle of the Bulge, any Black soldier they captured was killed in a firing squad. The Nazi’s indeed where taking Blonde haired and Blued eyed boys and girls from all over Europe to make them into a pure breed race but that project failed. ISIS, communism, Nazism is all the same ”Ideology” of radical beliefs, the Modern Judaism doesn’t follow the Old Talmud its like they’re different versions of the Bible. An for Slavery the Islamic Slavery was worse even if they’re people who owned slaves. The Jews were not kicked out of the US BTW that counts and also what about Spain just straight up murdering Jews way back then or all the times Jews where persecuted like I said in a previous statement the real problem doesn’t lie in the Nation itself but in individuals who think they are above the law. ISIS is like Nazism many flock to ISIS due to ideology like how Hungarian’s, Romanians, Greeks, Austrians, French, and Germans etc. followed Hitler’s belief in exterminating all the subhuman just like ISIS kills ”non believers” its a matter of ideology Im just saying what the PM said is half true ISIS uses religion as an excuse for killing and Hitler used Jews, communists, Gays, and mentally ill people etc. as his subject matter to cause chaos and kill more killing is wrong in everyway, maybe if these young men didn’t attack/ provoke the Israeli’s this would’ve never happened but yet against all in all I blame the US and most of its allies for this they’ve put Israel in the modern era against Russian and Iran without just cause it sucks all in all

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