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JUNE 2021

Skripal Case: British MSM Relies On “Anonymous Sources” As Foreign Office Fails With Facts

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Skripal Case: British MSM Relies On “Anonymous Sources” As Foreign Office Fails With Facts

On April 5, at the Moscow Conference on International Security Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stated the UK is mocking the international law and ethics unreasonably blaming Russia for the nerve agent attack last month that left former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter in a critical condition.

“The Skripal case was a fictional and trumped-up pretext to unreasonably expel Russian diplomats, without producing any evidence, not only from the US and the UK but also from many other countries, who were arm-twisted into going along”.

“We will continue to respond adequately to such steps, but, by the same token, we want to get to the truth. We insist on a substantive and responsible investigation in full compliance with the Chemical Weapons Convention”.

On April 4, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova criticized “100% lie” about Russian rejection of the constructive dialogue with the UK:

“Great Britain is rejecting any contacts with the Russian Federation at any level on its initiative, officially and even publicly. Moreover, it is doing everything to make the public perceive this situation as if it is the Russian side that is rejecting interaction”.

Zakharova emphasized the importance of the true investigation in this case:

“On the basis of motivated cooperation will help clear up all circumstances of the Salisbury incident. Russia is ready for that”.

Russian government appealed to initiate a special session of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) over the Skripal poisoning case to clear up the situation according to the international law.

The Russian proposition to conduct a joint investigation with Britain was rejected, getting only six votes from the 41-member executive body. However, Russia’s ambassador Alexander Shulgin marked that “more than half of the members of the executive council” abstained, i. e. refused to support the Euro-Atlantic stance.

The British government refused any possibility of joint Russian – UK investigation.Due to it Shulgin said:

“They tell us that they can inform us of the results of this investigation … only with the good will of Great Britain.”

“But, knowing how our so-called partners have conducted themselves, we are not going to count on their good will.”

OPCW session was held amid a major failure of the British diplomacy. It appeared that British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson boldly lied that Defense Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) at Porton Down had been “categorical” about the Russian origin of “Novichok”. As On April 3, the chief executive of the DSTL told that they cannot link samples of the agent to Russia.

On April 5, the British newspaper “The Times” released an interesting article, in which as always anonymous security “sources” claimed that Britan had identified a possible origin of “Novichok”, obviously from Russia, and the location of the laboratory, obviously in Russia. The “sources” also underlined that Russia could conduct tests to check poison’s availability for contract murder.

Meanwhile, another British outlet “The Sun” claimed that one of the “Novichok” laboratories was situated in Yasenevo, Moscow district.

The only problem of these reports is that they are based on “anonymous sources” rather than any evidence.

Without any real facts, the Euro-Atlantic establishment can only continue to buzz and lug “mysterious” anonymous sources to affirm its unprecedented blaming. However, it seems that Russia still hopes that “reason will prevail.”

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anonimous sources are fakes news!!

Mario Ceva

Anonimous sources said that The Times and the sun sources are FAKE


hahahahahaha good+

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Heard their mythical sources are a Chimera and a Hydra , Where’s Herc ! ,thought he already killed them.

jerry hamilton

“They tell us that they can inform us of the results of this investigation ”
So far there is no evidence a crime has been committed.
What are they going to investigate?


Let this whole Western Media Circus go Bankrupt… if no one watches their Poisonous programmes anymore…it’ll be over pretty soon..These Folks Ruin the World and Make themselves Hard Targets….Better Watch the F*ck Out Rupert Murdochs…Peoples Will get Angry….


The main characters of this whole plot against Russia were Theresa May and Netanyahu while Trump, Macron, Trudeau and Merkel were sideline characters. Its better that UK saved from Russian nuke attackes in retaliation.


Nobody believe that the skripal survived a military nerve agent ten times more potent than VX (already stronger than sarin). It’s already a bullshit from the beginning.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Well apparently she used VK while being in critical condition in the hospital. The policeman at the door of her house had no protective gear and there is a photo available showing him not wearing any protection on 7th of March. There are interesting and fantastical creatures running around in the UK right now, heard there have been sightings of Unicorns at Porton Downs.


It’s the same White Helmets ‘chemical weapons’ media narrative managed and financed by British MI6 – just applied internally in UK and aimed at smearing Russia. It’s actually pretty lazy and unimaginative of British intelligence services – to just reenact and slightly alter the existing MI6 ‘Syrian chemical weapons’ media narrative program – domestically and directed at Russia.


It would be better for Erdogan to shut down permanently Bosphorus, Dardanelles sea gates and Incirlike military base for Washington and their EU allies for Turkey’s safety and in protest against slaughtering 1400 Palestinians on 29th March 2018 and occupying Palestinian, Syrian, Iraqi and Afghani lands and on wrong accusation of Russia on Skripal case. This is a wakeup call for Erdogan to not cooperate with terrorist states and make numbers and increase votes.


These days having fake tan, sporting pink shirt and fake upper class accent is enough to pass for “journalist” in UK … Only serious UK news outfit that openly questioned BoJos alt-truth, alone and for weeks was RT Britain – and it’s not even British…And now at last we have Channel 4 News accusing BoJo of lying – not because they want better relations with Russia, more likely they’re used in inner Tory power struggle to kick Boris in his fat behind and out of the party…


From the get go it was strange to say the least. Skripal was a swap and to date a swapped spy/traitor has never been targeted by Russia, how could they? As this would totally undermine their credibility for future swaps. Then there is the “military grade nerve agent”, that nobody dies from. And now we have a telephone conservation between Juliya and her aunt Victoria, in which Victoria states “when I get my visa on Monday I will come right over and visit you”. to which Juliya replies, “they will never give you a visa”. Further along, Juliya also mentiones, “none of us here have anything we are going to die from”….. “I expect to be released before the weekend”. I wonder how the Brits are going to suppress the story when Juliya tells the truth at a press conference?


I check out the British press, and from the comments on the outlets, that still allow comments, most British people seem to know that the Skripal case is a lie by the May Government.


May and her Johnson will end up having to resign over this amateurish false flag attack.
Not because of what they did, but because they got caught.

Cheryl Brandon

“Russians attacked the Skripals”; LIE: FACTS are from the experts; the person who mixed the 2 compounds to make the final potion, did not mix it properly, which is why the people did not die; The target was Segei Skripal. Julia was collateral damage. The person most likely a UK/German spook had to have high clearance to get into Porton Down; What story did that person tell the Director of PD to access the 2 compounds? The compounds has to be mixed in lab and in the right proportions??? WMD’s in Iraq 2002? LIE/ ” Assad used chemical weapons in Kayn Shaykouml Lie; Fact, it was the turkish spooks and terrorist did it?. ” Mummar Gadaffi instructed his soldiers to rape women in Libya;”LIE./ Assad is murdering and gassing his own people LIE. It is actually Saudi Arabia murdering their own muslim brothers in Yemen./ Bay on Tonkin Vietnamese shoot at USA boats in 1967;LIE/USA shoot their own boats. The Director of PD knows that, they have the compounds in storage, with the ability to make the final potion/ “Russians hacked USA elections”_LIE? Fact Cambridge Analytica and FB helped $chumpinstein win the USA general elections as fropm the mouth of Alexander Nix who added that, he meddles in 44 other elections.

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