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Six Russian Tu-22M3 Strategic Bombers Carried Out Massive Strike On ISIS Near Syria’s Al-Bukamal


Six Russian Tu-22M3 Strategic Bombers Carried Out Massive Strike On ISIS Near Syria's Al-Bukamal

Tu-22M3 bomber

Six Tu-22M3 strategic bombers have flown over the territory of Iran and Iraq and carried out a massive strike on ISIS positions near Syria’s town of al-Bukamal, the Russian Defense Ministry said on November 1.

“Militant outposts, ammunition and weaponry stockpiles were the targets of the strikes. The objective control systems registered hits on all the designated targets,” RT quoted the defense ministry statement.

Su-30SM fighters deployed at the Hmeymim airbase in Latakia provided cover to the Tu-22M3 bombers.

On October 31, Russia’s Veliky Novgorod attack submarine launched a cruise missile strike on ISIS in the same area. The strike destroyed few ISIS fortified command points and a large weapons depot.

More about Tupolev Tu-22m3 bombers:

Six Russian Tu-22M3 Strategic Bombers Carried Out Massive Strike On ISIS Near Syria's Al-Bukamal

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  • Garga

    Just like Mayadin, the ISIS positions are hammered by cruise missiles, bombers and UCAVs. Let’s hope SAA captures BuKamal just as fast and secures the highway with minimum loss.
    I’m still nervous about US and it’s proxies.

    • PZIVJ

      Maybe drop a few bombs north of the river also :)

      • Barba_Papa

        Bombers might get shot by the US Chair Force, just like that unfortunate SyAF SU-22. Far better to use Kalibr cruise missiles to hammer down that point. No way for the US Chair Force to interfere, and you can always claim plausible deniability.

        ‘Did we hit you guys? I guess we’re sorry, we accidentally forgot to carry a zero in the coordinates’.

        ‘Oops, we did it again? I guess maybe you guys should keep some distance from the river. You know how shoddy our aiming seems to be’.

        • John Whitehot

          “and you can always claim plausible deniability”

          not if you’ve been reduced in a pile of ash and burnt bones

          • Garga

            The Russians? Who’s gonna do it John?

          • John Whitehot

            my comment referred to the socalled us chair force, not the russians

          • Garga

            My apologies.

          • John Whitehot

            np, i expressed badly.

          • wwinsti

            As much as I disagree with John Whitehot’s positions, he has a good point here. Seeing as the US MOD recently informed the world that there were 4000 US troops in Syria, one can CV reasonably assume that’s about 1/5 of the SDF’s total force. There’s no way to strike the SDF without potentially hitting Americans. So until Russia’s actually ready for that fight, things might actually start quieting down, at least in the east.

          • Attrition47

            One bunch of shits at a time.

          • Icarus Tanović

            SAA will do it again and again.

          • Barba_Papa

            As in the Kurds? No they can’t.

            The Russians? Yeah, as if the Americans are going to start WWIII because a Russian missile struck their Kurdish proxy forces.

          • Icarus Tanović

            That’s right.

    • You can call me Al

      Yes. For me it is Israel; they are the ones I am just waiting to see what evil they do (if any) and , maybe the Saudis or even both combined..

      • Icarus Tanović

        Saudis are pretty good stuck in the Agression against Yemen, but Yemenis are busting theirs faces on daily basis. N. Korea gave them Tochka missiles and Volcan ones, so they can pretty much target any target in Saudiya.
        Sauids are bogged down, they’re out of their minds and don’t know what to do, nor did they have had coherent politics toqards Yemen, nor any plans considering waging that War.
        Cholera didn’t do as expected.
        Now, slowely, but steadily tides are turned and Yemeni forces capturin vilage after vilage, city after city, county after county, military base after military base. And targeting oil fields, Al Fahd airport, Riyadh, and all you can think about.
        And if Saudis are loosing, what is pretty much obvious, Israelis got bee stings.
        Oil on the desert field has been shaken to the top.

        • You can call me Al

          Yes, I pity the Yemenis, but hell, what a good job they are doing, especially in the last few weeks. What we see in the Yemen is nothing but genocide …. no aid allowed to get into the Country, the Saudis bombed the ports and smashed the cranes purposely.

          The Saudis will implode, they are vermin.

          • Icarus Tanović

            Man, they have so skilled archers, theyve made them selves even a sniper rifle from 30 mm Soviet cannon. And Destroying M1 Abrams, Bradleys and all armour with those ol´ Malyutkas. You gotta have nuts for that.
            They wanted this shiit, now they got it. They, Pakistanis, Sudaneses, UAE camel cavaliery. Wahhabies kinda helped them a bit, but soon they were retreating.
            Now theyre looking for guerilla ones from Colombia, etc. But remember, this aint lush jungle this is open rugged, hilly exposed terrain. No, south east Saudi Arabia belongs to Yemen.
            For this situation with biological warfare, Id took revenge to Riyadh with some Sarin and worse ones.

          • You can call me Al

            Yep. Just a quick one; I thought the Pakistanis actually declined to take part, but I could be wrong.

          • Icarus Tanović

            Really? Never heard of that. I know that they’re listed as ones that fight against Yemen.
            But, if you say so, well I kinda believe you. Maybe they declined involvement officially, but not in real time.

          • You can call me Al
          • Icarus Tanović

            That Saudi ‘Proposal’ was like, – Hey guys, why don’t you die in stead of us? – ?
            You gonna looove it!

    • Icarus Tanović

      Yeah, me too.

  • Serious

    It would have been easier to rationalize ISIS followers but like they have no brain, you must take the hard option.

    So many deads for nothing.

  • Dr. Ronald Cutburth

    ocheen horoshoe

    • BMWA1

      Very good!! :)

  • John Whitehot

    “The strike destroyed few ISIS fortified command points and a large weapons depot”
    how many ISIS command posts are “many”? or “some”?

  • hhabana

    What a beautiful jet!

  • Manuel Flores Escobar

    36… 500kg bombs over Bukamal!

  • Icarus Tanović

    They really hammered them down this time.
    And this is becoming daily basis routine.
    On Tuesday we’ve had Caliber missiles, yesterday real stuff. And so on, as we are expecting…

  • gustavo

    Syra war has become irrelevant to follow after the obvuious Syria division of its land, which comes from a Russia-USA agreement long time ago.