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Skripal Poisoning – British Provcation

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Skripal Poisoning - British Provcation

FILE IMAGE: AP Photo/Richard Drew

The Novichok nerver agent [allegedly used in the poisoning of former Russian military intelligence Colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter] most likely originates from “countries, which have been extensively working on such substances since the late 1990s, including the United Kingdom,” Russia’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzya said during a United Security Council meeting on March 14.

Nebenzya recalled that Russia had stopped all chemical weapons program as far back as 1992 and had destroyed all of its chemical arsenals by 2017, which fact had been attested by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.

“No research and development projects code named Novichok have ever been carried out in Russia,” the diplomad said adding that in the mid-1990s intelligence services of some Western states including the United Kingdom and the United States, took some specialists and “certain documentation” from Russia to continue development of nerve agents.

“Results reached by these countries in the area of new toxic agents that, due to some unknown reasons, are generally referred to in the West as Novichok, can be seen in more than 200 open sources in NATO countries,” Nebenzya noted.

He further added that the identification of the nerve agent allegedly used in the Skripal incident had been carried out at the British Ministry of Defense’s Defense Science and Technology Laboratory in Porton Down. This organization has conducted research and production of chemical weapons, including agents of that type.

Nebenzya drew attention that such rapid analysis and verification of the nerver agent by British authorities might itself prove damning to their claims.

“For the British specialists to be perfectly confident that this was a Novichok agent and not any other kind, they would need a control standard for proof. It must be compared to a control substance,” the diplomate stated. “They have a collection and they have the formula. In other words, if the UK is so firmly convinced this is Novichok, they have samples and formula and are capable of formulating it themselves.”

“It is no longer necessary to show the Council test tubes with white substances. It is enough to send letters with egregious accusations.”

The Russian Foreign Ministry also commented on the British accusations in an official statement (source):

The March 14 statement made by British Prime Minister Theresa May in Parliament on measures to “punish” Russia, under the false pretext of its alleged involvement in the poisoning of Sergey Skripal and his daughter, constitutes an unprecedented, flagrant provocation that undermines the foundations of normal dialogue between our countries.

We believe it is absolutely unacceptable and unworthy of the British Government to seek to further seriously aggravate relations in pursuit of its unseemly political ends, having announced a whole series of hostile measures, including the expulsion of 23 Russian diplomats from the country.

Instead of completing its own investigation and using established international formats and instruments, including within the framework of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons – in which we were prepared to cooperate – the British Government opted for confrontation with Russia. Obviously, by investigating this incident in a unilateral, non-transparent way, the British Government is again seeking to launch a groundless anti-Russian campaign.

Needless to say, our response measures will not be long in coming.

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Actually if got evidence show it … not just say it. Show it .let all examine it . Russia proposed that and it was shot down.

US said they ARE OF THE OPINION or Feel that ….. well enough said

Ariel Cohen

The liars of the United Kingdom. With the blood of Afghans, Libyans, Syrians, Iraqis and Yemenis dripping from their hands, they have the utter audacity to accuse Russia of espionage killing? The big problem with the UK is that they just cannot come to terms with their relegation to a third rate regional power, economically, militarily and in every other way. It must depress them how they no longer “rule the waves” or “waive the rules”, but can barely stop their 5th tier enemies from embarrassing them, or their military personnel from having nervous breakdowns when apprehended in Iranian waters . .


You are right. If you see they all are united against Muslims. Look to Trump making self proclaimed deconfliction zones to occupy land from Syria. Syria should be careful not to be deceived by Trump.


So Russia is guilty simply because this nerve agent was originally developed by the Soviet Union which after collapse all manner of weapons were illegally being sold. There were 15 satellite countries in the Soviet Union – how may labs did they have beside Russia. There was a lab in Uzbekistan which the US had access to in the 90s so must have the nerve agent formula.. The timing of this seems strange with the Russian election this week & the world cup in June. Why the need to kill this ex spy now after nearly 10 years in the UK? Why use a substance that can directly be traced back to Russia? He could have been killed when in Russian custody. Certainly Russia had the means & knowhow to carry this out but Cui bono – what benefit to them. This seems all part of the wider campaign/hysteria to demonise Putin


and this batch producted also in russia.


All they have shown is this nerve agent was developed in the old Soviet Union. How do they know this agent came from the same batch unless they held a Russian control sample. Russia says they destroyed all their old stock. If you have the formula then a 3rd party could also make this stuff with the right equipment & expertise. Germany developed sarin – does this mean any attacks using sarin can be pinned on Germany?

Tudor Miron

They didn’t even bother to “show” all they did is loud mouthing, nothing more than that.


You are correct – they havent shown anything. I should have put Claim


At the and of cold war was an agreement. Therefor know the fingerprint.

YOu know nothinng about these things. you are hailed only vby such fucking morons like tumor miron and florian gay.

Gary Sellars

Do you feel any shame given that your parents were siblings?


stop talking in mirror


And of course we will all take your word, what with you obviously being a specialist chemist, possessing the relative comparative samples from two very separate locations and relevant lab expertise not to contaminate the sample in the process, right? Yeah right.


I will not write on internet the method. But we made also when i was officer in chemical unit.


You don’t know how to wipe your arse (note that people hold their nose around you). “Officer of chemical unit” – my arse.


your ars is ugly hairy.

and from now you are blocked, beacuse you are able only attack and not discuss


Your attempts at comedy are sub-par.

John Whitehot

I expect you to anytime start claiming that you were Napoleon fucking Bonaparte.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Maybe Methadone and Xanax make him feel like he is Napolean, who knows!

Tudor Miron

Actually…I did suspect something along this lines from this…creature.

Igor Dano

The ukrainian chemical unit, which distilles illegaly alcohol in their field kitchen, using smashed potatoes?


i am not ukrainian, but oyu are ruskie. i have films how drunken are ruskie soldiers. in service time. so, fuck your misha, stupid russian!


Does the fact that Veloclapter gets his methadone from the chemist make him a specialist Bob ? :)



Tudor Miron

I know that you would easily swear that it is made by Putin personally.


Actually Russia gave up on this JUNK at a very early stage. Britain’s VX formula was always vastly superior to anything Russia produced. After the Russian traitor behind this junky ‘nerve agent’ defected, British scientists spent many years experimenting with his formula. It was garbage, but Britain kept large supplies for potential future “wet work” ops to have potential assasinations blamed on Russia.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

How did you gain your expertise in Chemicals was it the methadone and the xanax you take make you an expert.

Igor Dano

Give me a link, or source of your statement.


ask fsb.

You can call me Al

The formula is freely available online and in certain books.


Actually NO- there is zero proof the published formula is anything but junk- the guy behind the so-called nerve agent (another Russian traitor) is one of the worst so-called ‘scientists’ in Human history. Britain invented VX (and the knock-out gas supplied to Putin to end the theatre siege), cos Britain’s chemical warfare experts are the best in the world (at planning to mass murder people with illegal weapons). Russia’s heart was never in chemical agents- for all the right reasons (they are purely weapons of absolute terror).


Waco, Texas attests to how much the Brits are not the best in chem warfare.

Dimitri Yates

Ditto. I would just add that is very unBritish the way the media is carrying on, without concrete, independently verified, evidence. The OPCW has not been provided with the samples. A scientist recently made this statement : “For the British specialists to be perfectly confident that this was a Novichok agent and not any other kind, they would need a control standard for proof. It must be compared to a control substance,” the diplomate stated. “They have a collection and they have the formula. In other words, if the UK is so firmly convinced this is Novichok, they have samples and formula and are capable of formulating it themselves.” I am not saying one side is right or wrong on this, but there are questions to be answered, before conclusions are made. There is due process to be followed, and evidence to be presented.


Its not often I encounter really interesting things, as where the bloody hell do this creeps came from, what is it that have groomed this scums to be where they are now.

First: I consider this as an 100% false flag, the narratives about this gas component is an joke, the facts obscure and we end up with an massive nothing burger, the same as we have been spoon feed for some years now, gas is nice, gas have an “rich” flora of associations attached, by the mere use of the word Gas.

(didn’t the hitleri/hitlera hysteria gives the sheep’s pre-packed narratives and mental images about Gas chambers etc, etc, etc, huh, I bet it did, thats why they use this, eh… fart, sorry gas nonsense)

Then second, again, time lines compared to the accusations severity, non of this matched, by logic nor anything else, if this indeed was the shit they claim, then half of the city would be dead by now, this is an scam so bad it hurts, since the claim if about this NuevoCraut shit is 100x stronger than Sarin. Yeah, you have to be educated to be so stupid you believe their idiotic plot, sloppy and ignorant, an lousy FF event, bloody amateurs.

Third, Yeah, thanks to the man in RI for this one, then there is a lot of things clicking into place. Do you recognize them, Mutti Morekill and the Sith Lord Her self, interesting times indeed. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DYRbL47X4AERTqM.jpg



Where’s Cinderella?


Getting a man to make her shoes :)


Hey! Calling a woman a Sith Lord is a sexist micro aggression. Sith Lady would be a better term. But the most correct term, for our LGBT friends is Sith Person of Importance.

Shame on you! Shame!


It is wrong even to call such a persona “woman” or even A”person”!You don’t complain when they call Boris “stupid man”!


That’s because no one gives a fuck about men any more. Well, not in the West that is.


What makes it worse is that Boris is a very well educated man which makes his actions rather sinister :)


I agree, they can not all be so stupid, so I was pondering, what could be the reason, and I came to the conclusion, that it is all just a diversion!They don’t care what we think of them, they just want us to be so busy with their blubbering, to miss the point!While we are discussing all this meaningless junk, they continue with what is really important to them, grab money!


I am glad you bought that up Barba. :)

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Well I heard a Fart uses up 67 calories and farting 52 times will burn up a pound, wonder if May thinks they can get rid of all that excess weight that is the UK government that way , but then the UK Conservative party would no longer exist at this rate.


GB hysteric anti russia for cause the BREXIT for greating the usa!!


USA domined completely THE UE

leon mc pilibin

The zionists are desperate to save their NWO plans,,that Russia in particular has put a stop to.That is why we have this circus of lies from the usual suspects in invading countries illegally..Russia is not Iraq,Libya,Yemen,Palestine,Lebanon.It can fight back militarily or diplomatically with intelligence and the Truth to back them up.The zionist controlled western governments are the Laughing stock of the World.


Now we have a new chlorine attack claim by the white helmets in E Ghouta – the pieces are falling into place


This story stinks to high heaven. It just doesn’t make any sense. Not the assassination attempt on a traitor, that I can understand. But why use the unnecessarily complicated method of using and importing nerve gas into a foreign country that can be easily traced to its source? What’s wrong with hiring a local thug to just shoot the dude? Drug lords do it all the time, it can’t be that hard. Hire a drug lord to hire a thug to shoot the dude, then kill the drug lord to erase all traces to you. But no, let’s go exotic instead. Makes perfect sense, right?


why used polonium?

Miguel Redondo

The Anglozios are used to shoot themselves into their foot when doing this sort of things. Imagine you are a member of the FSB or another threeletter-agency in Russia. When you ever have thought to become a doubleagent and change sides , than you have now very strong arguments to reconsider your plans.

Lazy Gamer

What about the cctv. It is impossible that the tracking murderer would have escaped the cameras in the vicinity. The victim surely would not have avoided the camera.


this needs time. be sure, hey find them. like in the past the polonium terrorists, who live safe in russia.


I would all such images have been ‘lost’ by now :)


Why would Russia want to kill off a has-been old spy they traded away and his daughter – and do so just before the Russian general elections? That makes about as much sense as the Syrian Army having the initiative to defeat the militant pocket at East Ghouta and then suddenly out of nowhere allegedly using chemical artillery that is of no tactical military value, indeed would compromise their own rapid advances, and bring foriegn intervention don on them. Gee, could it all just be shameless NATO bullshit.

Eskandar Black

I think Ukraine is behind this incident.

Cheryl Brandon

£2,000,000 is the answer. What could be the question? The question is, how much money did the Tory Party UK received from their Rich/Ruthless/Roguish Russian ex pats based in the UK. Yet, when you ask yourself, what is May expected to deliver to these PUTIN HATING Russians in UK, you have to agree that, the Salisbury incident sounds like a good trade off? Don’t you think? i rest my case? This case also is useful when you want to CLOSE DOWN opposing views?


Indeed and closing down opposing jews is anti-semitic :)

Cheryl Brandon

£2,000,000 is the answer. What could be the question? The question is, how much money did the Tory Party UK received from their Rich/Ruthless/Roguish Russian ex pats based in the UK. Yet, when you ask yourself, what is May expected to deliver to these PUTIN HATING Russians in UK, you have to agree that, the Salisbury incident sounds like a good trade off? Don’t you think? i rest my case?


Good point.


The UK also outsources chemical weapon protection research to Universities that also receive funding from the US. It goes without saying that to design protection measures, ‘chemical and physical ‘ that samples of Novichok would be required.

You can call me Al

I still have not written off The Ukraine instigating this.


That is very possible I agree but they would dot have dared without the OK from someone high up in the UK government I think.

The scenario would not work if there was an honest investigation by the UK that would take many months .

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

such a stupid ridiculous prime minister and govt they have in britain, risking their entire little country and all its citizens over the poisoning of a spy that they have no evidence of who did it, all in order to keep trying to single out russia, a country which is many many times stronger than them. they should be ashamed of themselves and how selfish they are!!!!

You can call me Al

If you had the speciality of killing people leaving no evidence like M16, CIA, FSB – would you try an assassination that used a chemical attack like this, that not only failed, but left a big bloody “made in Russia” (well the USSR) sticker on it and also infected another 200 people………..I mean it is like the chemical attacks in Syria – it is so fooking insane and ridiculous, it beggar’s belief.

This is one of the worse false flag operations I have ever witnessed….PATHETIC.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

Haha yea they are getting sloppy

Douglas Houck

You have to hand it to the British, they are masters at False Flags. And the use of Novichok is brilliant, assuming it was a Novichok nerve agent.

Let’s look at the reported evidence. (from Scientific America) “Sergei and Julia Skripal were found collapsed on a park bench on Sunday March 4 in the English town of Salisbury, a few hours after eating lunch and spending time at a restaurant and pub nearby. Members of the public said that Julie Skripal appeared passed out on the park bench in Salisbury, and her father was making strange movements with his hand.”

As far as I can tell nobody knows how it was administered. Some think it was added to their food during lunch and others think it was added to their car’s door handles which means they were dosed before they went to lunch.

Developed by the USSR during the 80s, it has hundreds of variations with the two most toxic forms being 7-10 times more toxic than VX, or one to several milligrams of powder. (there are just under 6,000 milligrams of salt in a teaspoon, i.e., very little is needed). The effects of the more toxic forms can start in seconds to a couple of minutes. With VX if it is administered in it’s oily liquid from it can take up to 18 hours for effects to start. This is really the f=differences between being inhaled (fast acting) to being absobed through the skin (slow acting) to being injected (somewhere in between). The mode of action is just like sarin or VX, by blocking the function of acetylcholinesterase (AChE).

from the CDC: ” All the nerve agents cause their toxic effects by preventing the proper operation of an enzyme that acts as the body’s “off switch” for glands and muscles. Without an “off switch,” the glands and muscles are constantly being stimulated. They may tire and no longer be able to sustain breathing function.”

from WIKI: “On a molecular level, this leads to this ongoing stimulation and eventual fatigue of all affected muscarinic and nicotinic ACh receptors. This results in initial violent contractions, followed by “sustained supercontraction restricted to the fluid (sarcoplasm) of the subjunctional endplate and prolonged, depolarizing neuromuscular blockade.”[this quote needs a citation] The prolonged blockade results in flaccid paralysis of all the muscles in the body, and it is such sustained paralysis of the diaphragm muscle that causes death by asphyxiation.”

From Scientific America: Symptoms are given the mnemonic “SLUGEM”:

Salivation—the famous “foaming at the mouth”

Lacrimation—“crying”, or tears pouring from the eyes

Urination, Defecation

Gastrointestinal distress

Emesis (vomiting)—as the body loses control over muscles, particularly those of the sphincters

Miosis—one of the key diagnostics; the muscles that cause the pupil to constrict become fully activated and the pupils become pinpoints in the iris.

While there is treatment is must be administered within minutes of symptoms starting. The victim either dies within minutes or generally recovers in hours, although Novichok agents are said to be particularly effective at penetrating the central nervous system (that is, the brain and spinal column) and causing more severe neurological symptoms than is typical for other nerve agents.

Finally, was this the first time Novichok was used to kill someone? from Wiki: ” A Novichok agent was reportedly used in 1995 to poison Russian banker Ivan Kivelidi, the head of the Russian Business Round Table, and Zara Ismailova, his secretary.[38][39][40] Vladimir Khutsishvili, a former business partner of the banker, was subsequently convicted for the killings.”

Does any of the above sound like what happened? Obviously, if Novichok was used, it was not one of the more toxic forms. Assuming it was Novichok, why would the Russians use one of the less potent forms whose chemical form are available in the open press/literature.

Finally, are the Russians the only ones who can produce Novichok? From Wiki: “Mirzayanov gives somewhat different structures for Novichok agents in his autobiography to those which have been identified by Western experts. He makes clear that a large number of compounds were made, and many of the less potent derivatives were reported in the open literature as new organophosphate insecticides so that the secret chemical weapons program could be disguised as legitimate pesticide research.” Notice that the less potent forms were reported in the “open literature”?

If the British were really interested in solving this case I would think they would want to work with the Russians, even if it was behind the scenes. I have a hard time thinking that if the Russians wanted to kill Sergei and Julia Skripal that they would botch it so badly. Lets see the real data.


Read a little and you’ll find this so-called “better than VX” nerve agent was actually JUNK- and the so-called ‘scientist’ behind its creation fled Russia when his own uselessness became apparent to the authorities. The ONLY ‘valuable’ preoperty of the nerve agent was its apparent ability to be rapidly produced from LEGAL, non-military insecticides- allowing nations to apparently eliminate their chemical weapons programs while having the ability, at a moments notice, to brew up unlimited batches of a chemical warfare agent.

Britain invented VX- the agent used in the recent Korean false-flag assasination. Like most british toys of mass murder, it is 100% effective (when correctly delivered). Meanwhile the supposedly Russian “super weapon”, supposedly applied at the Russians leisure, failed to (immediately) kill anyone.

The laughable details of any false flag (including Putin’s Moscow apartment block bombings- our side does this too) are not designed to convince ‘experts’ or well-educated thinkers. NO- they are designed to play with the crowd of dribblers who are the major fan base of reality TV shows and soap operas. This is why to SOME of us, the details of MI5’s false-flag are so pathetic. Because WE are not the intended target of the psy-op.

No.1 rule of all psy-ops. NEVER hold back for fear the lies are ludicrous. To the contrary, exploit to the full the credulous nature of the intended audience. Give them a fairytale with details engineered for maximum emotional impact.

Dribblers on our side waste time analysing and debunking details that were NEVER intended to hold up to scrutiny. Meanwhile the Deep State moves as fast as it can to exploit to the max the fallout of the false-flag.

The irony is that the fool Putin is grateful for the distraction- for he has chosen to allow the de-facto partition of Syria, and doesn’t want the dribblers on our side to notice this yet. He is also sitting on his hands while NATO plans the final blow for the ‘rebels’ of East Ukraine, and fully intends to betray the brave people of Novorussia.


Sergei Skripal, the Russian double agent, was apparently one of the sources for the “Steele dossier”. This dossier is the basis for the entire investigation into RussiaGate …. the alleged collusion of President Trump with Russia during the 2016 election.

Read this article: https://consortiumnews.com/2018/03/13/the-strange-case-of-the-russian-spy-poisoning/

Christopher Steele, the author of the dossier, is a former British Intelligence officer that was in charge of Sergei Skripal when he was an active double agent, before he was caught by the Russians in 2004. They are now best friends.

Sergei Skripal probably knows a lot about all the fabricated content within Steels’s dossier. He may have been ready to talk. That is why someone tried to kill him.

Gary Sellars

Fuck you UK.


“It is no longer necessary to show the Council test tubes with white substances.”

LOL great Colin Powell reference.

Tommy Jensen

A new Syrian passports with the name of Vladimir Putin were found only 7m from Skripal´s body and this is not something we think. This is something we know as a fact. Face it, evidence on the ground has been found and you cant deny the truth.

Langaniso Mhlobo

UK and USA Zombie chemical testing on the spy Skripal has failed.The lost opportunity is to blame Russia before election.Bloody imperialist white supremacist.

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