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Skripal Case – The Big Picture

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Skripal Case - The Big Picture

REUTERS/ Peter Nicholls

Written by J.Hawk exclusively for SouthFront


Given the international furor sparked by the poisoning, in an apparent attempt to murder, former GRU Colonel Skripal and his daughter, very public information has been released that would help ordinary citizens make up their minds on what happened. Scotland Yard has no suspects. In a country full of CCTV cameras, no images have been made public and no composite sketches, let alone photos, of persons of interest have been released. No images of Skripals have been released, and no Russian consular officials have been allowed to see them, in violation of international norms. Porton Down press release issued after preliminary investigation of samples only stated that the agent was a “Novichok class or a related agent”, which appears to narrow it down to the entire category of nerve agents. The British government refused Russia’s offer to assist in the investigation, and refused to share any evidence it claims to have gathered.

And yet 20 countries, with US and UK in the lead, decided to expel Russian diplomats solely on the basis of Theresa May’s assertion it was “highly likely” Russian government was responsible for this act, since the “confidential” British briefing that has been obtained by the Russian newspaper Kommersant did not contain any evidence implicating Russia. While both the British and US governments, as well as a bevy of neo-conservatives, hailed this decision as a show of unity against Russia, it would be a mistake to read too much into it. The Skripal case merely served as a means by which various countries chose to pursue their own interests, with the more powerful Western actors like the US, UK, Germany, and France, seeking to impose their will on weaker ones, and the ultimate outcome being the product of the conflicting interests and balance of power among them.

Target: Corbyn

While Boris Johnson may have been an “early adopter” of the “Russia did it” version of events in order to try to outflank Theresa May and increase his odds of being the next Prime Minister (particularly since the support of the intelligence community is now de-rigeur in Western “democracies”), May for her part is facing the threat of losing the next general election to the surging and reinvigorated Labour Party led by Jeremy Corbyn. Skripal case placed Corbyn in the unenviable position of having to either go along with May’s claims or oppose them. He chose the latter course and instantly found himself on the receiving end of a propaganda campaign led by the “impartial” BBC, which was then followed for good measure with a second propaganda campaign aimed at making him appear an anti-Semite due to his support for Palestinian rights. Whether or not this campaign to return Labour to the days of Tony Blair will be successful is yet unclear. The crude use of this tragedy for political purposes does reveal the fragility of UK’s political system, however.

“Revenge” for Syria

The Skripal case is remarkable in that, when it happened, Russia and its allies were indeed anticipating a “false flag” chemical weapons use, but in Syria. At that time, Russia-supported Syrian offensives into Eastern Ghouta at long last succeeded in breaking one of the last jihadist strongholds and relieved Damascus of the perennial threat of rebel artillery bombardments that invariably claimed civilian lives. The utterly predictable Western reaction merely recycled the Battle of Aleppo-era “last hospital”, “targeting civilians”, “bloody Assad regime” propaganda, with Western leaders making grave pronouncements they would have no choice but to strike Syria in the event it used chemical weapons.

After the Trump Administration’s cruise missile strike on Khan Sheykhoun, however, these threats are no longer taken lightly, and Russia promptly took diplomatic and military measures to deter the West from a new round of military escalation. In addition to sending additional naval and air defense assets to Syria, Vladimir Putin made his now-famous speech outlining describing new weapons systems entering service with the Russian armed forces. Russian General Staff officers went a step further, warning that any strike on Syria that would endanger Russian troops would not merely result in Russia taking defensive measures but also efforts to destroy the launch platforms. These warnings appear to have had the desired effect as tensions around Syria subsided, only to unexpectedly reappear in the Skripal case where—surprise, surprise!—Russia was promptly accused of using or condoning the use of nerve agents, just as it was in Syria.

The fact that the US State Department has taken “credit” for coordinating the expulsion effort, and that the US has expelled by far the largest number of Russian diplomats, suggests it is the US that has the biggest stake in the Skripal case, and is most determined to make political use of it. Donald Trump’s personal role in the case remains ambiguous, as he has not made statements or even issued “tweets”, as is his custom. Moreover, US actions came after a Putin-Trump telephone conversation, suggesting this is the newly ascendant members of the US “deep state” like Pompeo and Bolton, in conjunction with deeply embedded ones left over from the previous administrations, who are behind this move and have seized control of US foreign policy.

The “Me Too” Crowd

Some of the countries which expelled Russian diplomats needed no encouragement at all. Poland, Ukraine, the Baltic States, Canada, Australia, Croatia, Romania, Sweden, Netherlands, have all opted for conflict with Russia years ago, in order to achieve a variety of own economic and geopolitical interests. That they seized on this pretext to ratchet up tensions is not surprising—it would have been surprising had they stayed put.

Maintaining the Illusion of Unity

The next category of countries went along with the circus in order to avoid disrupting the official image of European/Western/Transatlantic unity, as illusory as it is in the era of the refugee crisis and America First. These countries include Italy, Spain, Hungary, Macedonia, Belgium, Montenegro, Denmark, Czech Republic, and Finland. None of them have been noted for out-of-the-ordinary anti-Russian sentiment in the past and this action does not appear to signal a dramatic shift. However, this category of countries includes many small and/or economically vulnerable states which are not in the position to defy their stronger neighbors. Indeed, their statements accompanying the expulsions were almost apologetic—the move was not intended “against Russia”, but was rather an “expression of European solidarity.”

The Shadow of Brexit

One of the more remarkable developments in the Skripal case is the abrupt reversal of the French position. While the initial French reaction was plainly dismissive of British claims, which were literally described as “fantasy”, within only a day of that statement the French line hardened, as Macron was among the first EU leaders to “stand with May”. Similarly, while Ireland has never found itself in conflict with Russia and is not a NATO member, it too embraced the official narrative when its officials stated Ireland’s neutrality does not extend to political assassinations and the use of chemical weapons. Given the importance of this issue to the UK and the damage its case would have suffered in the event its closest neighbors refused to back Theresa May’s policies, the unexpected French and Irish about-face likely has to do with British concessions on Brexit, which also coincided with the onset of the Skripal case. France and Ireland are, after all, the two countries most heavily affected by Brexit, and Theresa May’s urgent need of external political support endowed them with additional bargaining power on that issue.

North Stream-2 in Cross-Hairs

While Germany also joined in the stampede by expelling four Russian diplomats, its actions fall into a category all of its own. It is not as interested in the Brexit travails nearly as much as France or Ireland, its interest in the outcome of the Syria war is also lower than in the US or France. What Germany does care about is the fate of North Stream-2, which has long been the target of the United States and its European satellites (UK and the limited-sovereignty states of Eastern Europe) because it stands in the way of transforming the EU into a protectorate subordinate, politically, militarily, and economically, to the United States.

It is not known to what extent North Stream-2 figured in the negotiations during the EU summit that preceded the EU announcements on expulsions. When asked, Theresa May said she did not bring it up though she was planning to in the future. That explanation, true to form, is almost certainly not true. North Stream-2 is at the moment the single most important joint venture between Russia and the EU, which renders claims it was not even mentioned in this context implausible. It appears more likely Theresa May’s efforts to use the Skripal case to scuttle the pipeline were rebuffed by Germany and its allies, something she was not prepared to admit. Germany’s willingness to participate in the expulsions could therefore be a compromise solution, intended to shield it from the pressure to adopt a harder line against Russia at the cost of its own economic interests and avoid risking losing its leadership position within the EU by breaking ranks with the rest of the union.

Notably, Germany’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs also sought to soften the blow by announcing that the expelled Russian diplomats could be replaced by new ones. It is possible other countries that participated in the expulsions have quietly made it known to Russia that the expulsions were not intended to be permanent; that Germany made it public is indicative of its efforts to reconcile its desire to continue economic cooperation with Russia with the need to avoid political isolation within EU and NATO.

The Holdouts

The most notable of the hold-outs was Austria, which cited its long-standing tradition of neutrality when resisting the pressure to conform, though the country also has an interest in the continuation of Russia-EU gas projects and as such its abstention is a mirror image of Germany’s stance, modified by the fact that Austria is not an EU leader and its abstention does not threaten the precious image of European unity.

Other countries which could reasonably be described as US satellites that opted not to join in the Skripal case hysteria include Turkey, Japan, Republic of Korea, and New Zealand. All of them also happen to have good business ties with Russia and, in the case of ROK, hope to use Russia’s good offices to address their security problems. Turkey’s abstention should be interpreted as a continuation of its charting out an independent foreign and domestic policy course due to apparently irreconcilable conflict of interests between it and the US, and possibly also the EU.


The bright spot in the otherwise dismal  picture is that the expulsion of diplomats has not been accompanied by economic measures, not even in the UK, at least not so far. One should note here that Western media have listed a whole range of possible economic measures against Russia, including the end of North Stream 2, seizure of Russian private and government assets, arresting Aeroflot airliners because they “highly likely” carried “Russian assassins” to the UK, ending Russia’s access to the SWIFT system. None of them have come to pass, and diplomat expulsions have a bigger “bark” than “bite”, particularly if the diplomats are allowed to return or be replaced. But that does not mean that the West’s hybrid war on Russia is over. It does mean that the geography of Russia’s adversaries and their motives has become clearer.

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jerry hamilton

I don’t think there is an intelligent person on the planet that think Russia had any involvement with this. It is nothing but an attack on Russia after Putin announced his military capabilities. America who were threatening to invade Syria have apparently stood down.


Me neither. It is a crock of unmentionable nonsense.


BORUS JONSON for PREZIDENT….. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8d069cdae5dda7b250f852f95f41be84815f8d422a97a9e36a2ba85f854b721a.png

HighLord Gaz

Boris is really a gay ginger?….. yuuuuuck…

You can call me Al

OI My SON is ginger, Boris is just a turd.

Strange thing is, no-one in my wife’s family nor mine are Ginger….but he is…. THE GOLD ADONIS.

You can call me Al

HAHAHAHA. Nice one, but only the Brits will even comprehend this.

jerry hamilton

Shhhhh. I don’t get it.

You can call me Al


jerry hamilton

I don’t. I am a little weird in that I am Aspergers. Brilliant at certain things but totally miss the point in others. By way of example…. I am a really good sound engineer. Often requested. I can’t operate the desk if I am wearing my hearing aids. Go figure.

You can call me Al

Oh you are an asparagus !!…………… Living in the NL, as I do, I’ll be the Hollandaise sauces.

PS Personally I would like to be good at 1 damn thing, so count yourself lucky.


This fits the scenario I suspect.


You can call me Al

Oh dear, we’ll have the SAT teams down on us shortly. Mix yours with my favourite as I did it in my final year’s major project report – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ammonium_nitrate


Bombs away chaps. Its the 100th anniversary of the RAF :)

You can call me Al

mmm, yes but we don’t have any planes left.


A clown from the MOD was crying that the RAF needed more money to train pilots . That’s a long term project as modern day fighter pilots take years to train :)

Perhaps the UK government should stop using lies and propaganda and apologise to Russia, act like grownups and trade with each other on equal terms.

The UK Government should also apologise to the nation for risking a nuclear war that Britain will lose with a nation that only wants peace and FAIR trade.

You can call me Al

Agreed. The RAF will infinite amounts of money to train the pilots for that POS F-35, useless, worthless, Yank crap.


You were told by people like me that a massive 911 style false-flag was coming, to be arranged by the Brits, to target Putin. Zionist agents like The Saker orchestrated the DENIAL that most on our side swallowed cos it made them feel good.

Now the false-flag has happened, and gone off with far better than expected results, and all the dribblers on our side FAIL by refusing to accept the impact of the FF- instead dribbling lame insults at the brits.

Now the FF has happened, the zionist agents sell lie after lie about the intent. Corbyn has ALWAYS been a 100% Tony Blair boot-boy. His voting record in the House of Commons/Lords (by which i mean the record of the Labour party he commands and ‘whips’) has been 100% pro-police-state, and pro-Deep State. Indeed Corbyn’s plans to make Britian the most internet censored nation on Earth was recently codified into british law, and was supposed to roll out next month (now delayed for fear brits would revolt when Corbyn removed their easy access to internet adult material).

Corbyn is the de facto Prime Minister of the UK- May is a laughable puppet (who has also backed every one of Tony Blair’s initiatives).

99% of people on our side are functioning ILLITERATES who who have never cracked open a history book (or the like) in their lives, and the Deep State relies on this fact. No-one who has studied history would have the slightest doubt as to the purpose of this novichok FF- no-one. But illiterate dribblers, as the author of the article proves, will distract themselves with all kinds of bottom-up conspiracy theories that to a dim-bulb seem ‘clever’. This is how The Saker, for instance, Pied Piper’s his followers.

Hitler wrote Mein Kampf. Tony Blair’s neo-con boot-boys wrote PNAC. PNAC said the USA needed a “new pearl harbour” to sell a new century of wars to the braindead sheep- and thus the 9/11 FF was born. While mouth breathers on our side argued about the purpose of 911 endlessly, there it was in black and white in the PNAC document. But will mouth breathers ever choose to read a book, or examine a long PDF without pictures? Of course not.

Now the FF has happened, under zionist appeaser Putin’s watch, we can only consider what comes next. Dribblers on our side refuse to do this- choosing instead to act as Putin’s cheerleaders regardless of the facts.

Neutral thinkers know what comes next. First the Iran War, which will normalise the use of nuclear warheads, just as Blair’s earlier wars normalised the use of TV guided bombs and depleted uranium and drones. And then as things spiral out of control, WW3. All this depends on Putin’s utter hopelessness. Which to neutral observers today is a very good bet.

Putin COULD expel the USA from Syria tomorrow. Putin COULD draw Syria and Iran into the Russian Federation to protect them from any West attack. Does NATO hesitate about adding even the dodgiest nation into the NATO alliance? Of course not. So why do zionist agents like the Saker say Putin cannot do the same?

The exact second Syria and Iran join the Russian Federation, all threats against either VANISH. While dribblers on the other side are told daily that Russia is a ‘paper tiger’, no nation on Earth (as the Cold War PROVED) will go up against Russia directly. That’s the nature of the Great Game.

So at a stroke of a pen, Putin can end all current threats from the Deep State. Who is it that tells you Putin cannot do this. WHO? People like The Saker- that’s who.

The Great Game is a TOP-DOWN game. The millions of trivial facts on the ground count for NOTHING.

America wants war with Iran TOMORROW. America doesn’t want war with Russia TOMORROW. It is more important by a million times for America to avoid war with Russia (tomorrow) than to make war on Iran (tomorrow). Russia is free to invite Iran to be a member of the Russian Federation to bring Iran under the umbrella of Russian treaty protection against all attacks by aggressive military powers. Since no-one (that matters) will attack the Russian Federation (tomorrow) Putin has a perfect, free and safe way to prevent the Iran war.

Of course America wants war on Russia the DAY AFTER TOMORROW. But first tomorrow must come- and by that I mean the Deep State must set up the conditions for war on Russia, and this means (for now) the Iran War.

Read PNAC. Understand the purpose of 9/11. Look at the planning for war on Iran currently happening in the USA, EU and Middle East. Then look at the Skripal FF and use your brain.

jerry hamilton

All this from the girl that said the Pentagon involvement in Porton Down would hit the MSM. Now this may come as a shock but I don’t need people like you to tell me how the world works. For that I have Noam Chomsky.

Robert Miller

Afraid that Professor Chomsky is a modified limited hangout. Do better.

Boris Kazlov

Chomsky is a Jew who repeats the official conspiracy theory of 911

jerry hamilton

Quote “Now the false-flag has happened, and gone off with far better than expected results” Yes you’re right. But for how long? This deadly military grade nerve agent has not yet killed a fly. It’s only a matter of time before the British government have no credibility at all.

HighLord Gaz

“Corbyn has ALWAYS been a 100% Tony Blair boot-boy.”

Agreed with much of your post, then your dropped this mind-numbingly butt-fuck stupid…


Boris Kazlov

You use a long post to demean Saker, I have lots of disagreements with him, mainly his religious histrionics, but he definitely is not a zionist agent, far form it, a sane miltary analyst I would say. That is why I avidly read his enlightening posts on these matters, and also Putin is not appeaser, but a cautious and calm President who thinks first and foremost on his job, to guide the Russian Federation to happiness and peace.


This fits the scenario I suspect



Perfectly wrote !! Mr.Lavrov says , when you have friends as USA and Britain , you dont need enemies !

jerry hamilton

It’s true. I’m British and I under no circumstances trust Britain.

Odin's Raven

It’s the (((people))) who control Britain (and the rest of the West) and its media who should not be trusted.

jerry hamilton

You say the people are in control? If they were, I don’t think they would have allowed this to happen. This is the government who don’t give a damn about what the people want.


Not sure but he might be ironic. You know, in the vein of “We the People” being The Chosen, and the rest of us are cattle.

You can call me Al

I am also and I hate to say it, I agree with you. With this farcicle event, I am both embarrassed and ashamed of the vermin that run our Country; we have become a laughing stock to the rest of the World. I am furious about those twot’s behaviour.


Most of the above I have agreed with in this piece I wrote yesterday. The CIA/MI6 codename for the Skripal, Litvinenko, Berezovsky affair is ‘Beluga’. I am pleased to see that Yulia Skripal is improving if we can believe Sky.


jerry hamilton

I hate to say it but I don’t think the British government will allow the Skripal’s to live. They will not pass a shred of “evidence” to Russia.


That was my suspicion too Jerry. Early after the alleged poisoning the Skrpals were said to be awake. Then they were unconscious but stable. Now Yulia is awake and improving rapidly. And all these comments have never come from the doctors supposed to be treating them. The whole story stinks.

jerry hamilton

This certainly indicates it was nothing like the nerve agent that was accused of being used. The Skripal’s along with the copper and doctor would be long dead.


Nor would they have gotten from his home to a restaurant then another establishment (?) then to a park bench. Nor would they have been symptom free until they reached the park bench. Witnesses would surely exist, such as a waiter, who could testify that the two behaved normally or otherwise.

Finally, if the agent were smeared on the handle of Skripal’s front door, would both father and daughter have touched the handle on the way out?

Rüdiger Preiss

Who knows, I wouldn’t be surprised if next thing that happens is a Russian Agent is filmed on the hospital CCTV entering Julia Skripal’s room, murdering her in cold blood … now that would just do the trick and nobody will carry on asking for proof about Novichok ….


A lot of it appears to be scripted in Hollywood as it is.


New Name, New Face, New Identity….and a Royal Bankaccount for Services Rendered.. nice little Home on the Bahamas with Osama bin L. as your Neighbour…

jerry hamilton

At a guess, I would say there are Russian agents ready to kidnap them and ask one or two questions along with a blood sample.

Rüdiger Preiss

That might be exactly the plan. Not of Russia, but of the UK warmongering Zionists. This sort of false flag would have an explosive effect…


Take a look at this Merjin.



You meant TEPP itself or some of the other poisons they definitely produced? Why use Novichok when you can get your groceries locally?

UK’s Porton Down military site is pioneer in chemicals research:

So the toxicity of TEPP falls in category 1, which means that it requires the least amount of exposure to be lethal. It has been reported that the lethal oral dose is 1.429 mg/kg.[20] An oral dose of 1.429 mg/kg is equivalent to a 70-kg worker being exposed to 67 mg/m3 for 30 minutes assuming a 50 liter per minute breathing rate and 100% absorption. TEPP can cause death within hours or even minutes, but also can be delayed for several days. When it is given in small doses, humans could survive a total dose of 40 mg/kg.

This Skripal case is still a Big Laugh…I wonder how long they can keep up this Joke…?

You can call me Al

If they die or are killed now, there is no way out, It just gives the game away that it is a farce.

jerry hamilton

Yes but it was a farce from the word go. This deadly nerve agent has not yet killed a fly.


In Slovakia, an investigative reporter named Ján Kuciak and his fianceé were murdered. He was murdered with 2 Luger Parabellum projectiles, which—as we all know well—had been developed in Germany.

I guess Chanceloress Angela Merkel should finally answer for this murder, Germany must be punished and German diplomats ought to be expelled in the name of blind faith and bandwagon solidarity, not common sense and evidence-based reasoning.


Unfortunately for your theory the ability to manufacture bullets has spread to other countries.

John Marks

Your argument hasn’t stopped May using the novichok nonsense in just the same way.


Sad to say, you are correct. Integrity and common sense have departed that island.


Reportedly, about 20 other countries have the ability to manufacture Novičok.


I gather the objective of the developers was to make it a binary agent that could be manufactured from easily obtainable materials. Obviously, handling the finished product would be ultra dangerous after the components were mixed. Actually, the name describes a class of agents.

The formulas for all or some of the agents are public knowledge. How easily a chemist can make something knowing the chemical structure I do not know.

It was never a realistic choice for the substance that the Skripals encountered. They would be dead had they been anywhere near it, along with a lot of other nearby people. Very strange affair, no?

Ricky Miller

Oh please, seize Aeroflot assets. One of the things I’ve been rooting for Russia to do since 2014 is close Russian airspace and airport access to the national airlines of all the coup enablers and Baltic region war pigs. Seriously nothing says back off to economic elites like having to fly South, turn somewhere over Somalia and fly more than the length of the Continental U.S. to get to New Delhi and far farther and longer to China, Japan and Indonesia. It’s a huge imposition for North Europeans and Americans even. Flying the Northern Route over Russia cuts off huge time and distance than having to transit more Southern latitudes. Of course, Aeroflot routes to South America and Mexico would be affected but there are easier geographical workarounds. Aeroflot could contract for a refueling hub at In-Salah, Algeria for flights to Latin America and the Caribbean. And Aeroflot flights over the Pacific would have to stop at Petropavlovsk to refuel and contour just South of the Aleutians to fly to Mexico City. But, Northern Elites do so much more business around the World and fly more too keeping their Liberal World Order Economic loot flowing so they’d suffer more. Please, let’s start down that road, Western hypocrites.


I am curious what this secret intelligence was with which Merkel convinced the European leaders that it was Russia. Most likely it was some tapped phone conversation.


Theresa (highly likely) May is an embarrassment to decent moral human beings.

Rüdiger Preiss

Great article.


It is quite possible that Russians were behind this Agent-007-James-Bond-style action. (Isn’t it ironic that the U.K. has been producing and glorifying propaganda stuff of the same ilk for decades?)

After all, Skripaľ is a shameful traitor, who betrayed for money many (up to about 300) of his fellow comrades working for his home country, which he also endangered. Those comrades were possibly condemned, punished and ended up in prison.

And then he got extricated from prison in a spy exchange deal for some 10 of his former fellow comrades, whom he had also possibly betrayed. How outrageous, that is like killing your parents to get the inheritance! Where would this be allowed?!

And yet this happened!

Thus, quite a few people should have an axe to grind against him. I believe it is quite possible for, say, a former spy, or a group of them, to get hold of a nerve agent—of course, Russia must have them somewhere, regardless of the Chemical Weapons Convention—and then carry out an act of personal vengeance against Skripaľ.

But why would the Russian government be behind this?! After all, they got him, they imprisoned him, then they even pardoned him and they finally let him go. Why would they track him down and kill almost 8 years later…?! Nevertheless, it was a successful operation. Congratulations.


So your implying that Russia could and probably did carry out the poisoning of Skripal even though it it clearly was not in Russia’s best interest either financially or politically..The poisoning is however in the best interest of those who want to sabotage Nord 2 but of course they wouldn’t do such a thing, would they?


Not Russia, but private Russian citizens.

Brother Ma

I hope it was a personal matter. To God all lives are equal. If it is good enough for God it is good enough for me!To punish one or two for harming three hundred does not bother me in the least. If it was my relative i would be happy to off him myself.traitorous pig!


Another great site and article to follow this story. ‘She has risen’ http://www.moonofalabama.org/2018/03/she-is-risen-last-act-of-novichok-drama-revealed-the-skripals-resurrection.html#comments And watch Craig Murray. His piece on Boris and comments….. This British government is a government from hell. May is a fanatic neo lib/neo con globalist who has, in the last eight years of her power as Home secretary and PM – destroyed our country. Imported millions from islam – paid them to breed – free house the lot, welcomed back ISIS fighters whilst imprisoning any fighting against them. May is sheer evil – known as Sharia May as she literally introduces Sharia into British law – 90 sharia courts – in competition to British Common law and without reference to parliament.. She makes Blair look an innocent. I have never loathed a person more. And do you know millions of idiot Tories will go and vote for her and support her destruction and lies – for no other reason than they are pathetically paranoid the ‘opposition’ might get in. Could things get worse?


“Corbyn is the de facto Prime Minister of the UK- May is a laughable puppet (who has also backed every one of Tony Blair’s initiatives).” – Starlight. – or is it Moonlight or Luna Tic. The trouble with your ramblings is that a significant majority of human beings have inherited a capacity for memory even though you seemed to miss out on that endowment.


Sorry Emily I meant my post to refer to Starlight’s post not yours.


You haven’t read my posts. I make no secret that there is tissue paper between May and Blair – I posted something along those lines not an hour ago.

Southern Cross



You have to hand it to President Putin. I have passed it on and thank you. With this sort of personal courage. Russia is indeed the Hope of the World (Cayce). Mine anyway.

John Marks

As an expat in Vienna, I’m proud my adopted country has refused to be taken in by May’s and the EU’s lynch mob.

We may think Russia had abandoned the fraternal ideas of its revolution and long gone sour.

But we have forgotten the ideal of our own enlightenment revolutions of 1688 and 1789.

Arguably, Putin is trying to reverse the social decline to the level of ‘money is everything’ that pervades the EU and USA.

We should remember Robert Burns:

“But ye whom social pleasure charms

Whose hearts the tide of kindness warms,

Who hold your being on the terms,

‘Each aid the others’,

Come to my bowl, come to my arms,

My friends, my brothers!”

PS there is still NO evidence.


My dog! From the photo above it appears Boris and Tess have bought in the Telly Tubby’s to stitch up Putin. At least they should be able to convince the under fives that the Russians done it.

Roger Snellman

Now being reported that they may have just eaten some bad fish. Makes sense since all Novichok class nerve agents are derived from 3 day old fish. Russia’s production facility is not hard to locate since it is just across the street from the Vici Lyubo plant.


It seems the British claim to have intercepted a communication at the time of the alleged poisoning. The secret message according to the Daily Express https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/942903/Sergei-Skripal-russian-spy-poisoning-russian-message-intercepted was “the package has been delivered”.

Now exactly the same message is used in an old British TV series “Reilly Ace of Spies”. The show is based on the real life exploits of Sidney Reilly, a Russian who worked for British Intelligence. Ian Fleming based the James Bond character on Reilly. Also it is most likely that it was the British who betrayed Reilly to the Cheka.

Do you think somebody in script writing at MI6 is into spy books and shows?

Boris Kazlov

You should all be aware that the Skripals have been kidnapped in hospital, no consular access (illegal), no family visit, monitored conversations, Russia should request an “habeas corpus”.


I fear the UK plans to murder the Skripal’s, the girl Yulia has done no wrong, but she will be murdered and the body burnt, to hide the lies of British politicians.

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x