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Six Sudanese Service Members Killed In New Houthi Attack

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Six Sudanese Service Members Killed In New Houthi Attack

Illustrative image, source: the Houthis media wing

Six Sudanese soldiers were killed in Yemen in a recent attack by the Houthis, officials in Sudan told the Associated Press (AP) on November 16.

According to the officials, the attack, which took place earlier this week targeted a position on the Saudi-Yemen border held by Sudan’s Rapid Support Forces (RSF).

Earlier this month, the Houthis ambushed a group of Saudi-backed Sudanese troops west of Hiran. Many were killed, injured or captured by the Yemeni fighters. It’s unclear if the incident is linked to that reported by the AP.

The Sudanese military is the second biggest contributor to the Saudi-led coalition after the Saudi military. Last month, Khartoum announced that it is withdrawing up to 10,000 troops from Yemen. However, this is yet to be verified.

A spokesman for the Houthis revealed on November 2 that 2049 Sudanese soldiers were killed and 4253 others were injured while fighting for the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen. Many others were captured by Yemeni fighters.

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Actual figures are more then six thousand Sudanese takfiris scums killed. In total.

You can call me Al

The Sudanese are just cannon fodder, most do not even know why they are fighting; like every other time, their government just sold them as commodities in someone else’s war. I feel a bit sorry for them, not that sorry though, that they should not be eliminated.

Ashok Varma

Saudis are very racist and ignorant idiots and poor Sudanese should not be their cannon fodder.


Low paid takfiri mercenaries that’s all they are.

Pave Way IV

Sudan’s Rapid Support Forces (RSF) = genocidal Wahabbi Janjaweed cowards. They’re good at killing unarmed civilians in Darfur but confused and terrified in Yemen when people shoot back at them. Some khat-chewing kid without shoes hiding in the mountains is able to take their Saudi commanders head off at 800m with iron sights. About the only thing a Janjaweed got for that is to escape in an ambulance and then play dead when the Houthis take that out, too.

OK, the iron sights is an exaggeration – the Houthi probably got a scope for grandpa’s 90-year-old Mosin Nagant by now.

klove and light

typical NIGGERS…that is why they are NIGGERS and will Always stay NIGGERS….and AFRICA will never Change…..bext examples.. south africa– ANC (corrupt and Evil to the core) and Republic of Congo and the TRUE HERO and TRUE african Patrice Lumumba…a hero , a great man….who was betrayed by …..take a wild quess… fellow africans like Mobutu..tortured brutally by british and belgian intelligence , executed, and his Body disolved in Acid.


Horror in Sudan, poverty in Sudan, murder in Sudan, torture in Sudan, rape in Sudan……instead of getting their act together…they rather murder and torture the People of jemen.For Money ofcourse.Typical NIGGERS.


Dumb cracker!


Negro cannon fodder dying for corrupt Saudi swine, more like colonial wars or Vietnam, where black Americans died killing yellow people for cracker masser, yessum sir!

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