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Situation Remains Tense In Eastern Ukraine. SBU Attempts To Recruit RIA Novosti Journalist

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Situation Remains Tense In Eastern Ukraine. SBU Attempts To Recruit RIA Novosti Journalist

Members of Ukrainian armed forces are seen near Artemivsk, eastern Ukraine, March 3, 2015. GLEB GARANICH/REUTERS

Military situation in the east of Ukraine

The Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) military continues accusing pro-Kiev forces of violating the ceasefire regime in eastern Ukraine.

  • On June 3, the Ukrainian Armed Forces reportedly violated the ceasefire regime 16 times by launching mortar shells of 122-, 120- and 82- mm caliber at targets in the DPR. 4 houses were damaged.
  • On June 2, Ukrainian Forces violated the ceasefire regime 20 times, the DPR military announced. According to the statement, the Ukrainian side used infantry fighting vehicles, all the types of mortars and light weapons.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense provded own data on the situation at the contact line over the last few days.

  • On June 3, DPR forces reportedly violated the ceasefire regime 27 times, launching mortar shells of 152- 120- and 82 mm caliber. A DPR serviceman was reportedly killed.
  • On June 2, DPR forces reportedly violated the ceasefire regime 28 times, using shells of 122-, 120- and 82 mm caliber. 3 Ukrainian soldiers were injured.

The SBU attempts to recruit a RIA Novosti journalist

On June 2, the Russian news agency RIA Novosti said that the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) had tried to recruit its journalist Irina Visokovich. She arrived in Kherson to get details on legal procedures of the case of RIA Novosti Ukraine chief Kiril Vishinskiy.

Visokovich stated that the SBU members had forced her to sign a paper on collaboration with the SBU. According to this document, she has to provide the SBU with information about RIA Novosti’s employees.

Kiril Vishinskiy was detained on May 15 in Kiev on suspicion of treason and support of the DPR and LPR. He could carry a penalty of 15-year restraint.

A fake death of a Russian journalist Arkadiy Babchenko

On June 1, General Prosecutor of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko stated that a staged murder of Arkadiy Babchenko in Kiev had been necessary. He claimed that this false flag operation had allowed law enforcement officials to obtain a list of other 48 journalists who are potential victims of Russian assasinations.

Lutsenko also pointed out that the staged murder is foreseen by the criminal procedure code and had been used for 30 times within 2.5 last years.

At the start of the story, the list of potential victims included only 10 persons.

“Je suis Babchenko”: From the Skripal Tragedy to the Babchenko Farce

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Baron Von MuleBanger

Slavs killing eachother? Yes,please.

Jonathan Cohen

That’s for abortion banning Islamists.

Baron Von MuleBanger

Why are you so obsessed with abortion?


The Ukrainian nation is good but their pro US and pro Zionist politicians are puppets of US CIA, NATO and Israeli MOSSAD. They use target killers in Ukraine to eliminate any pro Ukrainian politician. The same US, NATO and Israeli target killers doing in other regions around Russia and China.

Now the question is how to identify and bring to justice all these US CIA, NATO and Israeli target killers that are active around Russia and China and killing the countries’ important politicians. This need some money and training.

This is so important to send well trained secrete counterterrorism forces in all states around Russia and China to fail all plots of US CIA, NATO and of Israeli MOSSAD.

Brother Ma

Good idea. The Russian Secret Service foiled a hit on Former prime minister Karamanlis at the last moment in Greece itself.it was a US hit team and they went scampering back to the USA via diplomatic cover! For those that do not know Karamanlis was an American lover. Yet he was not considered enough of a friend by Uncle Sam who then sent out a kill squad for him. Why ? He decided to build a pipeline for oil from russia to greece and thus Wider Europe.
America has friends? I dont think so.


I have asked from many Latvians, Lithuanians, Ukrainians, Georgians etc. they all were so happy united with Russia (Soviet Union). They have told me that now US, NATO and Israeli Zionists are holding us hostage. Before with Russia we were free, education and accommodation was free. There was no corruption but now corruption have controlled our all independent countries. Our economy is going down. We cannot survive for long in this chaos.


Many Latvians have also told me that life was far better in Soviet times. They were talking about the 70’s and 80’s as experienced by themselves. Some of them though had an almost child like view of the West as seen in Hollywood films.


You are right. Majority of the people from these nations are not happy on separation from Russia/Soviet Union.

Only those are happy that their relatives are living in US and in UK or watching Hollywood movies. The effect of Hollywood movies is like brain washing.

When somebody watch a movie or watching some songs so their relation buildup with the actors and with the countries shown in the movie.

Brother Ma

Too true.

Manuel Flores Escobar

US puppets oligarch had promised to people of that countries to live in EU with good salaries and social assistance in exchange of be antirussia!…at the end they continue living in their countries( some of them in EU as cheap labour), oligarchs continue to earn money and USA have military bases near Russia!…thats why far right is growing in EU as they dont want beggars!


The first thing the EU does in post Soviet member countries is to destroy their manufacturing assets with the use of EU Regulations.

The second thing the EU does is to heap debt on local authorities and the citizens.

When the Soviet Union collapsed there was no National Debt in these new nations and very little personal debt.

Brother Ma

Yes. Was done with all Med countries too. Also “Economic Hitman” effect. Load them up with debt,cause them to fail. Take over soveiregnty!


It is very obvious to all of us who open our eyes to see but alas all to many citizens stumble around with white sticks because they are blinded by Neo-Liberal propaganda ( cultural Marxism).


US have sanctioned dozens of countries that now they have build a group of sanctioned countries which has emerged as an economically strong allied super power.

Now they have their own independent defense and nuclear policies independent from US and NATO effect.

IAEA bye bye.
Therefore, now the US sanctions have become ineffective against Iran. LOL

Brother Ma

I agree . Their railing now means nothing to Iran and Russia etc.


Ukraine needs a ‘swapper’ for Suschenko.

Hide Behind

Russian history is far more interesting than is any Europe nation, IMHO, and too see this war posturing between to areas, Russia and Ukraine, who each owe their existence, and cultural roots to same area.
There would be no Russia without the Kieverian Empire whose main seat of power and cohesion as a people, began in Kiev.
The Russian society that evolved from those beginnings remained Russian and it’s early history shows an identity that kept its own character no matter the #’ s of invaders and it’s adaptation of Eastern Christian Ortodoxy, which hung on in both areas of Ukraine and Russia even during early stages of Marxism.
Today to see these two at each others throats is not realy new as politicly and financially Ukraine always remained in powerfull position, especially during cold war era.
To understand Russia one must read of the Kiev influence, and same goes for Ukraine.

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