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Sleep Walking Towards The World War III

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This articles has been written by Kalvin Burris for SouthFront

As Summer heats up, conflicts rage around the world. One realizes why there is so much bloodshed. As a journalist, and american citizen I understand that global conflicts such as World War I could have been avoided. The events going on in Europe are clear hypocrisy from the west. The best example is the Falkland Islands UK vs. Argentina. The Falklands are over 6 thousand miles away from UK mainland. The problem is hypocrisy again only works one way with the west. As long as the west is able to advance its political interest, it doesn’t matter who is right or wrong. You can see this within Iraq, Syria, and in Ukraine. Hypocrisy is also alive and well within the USA media circus. Few people in the USA understand the serious situation going on in Ukraine. Even to the point of the popular YouTube video called Obama Supporters Sign Petition to NUKE RUSSIA so America will Stay World’s Superpower. This video is truly disturbing, for the fact that many of these people are not informed what’s going on in Ukraine. The fact is, the man who openly states he is responsible for Ukrainian crisis, George Soros is in control of mainstream media pushing EU into war with Russia. Do people understand the impact of war? As American citizens do we allow our leaders to start a war? For what? What does the US have to gain from burning conflict in Ukraine and arming Ukraine which is next to European countries? I think peace is already impossible. We are already in the World War III. NATO is on Russia’s borders, pushing Russia into a conflict. Then it will become war between China and NATO. At this point it is only a matter of time.

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