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SOHR Reveals New Shocking Details About Manbij Suicide Bombing


The suicide bombing attack that targeted a patrol of the US-led coalition in the northern Syrian city of Manbij three days ago was carried out by a female suicide bomber, not a male as ISIS claimed, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported on January 18 citing special sources.

“The man who appeared in the video tape near the Palace of Princes restaurant, where the bombing happened, escorted a woman to the restaurant … she detonated herself less than a minute after he left,” the SOHR’s report reads.

The UK-based monitoring group said that local security forces are currently looking for the man, who may have left the area controlled by the US-backed Manbij Military Council (MMC).

SOHR Reveals New Shocking Details About Manbij Suicide Bombing

A photo of the man who allegedlly escorted the female suicide bomber to the restaurant in Manbij, Click to see full-size photo

According to the U.S. Army Central Command (CENTCOM), two U.S. service members, one Department of Defense (DoD) civilian and one contractor supporting DoD were killed and three service members were injured in Manbij attack, which is being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

ISIS claimed that the attack was carried out by a male suicide bomber named “Abu Yasin al-Shami.” Only now this have been proven to be wrong.

The terrorist group may have lied on purpose in order manipulate the investigation. However, the possibility of a third party being responsible for the attack is now stronger than before.

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