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Sky News Cuts Off Former British General While He Questiones Douma ‘Chemical Attack’

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Another perfect example of the “independent” and “objective” journalism by the mainstream media.

Sky News has just cut off Major-General (ret.) Jonathan David Shaw because he has started questioning the mainstream narrative over the alleged chemical attack in Syria’s Douma.


The mainstream media prefers to ingore all the “issues” in the so-called Douma chemical attack story. However, the MSM prefers to ingore them and to push the “Assad did it” narrative without any evedence.

On April 12, OPCW investigators arrived in Syria. Don’t we need to wait for some results of the investigation to make conclusions?

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Thus “freedom of the press” to lie.


To lie or remain Silent as they did in this case, I agree.

You can call me Al

I have looked into this, they do not lie per se. They twist the truth or they tell half the story or whatever …… which in my view is worse than lying because it is very difficult to penalise the liars.

It is a very clever way to gain popular opinion and manipulate public opinion.

Statement – Russia strikes US ship with missiles, 300 dead.

Truth – Russia strikes US ship with missiles, 300 dead, after US fires off 90 Tomahawks at Moscow for no apparent reason leaving 3,000 dead.

I hope you get my reasoning and rant.


Pure play with words. But it can be easily overcome if you want to know the truth and critically observe absolutely any information, whether it suits you or not. These half-statements are extremely hollow and undefined, so they are easily recognized.

You can call me Al

Hold on boy, that is what I am saying, is it not ?.


I agree with you, that’s it!


“I have looked into this, they do not lie per se. ”

kind of a naive position. Of course they do. They have done so time and time again. They lie about WMD time and time again. And if caught, it is of course a mistake.

Just like the WMD used to justify the invasions if Iraq were lies…

““You call it whatever you want. I want to tell you. They [the Bush administration] lied. They said there were weapons of mass destruction [in Iraq]; there were none. And they knew there were none. There were no weapons of mass destruction.” He also stated “We spent $2 trillion, thousands of lives. Obviously, it was a mistake. George Bush made a mistake. We can make mistakes. But that one was a beauty. We should have never been in Iraq. We have destabilized the Middle East.”” Trump

And the media supported those lies, whole hearedly with a peep. Without any attempt to really report the truth.

While millions of Muslims die. And the lies in the media are relentless.


There is more than one way to lie…

“Knowing what types of lies to look out for can also be helpful in detecting lies:

Error—a lie by mistake. The person believes they are being truthful, but what they are saying is not true.

Omission – leaving out relevant information. Easier and least risky. It doesn’t involve inventing any stories. It is passive deception and less guilt is involved.

Restructuring—distorting the context. Saying something in sarcasm, changing the characters, or the altering the scene.

Denial—refusing to acknowledge a truth. The extent of denial can be quite large—they may be lying only to you just this one time or they may be lying to themselves.

Minimization—reducing the effects of a mistake, a fault, or a judgment call.

Exaggeration—representing as greater, better, more experienced, more successful.

Fabrication—deliberately inventing a false story. “

You can call me Al

Fai play, nice comment – thanks.


hope you have improved your understanding on systemic consumption of fluoride.

That to me, is proof of intelligence in a person. To see the fact or reason, or logic, and improve then understanding. To refuse the comforts of ignorance.

I think you are a smart guy. You are a chemist right ?…It should come very easy for you, once in possession of the facts.

The act of water fluoridation , demonstrates our status to some. It demonstrates the willingness to kill us softly, while some profit from the disease pursuant its application. Need proof, just google Synthroid. Best selling drug.

No surprise since fluoride was historically prescribed in Europe for an over active thyroid. In the same amounts the herd drinks, ostensibly for their teeth. They stopped this so called treatment when its toxicity was demonstrated by science.

It mentally diminishes us, affecting a herd of north Americans willing to beLIEve any shit they are fed by a faux political system and profit driven media whores. EPA lists it as a class 4 developmental neuro toxin. The EPA workers oppose water fluoridation. Too bad the PRIVILEGED bureaucrats are in charge.

“When you have power you don’t have to tell the truth. That’s a rule that’s been working in this world for generations. And there are a great many people who don’t tell the truth when they are in power in administrative positions.” Dean Burk

Fluoride affects many different body systems. Dementia too…

It demonstrates the willingness to do anything to any of us, for purpose..

And the motive, or reasons they do it, are irrelevant. They just DO..

I am a litigator. Please improve my understanding with respect to water fluoridation. It is important we resist this obscenity.

“It is concluded that artificial fluoridation appears to cause or induce about 20-30 excess cancer deaths for every 100,000 persons exposed per year after about 15-20 years.”

“Fluoride causes more human cancer, and causes it faster, than any other chemical.” Dean Burk

…. was an American biochemist, who co-discovered biotin, a chemical necessary for cell growth, the production of fatty acids and the metabolism of fats and amino acids. He was a head chemist at the National Cancer Institutes Cytochemistry Sector, part of the National Institute of health under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. He received the Hilderbrand Prize in 1952 for his work on photosynthesis, and the Gerhard Domagk Prize in 1965 for his development of procedures for distinguishing the difference between a normal cell and one damaged by cancer. He was the co-developer of the prototype of the nuclear magnetic resonance scanner. He was born in Oakland, California in 1902 and died 1988. His paper, “The Determination of Enzyme Dissociation Constants (3),” published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society in 1934 is one of the most frequently cited papers in the history of biochemistry.

Our socioeconomic paradigm creates depressed, fat, stupid, greedy, materialistic, envious, addicted, in front of a tele-feed. A product of mind washing and social engineering……….

Fluoride creates the perfect fool for such manipulation.




I am sure ‘ TRUTH’ will be a criminal offence in Britain soon and that the convicted will be burned at the stake for disagreeing with the Government Narrative.

Courageous people who are already questioning the narrative are losing their jobs etc.


You wouldn’t notice the TRUTH if it hit you on the head. Witness your efforts to reinforce a daily changing narrative- with never an attempt to identify any absolute truths.

Only one person in this forum has been explaining what is going to happen in Syria, why and how- from the beginning.

YOU, along with a few others, are here to always back the OFFICIAL narrative- whatever that may be at any moment. This forum sees more controlled posts than any I’m following at the moment- and that is really quite remarkable.


Tell me if my posts are controlled. Let’s see your level of intelligence.


Let’s see YOUR level of ‘intelligence’- go look at everything I’ve said on this forum, then compare to all the emergent facts. Find my ‘mistakes’ and ‘expose’ them.


Answer first, please.

As for your question: i already wrote this:

“There is another probability. You could be working for the special sevices and providing “inside” information in order to gain trust.”

By the way I also caught you several times supplying false information. It could be due to lack of knowledge or due to other reasons.

jerry hamilton

Don’t be silly. You have been shitting all over the bloody place. You will put in an element of truth then lie your head off. I know it’s what your paid to do and I understand you need the money. Now pi$$ 0ff


“framing,” has noted a trend in the modern communicative interactions of Americans to “frame” a topic so as to guide a participant to a foregone conclusion. According to Lakoff, frames are the “mental structures that shape the way we see the world … you can’t see or hear frames … when you hear a word, its frame is activated in your brain.”


I have never spoken with you, but I accept your challenge.

” purpose of the false flag is to expel Russia from Syria with the coming multi-national invasion force.”

you seem to think that your opinion, about things you certainly have no knowledge of, are fact. You speculate motive.

And BTW, it is my opinion that only an idiot denies false flag attacks when they have been proven over and over again. They are a good method of herding the sheep to action. With the big daddy of them all called 911, which started all this mess to begin with.

jerry hamilton

You must realise. Starch is paid to flood the forum with disinformation to try and cause confusion. She is not doing it because she wants to and she is certainly not doing it because she believes it. It’s a job. She wants the money.


Being a pro Russia of course doesn’t make me betray the truth when I see one(many)..! Tho Putin is now a Semitic whom can’t be criticized.. lol..! I’m rational and I can comprehend most of ur comments/statesments which is very true, as I do read most of it on the other sides.. And I do see (saw the patterns) too. And being pro to something/someone will never make me a fanatic on it.. Thank you for all them inputs..! Why I’m saying this..? it is bcoz I can’t put it in writing/written as you did.. as my mother tongue’s not English.. salaam.


Norsefire becomes reality


First Lastname

The truth is already an offense to the UK ZOG parliament. Try talking about third world rape gangs, you’ll be arrested, goy.


That’s true :)


Well YOU work to make the TRUTH a ‘criminal’ offence here, don’t you FG?

How many times have I seen you DENY MI6’s false flag? Too many to mention. With you its always the psy-op “silly british fools making mistakes”. Now who does THAT lie serve? Not our side, that’s for damn certain.

And to the rest of you, note the names of regulars here DENYING the false flag (most of them), and denying the purpose of the false flag is to expel Russia from Syria with the coming multi-national invasion force.

Before Blair invaded Iraq, Blair had his agents flood forums at the time with the SAME denial messages. They were told by Blair to call Blair “Bliar” and “America’s poodle” to DISTRACT from Blair’s coming war. To make people think Blair was a ‘joke’ and thus no threat.

GCHQ and the NSA has an extraordinary amount of activity in outlets like this one.

Christian Gains

ABSOLUTELY starlight!! God BLESS Snowdown!!!! At LEAST he slowed them down a bit, AND! Gave US, [who pay the bills!], SOME TRUTH!!!

Tony B.

Truth has ALWAYS been a crime in Britain. Their libel laws have always said that the truth of the accusation has no bearing on “libeling” one of the elite.

You can call me Al

It is not far from in out. Say anything logical and true about the government, immigration, hooked noses running the show, stupid wars ……get ready for some serious sh1t.

jerry hamilton

True. Just look at Corbyn.


Riiiggghhhttt… cos the Demons who control the Deep State don’t ‘KNOW’ they use organised lies as a supreme weapon? They forgot this little fact, did they?

Why do you think world JEWRY made such an effort to take control of all the world’s LYING trades?

Advertising, PR, Hollywood, print media, radio, internet sites, law, ‘official’ history, politics, military psy-ops. Each of these fields, that revolve around the weaponising of LIES, are now controlled by JEWS in the West (and Russia). The jews are the MASTERS OF LIES- take their word for it- it is their biggest boast.

The jews serve the fabians, for the fabians consider LYING to be the talent of the LESSER, and the fabians are certainly right in that assessment of the jews. The fabians exist to ensure the Deep State rules over all of us- directs the future of Mankind itself.

You’ll NEVER hear Southfront or Sputnik or RT use the word ‘FABIAN’- crack open a history book, read about the fabian control of the so-called ‘communist’ revolutions, and you’ll understand why. And that means our regular trolls here- the ones with a perfect inability to predict where things are actually going (how curious) will demand you remain ignorant of the fabians, and Tony Blair’s relationship to the movement.

And as for lying, Putin is addicted to lies. Not for ‘malicious’ reasons, but because as ex-FSB, he thinks the ‘little people’ are scum who cannot be trusted with truth. So when Britain shot down the russian plane carrying the CREAM of flight command on approach in Syria a few weeks back, Putin once again LIED and told his people it was an “accident”.

How did MI6 pull off this spectacular? Well they moved the ground to air missile used ages ago to a hidden location close to the airport, at a date when, due to holidays and no viable targets, Russian security was lax or non-existent. On the day Britain shot down the plane (using one of their local trained recruits), the man only had to ‘sneak’ to where the MANPAD was waiting for him- wearing NOTHING that made him look armed or a danger. His clothing would have been as minimal and light as possible so even if Russian security noticed his approach, he would have seem to represent no possible threat to the heavily armed border of the airstrip. Once MI6’s man got to where the MANPAD was hidden, he waited for the right moment, retrieved it, and blasted Russia’s plane from the sky. This is a VERY basic tactic, but runs circles around an incompetent base commander.

PS the IRA almost killed Margaret Thatcher back in the day with a tactic based on the same method. They discovered the name of the main hotel where the leading Conservatives would be staying during their party conference in early Autumn, and months EARLIER, long before their was any security, sent in a building team to break down the wall of a room, plant a time bomb, and rebuild the wall so later security could discover nothing suspcious. Months and months later the bomb blew the Hotel to pieces- but due to luck leading Tories were not present.

Anyway, Putin ALWAYS lies about terrorist spectaculars against Russia, denying they happened if he thinks he can get away with it. And lying ALWAYS makes a good person WEAK.

Tony B.

Oh, more bullshit. You divert to any label except talmudic Jews.

Kell McBanned

Fabians = Jews, Brit incremental middle ground.


Christian Gains

HAVE YOU ACTUALLY READ THIS??!! Churchill was SOOOOoooooo far ahead of his times! AND!

One, (after reading this Article), MUST TAKE the “GREATER JEWISH PROJECT”{GJP}…seriously…thus realizing that SYRIA is the NORTHERN END of that PROJECT, AND, [down the NILE RIVER, down to the Gulf of Aqaba] is the S.W. tip of that project!

I’m presently researching BOTH Churchill’s History of WWII, AND, the TRUE ROOTS of the “GJP”…(VERY ANCIENT…note the Abrahamic Covenant, [Genesis 15: 1 – 21;{esply. verses 7; & 12 thru 21]; NOTE the “this land” commitment, & THEN, the names of the Countries & peoples)…This PROMISE, and a few others are what ZIONIST believe THEY MUST WIN BACK….rather than awaiting Yahwey’s FULFILLING HIS PROMISE…which will NOT be fulfilled until AFTER REVELATIONS Chapters 19 – 20 is fulfilled!

Believe me!

Zionists ARE a “PSEUDO-RELIGIOUS” / POLITICAL CULT…{the inheritors of the Pharisees’ dominion over Ysra’el,} of Yeshuah’s days! AND! WHY Yeshuah SOOoo denounced them in Matthew 23! They were liars & deceivers, just as you see them today…BUT! EXCEPTIONALLY ANOINTED to do their evil!

jerry hamilton

I am happy you have discovered this. I have been trying to project this for ten years now. What kept you so long?

Felonious Punk

Churchill was a Jew. Add to that ignoble list Obama, Theresa May, Boris Johnson, Merkel, Bush, Drumpf, Macron, and Trudeau. All stalwarts for world Zionism.

Hungry For Stink

Writing in block capitals makes you look like a mental patient


only if you are unable to read in the interest of content, rather than obsessing on irrelevant tone of the speaker….


“Believe me!”

As soon as someone says this, I know its time to move away from the conversation as it has deteriorated into opinionated bunk.

I know Zionism is politics. It can be nothing else. And I know it is not the fault of the herd, to be brainwashed to hate, greed, and envy.


“So when Britain shot down the russian plane carrying the CREAM of flight command on approach in Syria a few weeks back, Putin once again LIED and told his people it was an “accident”.”

Normal people have no way of knowing exactly if it was Britain or someone else. Or if it was technical malfunction or not.

You could also be supplying false info with the aim to get the russian services to fall for the “interesting information”. While the truth could be something else. Or in order to create a feeling of vulnerability and helplessness in them.

So who knows?


Yes, this boy starlight like to speculate and call it fact.

Felonious Punk

The global elites want a nuclear conflict to genocide .90 of the world’s population. They have built massive, luxurious bunkers miles deep into the earth to save their asses when the nuclear holocaust breaks out.


perhaps, or perhaps not. They do say the world is overpopulated, and we are becoming obsolete with technological unemployment.

Easier just to release a super virus though….that wont kill all the rest of the planets animals….Hawkings suggest mankind would kill itself with just that thing.

Felonious Punk

Like God, Hawking is dead.

jerry hamilton

The last thing as good as this was the BBC reporting that WTC7 had collapsed while it was up in the background. I am going to force people to watch this.


Aren’t you the one who has been DENYING the true events in East Ghouta? The events that only I here have been laying out for DAYS now?

You and many other regulars here seamless move from position to position as if you NEVER changed your position, as emerging facts from the fround PROVE what I have been saying all along, and prove what you have been pushing was WRONG all along.

Being wrong I get- most people are non-too-bright, so will get thngs wrong all the time. What puzzles me is that you and other regulars here change your position to MATCH whatever isnow stated by the kremlin press, as if you never had a contrary position in the first place. Just like how the ‘PIGS’ operated in Orwell’s Animal Farm- with their FLUID HISTORY.

One might almost think many of the regulars here are not what they seem to be!


There is another probability. You could be working for the special sevices and providing “inside” information in order to gain trust.

I know your style, you show up in many alternative media sites, such as MoA or Zerohedge.

jerry hamilton

She is our resident paid jew troll.


We don’t know if its “she” .

Tudor Miron

We do know its a bitch.

jerry hamilton

Ha ha ha ha


I didn’t bargain with paid troll,

I block them at once to avoid wasted times…


I already have a rather extensive list. Starlight has been on it for some time. I see no reason to help these creatures make money.

You can call me Al

The only special services he/she gets, is for being a bloody nutter.

Block it, total waste of time and deviates everyone from the conversation.

jerry hamilton

I’m the one that keeps telling you to pi$$ 0ff. Are you up for supporting BDS?

jerry hamilton

You know sweetheart… Starbitch would be a good new name. Starlight is pathetic.

You can call me Al

You are a total conspiracy fruit cake – here is the proof that it fell when the BBC said it did – plus minus 22 minutes…..!!



jerry hamilton

@RealTrump. No it didn’t. Fake News. Fake news.

You can call me Al

Satire or denial ?

This happened – end of.

jerry hamilton

You should know better than to ask that. Trump is Famous for saying Fake News. You should be able to spot satire at your age.

jerry hamilton

I gave you the link for it in the first place.


You can call me Al

Well, mmm NO YOU DIDNT – look at the thread.

No offence intended, unless it was on another link or below in the comments ………apology awaiting.

jerry hamilton

Sorry. It must have been me that was drinking.

You can call me Al jerry hamilton • 2 months ago The strange thing is that I watched that report live and missed it completely, as I didn’t know which one WT7 was.

jerry hamilton You can call me Al • 2 months ago If you don’t have much time, start it at 3 min 20. I call the BBC little Israel because to a large degree it is Netanyahu’s propaganda factory.


You can call me Al jerry hamilton • 2 months ago LOL cheers, yep, that’s the one.

History will come back to haunt the bstards.

You can call me Al

You can call me Al jerry hamilton • 2 months ago

You can call me Red Tick Alert before some effers branded me a troll.

Are we both secret agents ?

jerry hamilton

Not a clue what that meant

You can call me Al

Nor me.

You can call me Al

Rev 1

Yes I do now – below in your post, the first line states “You can call me Al jerry Hamilton” and to be honest, I didn’t get it forgetting it was my name – don’t ask.


jerry hamilton

No problem.

jerry hamilton

Being honest would cost you nothing. https://photos.google.com/album/AF1QipMr9yKoiHo3NWdu-p4Xjm3oKpZR_AtvWxjncvQ0/photo/AF1QipObtTQabCITzCWVvct3h9HqGNJddm10v-ZcKmtt


You can call me Al

Sorry, I cannot see the photos as it needs a google password.

jerry hamilton

It was only a screen shot of the posts. No worries.


The interviewer did what she was ordered to do. And to be honest, the dear little girl looks so worn out and haggard —no doubt due to the lie she has to live while making her paycheck . . . Sky News–another Zionist pig-pen misinformation outlet . . .


WOW- who’d imagine the BIGGEST supporter of world jewry, Rupert Murdoch, would do such a thing?

Murdoch’s various national news agencies all serve the intelligence agencies of the nations in which they broadcast – that has always been Rupert Murdoch’s primary purpose.

ITN (owned by extreme zionist jews), BBC (run by extreme zionist jews), and Murdoch’s SKY and FOX news outlets all front for the British Intelligence Services. If they did NOT want to, they would not get a licence to broadcast ‘news’ in the UK- that’s how British law works in this regard.

ALL Britain’s JEWSpapers are in the same boat- Guardian (Fabian), Telegraph (so extreme zionist the former owner Conrad Black even went to prison in the USA for jewish crimes AGAINST other jews), Sun/Times/Finacal Times (Murdoch), Independent (extreme zionist).

The Daily Mail is notorious. The others owned by Britain’s biggest jew pornographer (yes, really)- a scumbag who had a monopoly on porn in the UK in the days before the internet.

THAT is your ‘freedom of the press’ in the UK.

bernie garland

anyone got the direct link so i can share on facefook,as you cant share this url on there,cheers

You can call me Al

Which link do you need – the Sky story ?

Your wish is my command – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etJO7EEOmk8

PS No offence but you could have looked it yourself.

PPS It does state above that – “SouthFront’s Website, Videos Are Fully Censored On Facebook”

jerry hamilton

It makes no difference. Facebook are now actively deleting anything like this.


haha what a fiasco they are so obvious same as the white helmets are, I mean come on you ignorant stupid british MSM idiots.

Gregory Casey

Meanwhile witnesses from the hospital in Douma have come forward to describe how a group entered the Hospital last Saturday evening claiming that everyone was suffering from chemical weapons attack and started hosing down patients in the hospital. The entire episode was a ‘set-up’ from beginning to end. Moreover, White Helmets are now reporting that they were “ordered” to stage the event by the UK Government and its Reps on the ground …….. UK Special Forces


That would not be unusual at all to have happened. False flags are the way of the walk for West’s foreign policy. Do you have a link as to the white helmets transferring the blame? Can’t find something so far.

Gregory Casey

The White Helmets source remains unnamed …….. no doubt, we will learn more as time goes by


Actualy he was on Syrian TV admitting it was all stage, with a video of him in the background at a scene of “victims treatment”.


Hope those are the special forces that got caught !


There’s a long history in the UK of such media actions. MI5 directly control’s the BBC news output, for instance, but this is hardly suprising since every ‘foreign’ journalist at the BBC has to be a member of MI6, and all domestic ones are vetted by MI5.

The BBC was first created as the PR arm of the British Government and the Briish intelligence agencies back before they even had 3-letter names. It’s role is unchanged today.

Jew owned, jew run ITV, with the jew owned, jew run ITN newswire, was only allowed to operate Britain’s ALTERNATIVE TV channel when the said jews promised to be MORE BBC than the BBC in terms of social manipulation.

Today the BBC specialises in JEWING the kids of the nation with direct access to Tony Blair’s Academy School’s and youth outlets like Radio 1 (the world’s most important radio station with the BBC’s most important news programs).

The regulars here (known in psy-op terms as ‘controlled opposition’) will express ‘suprise’ in the usual harmless knuckle-dragging terms but will offer no historic context (for that would HARM their master’s work).

PS the most important DISINFO many of the regulars here engage in is in DENYING that a false falg is underway- and if they can’t do that, to suggest that MI6’s work is ‘hopeless’ or ‘failing’ when in reality we all have the clear evidence that it is working beyond all expectaion.


Still this site has often been DDOSed and censored. which means that The Powers That Be do not like it.

Another way to attack the site and the people here will be to try to discredit them, the way you do, by the way.

Garry Compton

Dear Syria – make a video of all those British soldiers you have in your prisons — and end this BS.


could back fire….inciting the stupids to action and invasion.


The interviewer looks a more than just a bit flustered. My BS detector is screaming bingo!

leon mc pilibin

Sly news more like it.


Typical 1984 media…

First Lastname

“It’s okay goys, we get (((democratic))) elections in the west so we know we’re free. Don’t ever question that. And don’t question if Assad used gas, just go die for Israel, goys. Fight your Russian brothers and die for Greater Isreal. Also don’t you dare question the Shoah, or you’ll be thrown in prison, you bad goys!”

Hey thank god we don’t live in Russia amirite? Bunch of commies! We’re free in America!

You can call me Al

Exactly, USA – USA – USA …..Yawn.

Remember stupid is what stupid does….


Fluoride eaters here in America, you can tell by the 2 digit IQ’s which accompany ridiculous fact free anti logic called news.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Disgraceful conduct from the LYING Skynews. Might as well show cartoons or Teletubbies.



jerry hamilton

Mate… Do you think Abe Lincoln went to war to free the slaves?

Richard M

“Free Press” is not free. It belongs to the Corporate Corruptocracy.

Kell McBanned

Oy Vey https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/22f80cc77b36d80eb2db88e0f9c414e82499b5bc571fcf293dd8bff7fa6b6838.jpg

Manuel Flores Escobar

western media are rule by Neocons globalist…they want war because they lost the Syrian war and his “terrorist allies” have been defeated!…they have to mask it!

leon mc pilibin

SLY NEWS at its best.






Police state Britain strikes again, wrong think is NOT allowed!

Tom Tom

Her manager was screaming in her ear/microphone (CUT HIM OFF! CUT HIM OFF NOW!)


“”Russia’s defense ministry said that none of the dozens of missiles and smart bombs fired over a period of about 90 minutes entered airspace guarded by advanced systems above Russian bases near the coast. There were no casualties, either Syrian or Russian, or serious damage inflicted, it said.

General Sergei Rudskoi told reporters in the Russian capital that two sites linked to Syria’s chemical weapons program that were targeted were partly destroyed though they have long been out of use and had no personnel or equipment, he said.””

It is all about turning the herd to fictional narrative, as fact. NO matter this was all bullshit , a good number of fluoridated morons and their EU equals, equate the word Assad, with WMD. That is the point of this whole missile show.

“””EU foreign-policy chief Federica Mogherini said the bloc “supports all efforts aimed at the prevention of the use of chemical weapons.” Still, the EU’s goal is to prevent an escalation of the conflict, Mogherini said, calling for an immediate ceasefire and a “genuine political transition” in Syria. She urged Russia and Iran to help prevent any further use of chemical weapons by Assad’s regime.”””


“genuine political transition” ” = regime change 101.

Notwithstanding the facts of the matter.

“Million Person Marches

On March 29, 2011 (less than two weeks into the fantasy “revolution”) over 6 million people across Syria took to the streets in support of President al-Assad. In June, a reported hundreds of thousands marched in Damascus in support of the president, with a 2.3 km long Syrian flag. In November, 2011 (9 months into the chaos), masses again held demonstrations supporting President al-Assad, notably in Homs (the so-called “capital of the ‘revolution'”), Dara’a (the so-called “birthplace of the ‘revolution'”), Deir ez-Zour, Raqqa, Latakia, and Damascus.

Mass demonstrations like this have occurred repeatedly since, including in March 2012, in May 2014 in the lead-up to Presidential elections, and in June 2015, to note just some of the larger rallies.

In May 2013, it was reported that even NATO recognized the Syrian president’s increased popularity. “The data, relayed to NATO over the last month, asserted that 70 percent of Syrians support” the Assad government. At present, the number is now at least 80 percent.

The most telling barometer of Assad’s support base was the Presidential elections in June 2014, which saw 74 percent (11.6 million) of 15.8 million registered Syrian voters vote, with President al-Assad winning 88 percent of the votes. The lengths Syrians outside of Syria went to in order to vote included flooding the Syrian embassy in Beirut for two full days (and walking several kilometres to get there) and flying from countries with closed Syrian embassies to Damascus airport simply to cast their votes. Within Syria, Syrians braved terrorist mortars and rockets designed to keep them from voting; 151 shells were fired on Damascus alone, killing 5 and maiming 33 Syrians. ”

“Candidate Party Votes % Bashar al-Assad Ba’ath Party 10,319,723 – 88.7% Hassan al-Nouri NIACS 500,279 -4.3% Maher Hajjar Independent 372,301- 3.2% Invalid/blank votes 442,108 -3.8% Total 11,634,412 100 Registered votes/turnout 15,845,575 73.42 Source: SANA, SANA ————-

NEXT FACT that 30 nations oversaw and concluded the election was free and fair…

“An international delegation from more than 30 countries including Bolivia, Brazil, Cuba, Ecuador, India, Iran, Iraq, Nicaragua, Russia, South Africa and Venezuela[12][13] issued a statement claiming the election was “free, fair and transparent”.[14]”

NEXT fact Assads OPPONENET in that election also declared the elections free and fair…

“Hassan al-Nouri – held a press conference at the Damascus Sheraton Hotel where he congratulated President Assad for “winning confidence of the Syrian people through winning the presidential elections.” Nouri also claimed that the electoral process had been clear and transparent to the entire world, adding that both he and his representatives had inspected the vote counting. ” ———————

Bashar al-Assad was a popular leader and this is partly why he is still in power. There is no adequate internal opposition and a lot of the problems in Syria have been created by foreign sources that are trying to get rid of an inconvenient regime. Sixty-seven percent of the entire Arab world had voted him the most popular Arab person in a poll in 2009. Even the diplomatic community was in agreement that he had the support of about 80 per cent of Syria.


Muslims know….


The truths is all out there.. and yet the zombie nation still slumbering..! Fuck them Anglo-Saxon.. Fuck muricunts for being silence and drop dead in stupidity..

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