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SOHR’s “Reliable Source”: 3,000 Russian Soldiers Placed at Base in Aleppo Province

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According to unknown ‘reliable source’ of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), 3,000 Russian soldiers have been placed at a base in the south-eastern suburbs of the village of Al-Safir, in the area of Aleppo.

SOHR's "Reliable Source": 3,000 Russian Soldiers Placed at Base in Aleppo Province

Photo: AFP / JIJI

Three thousand Russian soldiers were sent in the area of Aleppo, and currently they are placed at a base in the south-eastern suburbs of the village of Al-Safir, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), based in London, stated on September 21, citing a ‘reliable source’.

According to the SOHR, Russian troops were arriving to the base in As-Safir during the last four weeks. At the same time, according to the title of the SOHR article, fighters, arrived to the base, are Russian soldiers, but in the text they are already called as militia.

There is no confirmation of this information, except the ‘reliable source’. Representatives of many different countries: Iraq, Lebanon and Iran, fight as a part of Syrian government troops in the area of Aleppo. It is possible that volunteer military units of these countries could be sent to the base in As-Safir.

Russian troops are officially placed only in the north-west of Aleppo near the Castello Highway.

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I imagine this sohr report will get pushed on us corporate media as an excuse to send even more us troops to illegally occupy parts of Syria. Even if Russian troops are helping in Aleppo it’s at the request of the legitimate government of Syria, legal, and reasonable. I highly doubt there are 3000 of them in Aleppo if there are any besides what is official.

Doom Sternz

I remember the accusations of thousands of Russian tanks and tens of thousands of Russian troops in Donbass. Not a shred of evidence to support the despicable allegation. United States of Atrocities is a nation of war.

There will be a proxy US/Russian war in Syria that will expand to Europe.


Syrian Observatory of Human Rights? is that the one whose office is located inside the Pentagon?

Carol Davidek-Waller

It’a a guy in a London apartment with a cell phone who hasn’t been to Syria for at least five years.

Kristy Rain

hun he hasnt been to Syria since he got kicked out in 2003 after his 3rd or 4th stint in prison for exposing himself to a group of toddlers at a kindergarten. hes a chomo throughand through ????

Carol Davidek-Waller

Even better. The kind of guy ‘intelligence’ agencies like to recruit to do their dirty deeds. MI-5?

Peter Jennings

We are attempting to verify this report at this time and have sent someone round to the SOHR caretaker’s flat in Leicester to find out. Laughing out load, the SOHR indeed. They are so in touch with Syria all the away from Leicester, England. Maybe they get their info from the telly?

Real Anti-Racist Action

Soon Jewish special forces and Russian special forces will be fighting against each other in Syria. I bet the Christian Russians are going to beat the Atheist-Jews lol.

John Whitehot

finally, somebody who understands that the zionists have declared war on christianity. I think we can sleep well though, as Russia demonstrated its ability to level israel in a strategic strike, back in november and january. Just to let them know that if they try to cause war between Russia and the US, they’ll be the first to get vaporized into the atmosphere. Also, no arks will be able to save them. After all, it’s much better to cling to their beloved money over half the world, than getting roasted trying to get their filthy hands over the other.


There may be 300 Russian special forces around Aleppo , but not all in the same location . Must say I would like to see 3000 of them go into Dayr ez Zawr , and re-take the mountain overlooking the airport , leaving the SAA where they were before the US bombing on Saturday. Without the airport to enable re-supply of the city, it will fall to ISIS . My information is that it is a Christian city, and the jihadists would slaughter them . With it gone , the old idea of creating a “Sunnistan” , part Syrian and part Iraqi would be reborn , and the nations divided .

chris chuba

It’s all an issue of resource management. The goal is to allocate the resources to hold Deir Ezzor but to take Aleppo. Once Aleppo is taken I hope the Russians make a big display of providing and allowing humanitarian relief to the entire city to finally end that meme.

I don’t know the facts on the ground but the Syrians have held out against ISIS at Deir Ezzor for 2yrs and there is a huge concentration of rebels at Aleppo. It’s time to rip off that band-aid.

Real Anti-Racist Action

I appreciate ‘reliable source’. And I accept this. I know how things go, and many times evidence cannot be presented for various reason’s. But when trusted sources say something, they are often true. And I am grateful that volunteers have now begun flocking to Syria to fight the evil forces of Zionism. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/bed322ca2afc19139e75d1a12d876495a1732090e8e2efb949634ccd3a780e61.jpg

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