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Slovak Premier: “EU commits ritual suicide”

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Slovak Premier: "EU commits ritual suicide"

Originally appeared at DWN, translated by Karin exclusively for SouthFront

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico has called the EU refugee policy as a fiasco. The politicians in the EU are discussing nonsensical quotas while every day thousands of illegals come across the borders. This will lead to a “ritual suicide” of the EU. Angela Merkel continues to focus on a EU-wide solution to the problem.

The Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico has sharply criticized the refugee policy of the European Union. He “feels that we are committing ritual suicide in the EU and just sit back and watch it,” said the leftist on Tuesday to the Czech Daily Pravo newspaper. The influx “of illegal immigrants” must be stopped quickly.

“If it will take until the end of 2016 or till 2017 before Europe has built it’s planned border and coastal protection, the EU will have killed itself,” Fico said. “We often stew in our own juices and spend time on nonsensical talk about quotas, while at the same time, every day thousands of immigrants come to Europe”, he added.

In Slovakia, 300 police officers are ready, which could be deployed to secure the EU’s external borders, Fico said. As neighboring Hungary, Slovakia had lodged a complaint against the decision made by the majority vote for a quota arrangement, to distribute the refugees equitably between Member States.

Fico called the system “a complete fiasco”. “If we are forced to take 50,000 people in the country, with completely different customs and religions – especially young men – I do not know how to integrate them,” he said, adding: “We can not do it.” The procedure was “false and impossible.”

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