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Situation For Kiev Is “Very, Very Difficult” – US Top General

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Situation For Kiev Is “Very, Very Difficult” – US Top General

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US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley does not believe in a Ukrainian victory any time soon.

Written by Lucas Leiroz, researcher in Social Sciences at the Rural Federal University of Rio de Janeiro; geopolitical consultant.

While Western journalists insist that Ukraine is “winning” the conflict, experienced military and analysts continue to point to the evident fact that Russia cannot be defeated so easily. In a recent interview, a top US general commented that the situation is very complicated for the Ukrainians, who will have many difficulties to fulfill their promise to “expel” Russian forces from territories already reintegrated into Moscow’s sovereign space.

According to the chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mark Milley, Ukraine will face many problems in order to achieve its military objectives in the current conflict against Russia. He points out that most Western leaders, and even the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, despite the bellicose speech, believe that the resolution of the conflict will be done through diplomatic negotiations instead of by force. Milley seems skeptical of any possibility of Ukrainian success through the military dispute.

Milley also commented on the time it would take to end hostilities. Although some Ukrainian and Western politicians claim that they plan to expel the Russians as soon as possible, he does not believe in the possibility of this process being completed by 2023. The solid positions maintained by the Russian forces in the regions newly integrated into the Federation make it difficult to believe in the possibility of a rapid military reversal strong enough to guarantee Kiev the control of these territories.

“President Biden, President Zelensky, and most of the leaders of Europe have said this war is likely to end in a negotiation (…) From a military standpoint, this is a very, very difficult fight (…) I still maintain that for this year, it would be very, very difficult to militarily eject the Russian forces from every inch of Russian-occupied Ukraine (…) That doesn’t mean it can’t happen, doesn’t mean it won’t happen. But it’d be very, very difficult”, he said during the interview.

Milley’s views sound realistically. He makes it clear that Ukraine’s weaknesses will not be overcome so easily, despite Western help. The US alone has already sent over 110 billion dollars in military aid to Kiev, providing packages that include heavy weapons, combat vehicles, anti-aircraft systems and over a million artillery shells. Europe and NATO allied nations are also providing everything they can to the Ukrainian neo-Nazi regime. However, Russian military superiority sounds evident, as Moscow celebrates more and more important victories, such as the recent seizures of Soledar and Klescheevka.

There are many factors that explain Russia’s success despite Western aid to Ukraine. Moscow’s focus is on avoiding a war of attrition that needlessly kills Russian soldiers and civilians. For this, there is a strategic direction of the fighting forces to key regions, where the military victory makes viable the cutting of the supply lines of the Ukrainian forces. Also, Russian artillery focuses on big military zones and infrastructure facilities, while parallel troops, such as the private military company “Wagner Group” play the role of infantry force, mainly in urban areas.

On the other hand, Kiev seems to have difficulties in strategically managing the conflict. Despite NATO’s support, the Ukrainian forces, as already reported by several on the ground informants, are marked by disorganization and corruption. Most Western weapons are absolutely new to the Ukrainian soldiers, who do not know how to operate them correctly, often causing damages against their own side.

Furthermore, Ukrainians seem to prioritize territory over human lives, unlike Russians. While Moscow constantly promotes strategic retreats to save lives, Kiev keeps troops in the trenches even when the battles are virtually lost. The result is the death of thousands of soldiers in unnecessary combat. These soldiers are replaced by new fighters, with not enough training and no military experience, resulting in strategic errors and more deaths.

In addition, it is important to mention that since 2014 Kiev deliberately attacks civilians and this has been getting worse as heavy weapons from the West arrive in the country. Much of the equipment imported by Ukraine has been used in demilitarized areas in Donbass for the sole purpose of murdering ethnic Russian civilians, without any military gain, which makes it even more complicated for this Western aid to have any real impact in the conflict.

In fact, Milley’s words just confirm what has already become a constant conclusion among military experts: Kiev is not able to defeat Russia – both because Moscow is militarily stronger and because of the lack of organizational and administrative capacity on the part of the Ukrainians. The possibility of a real military reversal would only happen in a scenario of more direct NATO’s intervention, but in this case the war would certainly escalate to the nuclear level and end without winners.

On the near horizon, only the Russian victory looks like a real scenario. The best to do is to resume the talks, with Kiev fully accepting Russian ceasefire terms. As Milley suggested, Western politicians themselves believe this, but they prefer to continue funding the conflict just to try to destabilize Russia’s strategic environment as much as possible, even if it costs the lives of Ukrainian citizens.


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Another confirmation of the Trend of modern times: the western twilight. Globalists weep……………


But lhor aren t we supposed to be joining forces with the global south and whoring and begging to China and Índia? Being Best friends with syria Iran and north Korea is not globalism?


Aww, poor li’l Ukretard spoofing Clyde’s username because the armed forces of the failed Ukrainian CIA project are getting fucked up! Cry on, Ihor. Somebody will pay for you to get to Edmonton. It’s a great place for you to apply your shop-lifting skills. Who knows, maybe you can turn an old car-wash into a whorehouse some day? Then you’ll be King of the Ukretards!


US will be spending trillions on Ukraine and it still won’t change the outcome. Think about it all those people living in makeshift tents, all those who’re unable to pay for their medical treatment could have been cared for, if not for Biden’s geopolitical agenda. He’s a puppet for the Deep State, like all presidents before him.


it already changed the outcome. without help all this would’ve been long over by now… and yet, russians are stuck in ukraine with no hope of real progress .


The US military are having serious problems with recruitment official figures in the US say it is down some 25% the same in the UK no one wants to sign up with even problems trying to get anyone into the reserves part time no one is interested. Can you imagine if a major conflict broke out they would struggle to get anyone to fight their wars

Mexican Beaner 🇲🇽

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Azov Bataillon called Lloyd Austin a dirty Ape Nig

Mark Milley is right, but there is nothing he can do to stop the liberation of Ukronazistan aka the widows nation


L’Ucraina si è arresa nel 2015 , trattato di Minsk , La Nato o quello che di essa rimane , in primavera . La loro speranza e che non vengano inseguiti fino alla terra degli Indiani d’America come a Parigi per Napoleone o a Berlino come i nazisti .

V for victory

Ukraine men forced to join the ukronazi army. So you know why they are not lost the ‘cannon fodder numbers’. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Giv16KZd3zg


I saw that video and many others of Ukrainians being thrown into vans, literally kidnapped by the Kiev junta against their will to go die on the frontline. Anybody that is supporting the continuation of this criminality has blood on their hands and they know it. To forcefully kidnap an old senior citizen to send him to the front line to die just to continue the money laundering operation in Ukraine, that kind of criminality has no bounds. The duality of human nature is in full display in this conflict and Russia is engaged in a fight to the death against men that are completely devoid of any kind of conscience or remorse. A complete purging of Ukraine is the only solution.


Now they are waking up to reality. It was a nice dream to think they could see Russia defeated though!!!

Sweat dreams are made of this…….la, la, la, la!!!!


Meeting the “Jowly” Face of America’s END!…

If the American people don’t give a fuck about their own imminent $uicide, than why should this psychopath they didn’t frog march to Leavenworth after 9/11 along with his superiors?!!!

Last edited 2 months ago by Matt

Áno vyjednávaním. Putin už predložil svoje požiadavky!!! Je na debiloch zo západu ako to prijmú. Ak ich neprijmú tak nebude žiadne vyjednávanie. Rusko má teraz našliapnuté celkom dobre. Útočí takmer na celej frontovej línii a zatláča nepriateľa. To naznačuje iba to, že Rusko by vyjednávaním mohlo iba stratiť. Tak, že nie je o čom vyjednávať. Boje sa nezasekli. A inak, toto nie je Kórea!!!


Where there is a Jew(Zelensky) in power there is Death….

The Crunge

The west from what I’ve heard didn’t even have a real strategy in Ukraine. It shows.

Chinky madoo

Hes not wrong, and it will only get more difficult for ukrotards


yup, never seems to work out when you poke a cornered foe who proceeds to kick thine ass. to the last ukrop, turn out the lights when you dying for stepan…

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