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Six Years Later, There Is Still No Political Will To Solve Eastern Ukraine’s Crisis

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Six Years Later, There Is Still No Political Will To Solve Eastern Ukraine's Crisis

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On February 27th, Vladimir Zheglov, Deputy Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the OSCE gave a speech at a meeting of the at a meeting of the OSCE Permanent Council on the situation in Ukraine and the need to implement the Minsk accords in Vienna.

He spoke of what transpired 6 years ago when the coup took place that removed Viktor Yanukovych from his presidential position.

“By the way, Washington is fully aware of the American role in the destruction of the Ukrainian state. Neither the distribution of food on the “Maidan” by US Deputy Secretary of State V. Nuland nor the coordination and, in fact, “manual control” from a number of Western capitals by the instigators of the riots can be erased from history.”

He reminded of the documentary which Michael Caputo recently released.

He further mentioned that little progress has been made in the direction of finding justice for those who were killed in the Maiden, be it protesters or security personnel.

“The tragedy of the Maidan, accompanied by the massacres of both protesters and law enforcement officials, still has not received a proper legal assessment. The society has not been given clear answers who, where, from whom, from what and why shot, killing people.

But other information is being accumulated – who and why hid the truth about those events.

Of course, we drew attention to the recognition recently made on the air of one of the Ukrainian television channels by the general of the Georgian army, the former commander of the Panther battalion Tristan Tsitelashvili. According to him, the post-Maidan authorities promised him a “good and beautiful life” for silence about the role of Georgian snipers in the days of February 2014, which were terrible for Kiev.”

And as a result of what transpired in 2014, the coup government, instead of attempting to solve the issues in Ukrainian society, rather began persecutions of dissent in an effort to consolidate its power.

The repression, according to Zheglov, frightened the residents of southeastern Ukraine, who advocated greater autonomy.

“However, instead of dialogue, the “Maidan” authorities used an army and armed nationalists against them. They introduced tanks and heavy artillery, began shelling peaceful cities. The civil crisis turned into an armed confrontation.”

And 6 years later, there’s no peace in eastern Ukraine. With provocations by the Ukrainian Armed Forces “incidentally” taking place on the even of significant international events.

“On February 18th, before a meeting of the UN Security Council on the fifth anniversary of the adoption of its resolution 2202, which approved the Minsk “Set of Measures,” the Ukrainian military tried to carry out a sabotage operation in the Zolotoy district.”

He reminded of how the Ukrainian citizens, evacuated from China, and likely not even infected with COVID-19 were met with violent protests on February 22nd, and the overnight shelling of Donetsk that was carried out by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

“The political forces that came to power following the coup in 2014 made aggressive nationalism a state ideology in Ukraine, set the “standard” for discrimination and the violation of fundamental human rights in relation to entire groups of the country’s population.

The current leadership of Ukraine is generous in the rhetoric of national reconciliation, but instead of real steps is moving in the opposite direction. Discrimination continues in the linguistic, religious, cultural, economic and political fields.”

He concluded his address, by claiming that Kiev has no plans to implement any commitments under the Minsk agreements and of the Normandy Four.

“Moreover, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine V. Priestayko, speaking recently at the UN, once again justified the need to revise the Minsk “Package of Measures”, approved by UN Security Council Resolution 2202, which some provisions are allegedly “impossible to implement”. The facts show that in Kiev there is simply no political will to fulfill its obligations in accordance with the letter of this document, which was once again demonstrated by yesterday’s meeting of the Contact Group in Minsk.”

Zheglov concluded that, there could be no “but” and “if” in the implementation of the Minsk Agreements and the agreements by the Normandy Four, but they should simply be fulfilled in order to ensure lasting peace and return to normality.

In eastern Ukraine, reports of ceasefire breeches are constant, with the Ukrainian side entirely blaming Donetsk and Luhansk, and saying that it is forced to respond because of the aggression by “Russian forces.” No surprise Luhansk and Donetsk self-defense forces are blaiming the Kiev regime for violations.

Most recently, Ukrinform reported that along the borders of Crimea, Luhansk and Donetsk, Russia had deployed 90,000 troops and various other equipment and that Kiev felt threatened.

“In total, about 87,000-90,000 servicepersons (in particular, more than 35,000 members of the 1st and the 2nd army corps) of the Armed Forces of Russia are stationed along the state border of Ukraine in the temporarily occupied areas of Donetsk, Luhansk regions and Crimea. There are also 1,100 tanks, 2,500 armored fighting vehicles, 1,600 artillery and missile systems, 340 combat aircraft, 240 combat helicopters, more than 50 ships/boats and 6 submarines,” Vadym Skibitsky, a representative of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, said.


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to solve in the interest of who?

Zionism = EVIL

Jew scum so that they can rip off the Uki dumbasses.

Zionism = EVIL

Ukraine is a failed Jew controlled cesspool entity and its only hope is reintegration with Mother Russia.

Lone Ranger

Most people only know the CNN spoon fed narrative version of what happened.
Ukropisstan is a failed state.


It will all be ‘resolved’ when the farmland is given over to Chabad and Western Big agro.

AM Hants

They have got a long wait.

Sitting back, munching the popcorn, seeing who wins round 2, Kolomoisky and firends or Soros and Punchuk, while Russia waits patiently for them to come running, when the money runs out.

Good luck Eastern Ukraine. RIP Alexander Zakharchenko , Givi, Motorola and all the brave farmers and miners of Donetsk whose priority was to defend their people and territory.


“Temporarily occupied areas”… FFS will they ever be realistic? They’re gone dude, no power in the world can change that.

AM Hants

After the fall of the Soviet Union, following the re-unification of Germany, courtesy the talks, between Margaret Thatcher and her special adviser Timothy Bell, Gorbechev and George Bush, for some reason Ukraine decided to ask the mother of Chrystia Freeland, (who wrote the Soros biography and plays politics in Canada), to write the new Ukrainian Constitution. She in turn asked Soros to come and lend a hand.


Ramble time.

In the 80s, the UK set up Common Purpose, after Margaret Thatcher came to power and allegedly to supposedly fight against her. Only, Common Purpose was set up by David Bell, at present he heads the Media Standards Committee and also runs the Cambridge University Press. His late brother was Timothy Bell, who was an adviser to Maggie Thatcher, specifically around the time she was negotiating with the US and Soviet Union, for the fall of the Berlin Wall.

How many politicians, all parties, are members of Common Purpose and how many UK Prime Ministers have also been Common Purpose Members. Bearing in mind that Common Purpose runs the shadow Government. Over in the US, they call it Common Core.

Timothy Bell, besides being the special adviser to Maggie Thatcher, went on to create Bell Pottinger, which was paid over $500 million, by the Pentagon, to spin the Iraq War, that both Bush and Blair were salivating over. He was also the special adviser and PR Management behind many Russia oligarchs, who found themselves exiled from Russia, owing to not being good Russian citizens and were also persona non-grata with the Russian Mafia, which had nought to do with the Russian Government.


1991, the fall of the Soviet Union. 1996, the CIA had to leave Hong Kong, owing to bad press coverage, but, were replaced by the US tax payer funded NED. Common Purpose Member John Major, Prime Minister of the UK, gave his unemployed friend and Common Purpose Member, Chris Patten, the position of Hong Kong Governor, owing to wishing to politicalise the post, prior to the Chinese Hand Over. Chris Patten then went onto become a EU Commissioner, prior to joining the BBC as Chairman of the BBC Trust. Now who besides the UK licence fee payer, funds the BBC and why do so many of their donors also pay heavy donation charges to the Clinton Foundation and why does the EU fund the Common Purpose Controlled BBC? Patten left the BBC at the same time as the Director General, Mark Thomson, who went on to become CEO of the NYT, following the Jimmy Saville horror. It did not look that good, when the Attorney General of the BBC was trying to protect their ’70s Golden Ticket’ Saville. Funny, how so many NYT elite, have been found to have dodgy tastes, where computers are concerned.

The NED, the Government funded NGO, which took over from the CIA, with regards Hong Kong, and come to that many other ‘regime change programmes’ of the globalists, has on it’s Board of Directors, Elliot Abrahms, an alleged war criminal, who is now the Ambassador of Venezuela. Victoria Nuland, the wife of Robert Kagan, who together with Abrahms, set up PNAC, with Bill Krystal. Together with Anne Applebaum, the wife of the ex-Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski (who together with Frank-Walter Steinmeier, German foreign minister and Laurent Fabius, French foreign minister) witnessed the Ukraine Agreement of Settlement, on 21 February 2014, where the President stepped down, in return for a peaceful transistion, reverting back to the 2004 Constitution and bringing forward the elections, due later in the year. Anne Applebaum, who is also a member of Integrity Initiative, along with Bill Browder, who was exiled from Russia, the grandson of the Leader of the US Communist Party, who also had to run from the US and now is living in the UK. After he donated the $400 million he took from the Russian tax payers and handed it to the Clinton Foundation, believing they were the US Inland Revenue, allegedly.


So going back to 1992, Hlyna Freeland, daughter of Ukraine’s Mykhailo Khomiaka and what was his history, back in the 40s and who did he openly support? Sorry, going back to Hilyana Freeland, mother of Chrystia (the biographer of Soros choice), went to Ukraine, to write the Constitution, following the fall of the Soviet Union and she asked Sorass for help. He was more than willing to oblige. His good friend the future President of Ukraine, Leonard Kuchma, and didn’t he create Burisma Holdings, which donates to the Atlantic Council, back in 2002? Soros, invited his good friends the Clintons, over to Ukraine, just in time to witness the Orange Revolution of 2004, that Sorass had funded and controlled. The Clinton’s who became good friends with Victor Punchuk, amd didn’t he donate at least $25 million to their foundation, excluding his wife’s donation of around $3 million, from her AIDs Foundation? Not sure how Burisma Holdings then ended up under the Privatt Group Umbrella, with so many US politicians on board? Didn’t the Ukraine oligarch, in control of Ukraine aviation and air traffic control, back in 2014, Igor Kolomoisky head the Privatt Group. The Igor Kolomoisky who apologised for taking down the wrong plane, on 17 July 2014, who headed the European Jewish Community in Ukraine and also funded and created the Nanzi ‘Azov’ Battalion. Which I will mention later.

So you have Soros and Punchuk, who donate to both the Clinton Foundation, Atlantic Council and also were instrumental setting up the Orange Revolutions of both 2004 and 2014, over in one corner. With Igor Kolomoisky, whose Privatt Group had Burisma Holdings under their umbrella of PG companies, over in the other corner.


Victor Punchuk, besides giving the Clinton foundation overf $25 million, isn’t he also good friends of Trump?

Trump’s Billionaire Buddy Victor Pinchuk Among Ukrainians Sanctioned By Russia…

‘… In the fall of 2015, then Republican candidate for president Donald Trump was introduced via satellite to a crowd of people attending the Yalta European Strategy conference, known as the YES conference for short. The conference is largely the operation of Ukrainian billionaire philanthropist Victor Pinchuk. Through fits and starts on a poor telecommunications hook-up, Trump referred to Pinchuk as his friend. He said Russia was being too hard on the Ukrainians. A year prior they had annexed Crimea, a southeast peninsula once considered Ukrainian real estate…’


Wasn’t Leonard Kuchma, the special adviser who represented Ukraine during the Minsk Agreements?


So both Burisma Holdings and Sorass ‘Open Society Foundation’ donate to the Atlantic Council.

How many members of the Atlantic Council, are children/grandchildren of those that were provided safe passage, courtesy ‘Operation Paperclip’. The first operation of the CIA, which was set up by Allen Dulles, Earl Browder (grandfather of Bill), the Head of the US Communist Party and also Gehlen Reinhard, the SS Officer, who together with Browder, decided who were the best candidates for Operation Paperclip?


Atlantic Council lets former organizer of Crimean ‘anti-NATO weekend’ whitewash Ukrainian Neo-Nazis… https://www.rt.com/op-ed/481939-atlantic-council-nazi-ukrainian-azov/


Poland Will Perpetuate the Memory of Nazi Collaborators From UPA… https://www.stalkerzone.org/poland-will-perpetuate-the-memory-of-nazi-collaborators-from-upa/

That will keep Donald Tusk and Radoslaw Sikorsk happy.


Comparisons of 21st Century EU/US and the times of the Soviet Union, where education is concerned.


Who is the grandson of Earl Browder?

Bill Browder points finger at Bernie Sanders on Magnitsky Act vote, but the real story is his own corruption… https://www.rt.com/op-ed/482145-bill-browder-bernie-sanders-magnitsky/


Clarissa’s Soviet Story… https://theduran.com/a-russian-woman-working-as-a-college-professor-in-the-us-writes-about-the-sovietization-of-amerika/


Always wondered why I could never tell the difference between Anti-fa, Ukraine Nanzis, BLM, Hong Kong Protesters, ISIS/Al Qaeda/Daesh/White Helmets, or whatever they are called today and all the other Government tax payer funded protesters, who carry the same banners, wear the same clothes and all use run from the same script, using actions that those associated with either NED/Open Society Foundations/Integrity Initiative or whatever they call themselves today.

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