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Six Security Personnel Killed In New Terrorist Attack In Sinai


Six Security Personnel Killed In New Terrorist Attack In Sinai

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A new terrorist attack targeted three positions of the Egyptian Police southwest of the city of Arish in the northern part of the Sinai Peninsula on June 26.

In an official statement, the Egyptian Ministry of Interior said that security forces were able to foil the attack after killing at least four terrorists. However, the ministry acknowledged that six service members were killed when one of the attackers blew himself up.

“The terrorists are being pursued, legal procedures have been also taken and an investigation is being conducted by the Supreme State Security Prosecution,” the ministry’s statement reads.

No group has claimed responsibility for the attack, yet. However, Egyptian sources accused ISIS. Its cells are known to be operating around Arish.

Earlier this month, ISIS cells attacked a checkpoint of Egyptian security forces in the outskirt of Arish killing at least 8 service members. Egyptian authorities hunted down most of the attackers within 48 hours.

ISIS has stepped up its operations in Sinai since last month, in what appears to be an attempt to restore its influence in the peninsula. The terrorist group’s presence there was severely damaged following the Egyptian military’s “Operation Sinai 2018.”

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