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JUNE 2021

Sky News Says 9 Iranians Killed In Israeli Strike On Syria. Iranian State Media Denies

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Sky News Says 9 Iranians Killed In Israeli Strike On Syria. Iranian State Media Denies

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21 people, including nine Iranians, have been killed in the May 24 Israeli strikes on the al-Dabaa airbase in southwest of the Syrian city of Homs, Sky News reported on May 26.

The al-Dabaa airbase is known for being a HQ of Hezbollah and Iranian-backed forces in Syria.

It should be noted that following the strike the Syrian military claimed that its air defense forces had repelled an attack and fired missiles at Israeli warplanes involved.

Following the Sky News report, pro-Iranian media denied that Iranian forces had suffered any casualties in the May 24 strike. According to an Iranian military official quoted by the official IRNA news agency, reports that Iranians were killed in Thursday’s strike are “a sheer lie and quite baseless”.

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Dr. Pro. Liv.

Shlomo news from U.K. Caliphate

Karo Dndlian

This video and the others in in the series are both depressing and enlightening . I am aware of the Bolshevik terror but this series paces all of the process of Zionist Jewish subversion in a logical format.

Thank you.

Karo Dndlian

Yes I know but at list not a lie as they told us in school . Just to know what kind of fuck Jews doing to this planet

John Mason

Thanks for the video. So where does it put Hitler now?


I agree and today the US is being used in a continuing attempt to dominate and enslave the planet .


I surprise why US, UK, France and SA invaded Palestine and committed genocide crimes there?

Why US, UK, France and SA invaded Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan etc?
Is this for taking oil and gas rich countries and for building military bases there?

Why US, UK, France and SA have become a serious threat to human presence in this world but not Russia, China, Pakistan and Iran?


Sky news is JEW news- Murdoch, like Trump, are crypto jews and all their friends and family by marriage are jews. Sky news is the media equivalent to Polanski (the jew director who rapes young children) and Weinstein (the jew producer who rapes women). Both this showbiz jews are heroes to the greater jewish community, and powerful jews have worked tirelessly to ensure Polanski and Weinstein have received the highest honours from Hollywood and West governments.

When Spielberg persuaded Polanski to direct a ‘holocaust’ movie (The pianist- a type of film Polanski had previously showed ZERO interest in making), it was so Spileberg could leverage all of his poliitical and Hollywood clout to get even a CONVICTED child rapist jew a ‘PARDON’- proving that all jews are above the laws of non-jews, While the pardon proved to be a step too far, Polanski received the Oscar, and 99% of jews present at the Oscar ceremony stood up and applauded the Child Rapist- simply cos he is a jew.

Murdoch, the owner of Sky, is the SAME. His news organisations have carried out the very worst crimes in the UK- but no matter how bad the evidence against him the jew riddled court system of the UK always aquits his media empire.

Murdoch is Australian. The significance? The fabians always used Australia for social engineering experiments of the worst Orwellin, Brave New World kind, and do so to this day. This distant land has been the incubator of social policies later rolled out across the angle-saxon west. The whole ‘fluid sex’ policy everywhere today was first tested in Australia. To such an extent, film reviews in Australia for Solo (the flop new Star Wars movie) express OUTRAGE that its central theme is a love story between a man and a woman. Go google- this is the unvarnished truth.

Murdoch sees himself as the supreme zionist puppeteer. This is why he had a giant picture of a naked female in his main UK tabloid on page three for DECADES- the ‘SUGAR’ that helped his vile zionist messages go down.


First US, UK and French gangsters invaded Palestine and after mass murdering and genocide of Palestinians they took whole country from Palestinians.

Now these US, UK and French criminals and thieves living in stolen country of Palestine.

Now US, UK and France attacking Syrian country to take it from Syrians and occupy oil and gas rich land. The next target will be Iran if Iran could not produce nukes and long range air defense missile systems.


All those that betray Syrian nation should bring to justice because they pose serious threat to Syrian nation and land. These traitors work for foreign intelligence.

Icarus Tanović

That’s very right!

Joe Dirt

More Muslims dying, today is a good day.

Promitheas Apollonious

Well……………. people who dont shot back do get killed. Maybe next time they stop this pussy footing around with israshit and give it exactly what is begin for like a bitch on heat. Unless their people are expendable then it is all explained.

On the other hand, listening to news from UK bitches on wheels, is not news is MASOCHISM……..


In the many lesser attacks before the single large scale Israeli strike Iranian sources would allege an Israeli strike but we had to rely on other sources for confirmation, now Iran denies Israeli strikes while other sources continue to report them. I wonder about the reason for this rhetorical shift.

Jeth Roderet

Why should we believe anything that Neocon “Sky News” says???

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