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Slovenian government displays military support in the borders.


Last Wednesday, Slovenian government passed a law that would allow military presence and aid to border police.

Slovenian government displays military support in the borders.

Slovenian soldier in the border with Croatia in Sredisce ob Dravi

As the refugee crisis worsens in the European UNION (EU), governments of the most affected countries are taking measures to deal with the situation that seems not to have an immediate solution.

On Wednesday, this week, a law amendment made by the Slovenian government allowed the intervention of their military forces not only for logistical and technical support, but also to patrol the border with Croatia, make arrests if necessary and issue orders to civilians in the area as well.

Since thousands of refugees keep arriving to European coasts every day, the situation is becoming more serious every time, especially for little countries that don’t seem to be succeeding where bigger nations have failed, namely in the relocation of migrants in other countries, mainly in western Europe

Refugees mostly try to reach Germany, Europe’s biggest economy, but that country is already receiving the biggest amount of migrants in the continent with more asylums requests every time.

As far as it’s been seen, not all the members of the EU are assuming their role to handle the situation properly. Winter is coming and there are still long rows of refugees fleeing from conflicts in their homelands, waiting to reach safer paths.

Written by Lisbeth Mechter



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