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Slovenia allows the entrance of a large number of refugees to its territory

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After the previous application of a limit to the number of refugees entering the country daily, Slovenia lifted the measure.

Slovenia allows the entrance of a large number of refugees to its territory

Refugees crossing Slovenian border

Due to the dramatic influx of refugees coming from the Middle East and Africa trying to reach Western Europe, Slovenia decided to allow the entrance of about 5000 migrants stranded on its border with Croatia.

Slovenia had previously allowed the entrance of only 2500 refugees per day, despite Croatia’s requirement to increase that number to 5000 due to Austria’s daily limit.

Croatia has opened its border with Serbia now since both are transit countries for the many refugees trying to flee from conflicts and tough situations in their homelands. This, while in Hungary borders have been permanently closed.

This is considered the deepest refugee crisis since World War II, due to the almost 710000 refugees that have already arrived to the different countries of the European Union. To this day, there are still 160000 refugees waiting for their resettlement from Hungary, Italy and Greece mainly to other countries of the region, specially Germany and Austria.

Written by Lisbeth Mechter

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