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Situation Remains Tense In Ukraine Due To Western Anti-Russian Propaganda

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Situation Remains Tense In Ukraine Due To Western Anti-Russian Propaganda

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Western narratives against Moscow obstruct pacification of the border region between Russia and Ukraine.

Written by Lucas Leiroz, researcher in Social Sciences at the Rural Federal University of Rio de Janeiro; geopolitical consultant.

The situation remains tense in Ukraine and relations between Moscow and Kiev badly deteriorated. The Western insistence on pointing out the existence of an alleged Russian invasion plan prevents any pacification process from taking place in the Eastern European region. As a result of political and security instability, local states tend to arm themselves more and more and prepare for a possible conflict in the future, perpetuating a crisis of international relations fostered exclusively to serve NATO’s interests.

In recent days, a hostile conduct towards Russia has spread in the entire western world. Western governments decided to bet on massive propaganda about the existence of a Russian plan to invade Ukraine, thus justifying the huge sending of money and weapons to the Ukrainian government, in an alleged attempt to arm the country for a defense situation against Moscow.

The western media has contributed enormously in this hostility process, spreading on a massive scale several unfounded rumors about such an “invasion plan”. Fear, terror and panic are widespread among Russia’s neighboring nations. Consequently, the biggest affected by this psychological operation are the governments and citizens of the Eastern European countries themselves, which, as a way of reacting to the non-existent danger of Russian invasion, end up being “forced” to support NATO plans in their territories.

Undoubtedly, the mass media has been the main ally of the pro-Western Ukrainian government against Russia. Every day, a lot of misinformation is released involving the details of the alleged Russian invasion that is “about to happen”. Internet sites, TV and radio channels continuously transmit news about the case, making it appear that Ukraine is facing an imminent war situation. With so many propaganda weapons in action, a state of collective paranoia is activated among Ukrainians: everyone comes to see any trivial Russian movement as a “signal” that Moscow is about to attack Ukraine.

Obviously, Russia has been agitating troops on the western border in recent months as a way of maintaining an alert status in the face of escalating NATO maneuvers, but this has been reason enough to point to “clear evidence” that the invasion plan is real, according to the Kiev media – ignoring the fact that Russia is moving troops into its own territory, which is absolutely normal for any national state.

The big problem with all this is that the Ukrainian government is being affected as much by the propaganda as the population itself. Contrary to what happens in Western countries, where the idea of Russian invasion makes politicians and strategists laugh while it convinces public opinion, in Ukraine, state officials themselves are affected by the anti-Russian paranoia spread by media agencies of their own country. As a result, the psychological effects of this situation are converted into anti-Russian public policies, mainly in Donbass, where the endless violence seems to be the only plausible possibility of a conflict between Moscow and Kiev to start.

Racist policies against the population of more than 600,000 Russian speakers on Ukraine’s western border concerns Moscow immensely. The Russian government has been striving since 2014 not to promote any kind of coercive action in the region, seeking means of peaceful resolution, which was partially achieved in the Minsk Accords, but the Ukrainian resistance to comply with international pacts and the resurgence of a policy of systematic extermination and ethnic persecution make the situation increasingly difficult to manage without more effective means.

Moscow insists on resolving diplomatically and legally, but the difficulties are clear. It is unlikely, for example, that the lawsuit filed at the European Court of Human Rights will have any practical effect as this Court is simply dominated by the Western thought about Ukraine. While international organizations remain silent, Russian speakers die in the Donbass but there will come a time when Russia will no longer tolerate this situation.

Obviously, there will be no war, but Moscow can start mechanisms to help the region’s armed militias more actively, whether through larger funding, sending modern weapons, military instructors, or private security companies. The fact is that Moscow has sufficient means to intervene in the Donbass indirectly and has not done this until today because the most strategic thing for the Russian government is that definitive peace be achieved in the region, with Kiev ending racist policies and Donetsk and Lugansk integrating again to the Ukrainian State.

As analyzed by several experts, the Russian interest is to keep Ukraine intact, not to fragment it, as it is expected that, with the coming governments, Kiev will return to adopting a more neutral and Russian-friendly foreign policy in the future. If the situation worsens in the Donbass, Moscow will sacrifice this interest for the benefit of its people in the region – the problem is that Kiev believes that US and NATO will intervene in such a situation.

For the US and NATO, Ukraine serves as a destabilizing agent in the Russian strategic environment, but helping the Ukrainian government would never be reason enough for the two biggest nuclear powers in the world to go to war. More and more, the US government has actively sought to negotiate with Russia, although negotiations continue to be accompanied by unnecessary NATO military maneuvers in Eastern Europe. The US and the great NATO powers see Russia as similar and simply ignore Kiev, which is not considered a relevant state. Ukraine is an instrument for NATO. It has a role in the alliance’s scheme, which is to harm Russia constantly, creating frictions and tensions, but not to the point of generating a war or direct armed conflict. If Ukraine fails to fulfill this role, it will not receive any help.

For Kiev’s officials, it is necessary to be attentive to the recent American example in Afghanistan in order to understand what will happen to Ukrainian forces if the situation gets worse in the Donbass. The US simply abandoned its biggest historic allies in Kabul as it no longer had an interest in fighting the Taliban. What to expect from Washington in relation to Ukraine, which is not even part of NATO?


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Arkady Rotenberg

“its biggest historic allies in Kabul”

John Wooh

Joseph Goebbels the teacher for western Media, they are surpassing him with the Speed of Light.

When u watch western media, u get headaches of the illogical propaganda lies they spread.

How dumb u have to be to believe them, billionaires own the media they will never allow a narrative of truth, which is dangerous for their exploitation and domination of the majority of people.

BTW “Free Speech Germany” does not allow Russian Media…


Hail Putin Truth teller!

John Wooh

Ur Blood(Polish) and Russian Blood is the same, but your satanic Pedomaster in Vatican confused u a lot in the last 1000years.
Here is a polish link: siliusradicum.pl/de/projekt-silesia/haplogrupy/haplogrupa-r1a/
Do u need more proofs ?

Last edited 30 days ago by John Wooh

Yes looks like the Germans are going Nazi again,looks like they dug Goebbels up for his old job as propaganda chief.


It was Cromwell who welcomed the swej back into England whose financing allowed Cromwell to win the English Civil War.


Otherwise, I can tell you didn’t read beyond what you are told about “nazis”. If you did you would know better, yet you do not.

Why on earth would a pro-immigration government qualify as National Socialist they have nothing comparable to the Nuremberg Laws which stipulated that only Germans could be citizens of Germany, whilst excluding jews from holding citizenship and permitting non-Germans to live in Germany if they had lived there prior to August 2, 1914.

The situation in Germany today would never be tolerated under Hitler and the NSDAP, nor would it have been tolerated under Kaiser Wilhelm II or any previous leadership. As with Fascist Italy’s Corporatism, it was an overarching arbiter of labour (any form of work, whether physical or intellectual) overseeing 13 separate syndicates called ‘Corporations,’ the term “Corporation” from the Latin root word ‘Corpus’ meaning ‘body’).

Germany had something similar known as the German Labour Front that oversaw development of the economy, while protecting small and medium-sized businesses from more aggressive competition from larger businesses that undersell their products to drive smaller competitors out of business.

Last edited 30 days ago by Friesian
John Wooh

Fuck off, you brain dead NAZI apologist, they are Cryptonazis now…

Your Idol’s were inhuman, sadistic, perverted, sociopathic murderer’s……

For Example Fauci, Soros, Gates and Schwab are the Descendants of your beloved Ideology

Last edited 30 days ago by John Wooh
Israel is a colonial NATO project

What exactly are these Ukrainians fighting for?

LGBT? QR code passports? Vaccine injections every 3 months? CRT? Full online censorship? Lockdowns?

Gorgeous George

They fight and die so that oligarchs can line their pockets. Rather stupid way to go.

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