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JUNE 2020

Slavic Shield 2019: Russia Deploys S-400 In Serbia For System’s First Ever Drill Abroad


Russia deployed the S-400 Triumf air defense system for its first ever exercise abroad.

On October 24, the Russian Defense Ministry revealed that S-400 and Pantsir air defense systems, were deployed at Batajnica Air Base, 25km from the Serbian capital of Belgrade. The systems will take place in the “Slavic Shield 2019” military drill.

It is the first Russian-Serbian exercise of its kind, as well as the first time Russia’s state-of-the-art air defense missile systems are taking part in a drill abroad.




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  • Daniel Martin

    Great news indeed, i hope both the systems and our Russians brothers stay in Serbia on a permanent basis!

  • Mike

    What russophobic crap that Israeli broken record solomon kupek ie toronto tonto will post now. Get over it you lost Syria, the Russians have been besting you Khazarians since Kievian Russ.

    • Barba_Papa

      I don’t think TT is Solomon, unless we’re talking about a different guy, because I did enjoy Solomon’s trolling as it showed some intelligence, whereas TT is just lazy trolling on the level of a 2 year old. Either way, just ignore him or make him look like the 2 year old that he is (post links to baby clothes or something). Never try to make a serious reply as that would be feeding the troll. And you should never feed the troll.

  • BMWA1

    God be with Serbia!

  • Cronos Sin Apellidos

    Surely NATO will complaint. But I don`t think S-400 could stay in Serbia for now. More probably, S-300 and Pantsyr.

  • World Wisdom

    Russia, please, make a military base in Serbia and defend the Orthodox brothers on the Balkans against the US and UK occupants and their terrorists.

    • opet ja

      We have problem with our traitor president Aleksandar Vucich. He was put on power by west, to finish the destruction of Serbia and gives independence to Kosovo. I think he is now squeezed by Putin, especially since EU openly said there will be no new members in EU. His laying politics is slowly falling down. With this shield we can liberate whole Kosovo, but traitor doesn’t let us do it because he is in criminal deals with Kosovo’s mafia and Albanian prime minister Edi Rama.

      • World Wisdom

        Yes, i agree. I do not like Vucic. Serbian brothers and sisters need a strong leader who never betrays the interests of his people. Russia must build a military base in Serbia, and then, liberate step by step Montenegro, North Macedonia, Bulgaria – all those countries were forced to join the terrorist organization NATO.

  • John

    This is huge.

  • verner

    yep will be fun to watch when bulgaria with its patriot system, finds out that there is a s-400 system right up their back ally. just fun and games till someone loses an eye.

  • Thruth12k

    yessss, thank you PUTIN the true president of Serbia