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JUNE 2023

Silent Retreat Of Neo-Ottoman Forces From Syria

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In October and the first half of November, the war in Syria remained in a relatively calm phase, which was not marked by any active military actions of the sides involved in the conflict. Nonetheless, this period demonstrated several trends that would shape the further development of the situation in the war-torn country.

Despite the collapse of ISIS’ self-proclaimed Caliphate and repeatedly declared defeat of the group, ISIS cells still remain a major factor of instability in eastern Homs, southern Raqqa, in the countryside of Deir Ezzor and in the areas surrounding the US military garrison in al-Tanf. ISIS cells regularly conduct attacks on civilian and military convoys moving between Homs and Deir Ezzor as well as on patrols and checkpoints of the Syrian Army in the aforementioned areas.

For example, on November 14, ISIS ambushed a convoy of the al-Qatirji security group, which guards government oil shipments in southern Raqqa. The incident took place on the Ithriyah-Raqqa road. 5 pro-government fighters were killed. A day earlier, on November 13, ISIS blew up an oil tanker guarded by al-Qatirji group with an improvised explosive device. The al-Qatirji security group is affiliated with the al-Qatirji Company that imports oil from Syria’s northeastern region, controlled by the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces, to government-controlled areas. The company and its owners are on the US sanction list. On November 11, ISIS cells stormed SAA military positions north of al-Sukhna and blew up a local gas pipeline. The ISIS news agency Amaq claimed that 11 Syrian soldiers were killed in the attack.

ISIS also has a wide network of cells on the eastern bank of the Euphrates, especially near the Omar oil fields area, but it rarely conducted attacks there in recent months. Local sources claim that ISIS members use the eastern bank of the Euphrates and border areas close to al-Tanf as rear bases for operations in central Syria.

The US military is present in northeastern Syria in much larger numbers than the US President Donald Trump used to think. This was an open secret since the very start of the implementation of the Trump-declared troop withdrawal. However, on November 12, this fact was openly confirmed by James Jeffrey, former Special Representative for Syria Engagement, that said that US officials routinely lied to Trump over the number of troops deployed in Syria. Currently, US sources admit that up to 1,000 US troops remain in the conflict zone. Together with military contractors and civilian specialists the real number is most likely closer to 2,000-2,500.

The south of Syria remains one of the points of instability despite the Russia-backed reconciliation efforts there. On November 12, a Tigr vehicle of the Russian Military Police was struck with an improvised explosive device on the road between al-Musayfrah and al-Sahoah in the eastern countryside of Daraa. The incident took place amid a new round of tensions between pro-government forces and former members of reconciled militant groups in the area.

The Syrian Army took control of the region and allowed the relatively moderate part of militant groups there to lay down arms as a part of a wide reconciliation agreement in 2018. However, since then, the local reconciliation process has faced several obstacles, including the resistance of a part of the local elites affiliated with militants. Together with the close proximity to the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, this turns the province into a permanent headache for the Damascus government.

The de-escalation deal in Greater Idlib and the creation of the demilitarized zone in its south is once again stalled due to the Turkish unwillingness to break its ties with the al-Qaeda-like terrorist groups like Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and the Turkistan Islamic Party because these groups are the core of the so-called Turkish-backed opposition. This situation cannot be changed without another military operation of the Syrian Army or the Turkish will to finally start working against terrorists in Idlib. The second scenario seems unlikely as it does not go in the interests of Ankara.

Nonetheless, it seems that Moscow has not abandoned the idea to motivate Turkey for some constructive actions and during the last 2 months, warplanes of the Russian Aerospace Forces conducted a large number of strikes on infrastructure and training camps of Turkish-backed terrorists.

At the same time, Ankara has evacuated its observation posts in Maar Hattat, Morek and Sher Mughar, and started withdrawing forces from Qabtan al-Jabal and Sheikh Aqil. Most of these positions were surrounded by the Syrian Army during the previous anti-terrorist advances. This move goes contrary to the loud claims of the Turkish leadership that it will withdraw zero posts, even surrounded ones, from Greater Idlib and instead of this will force the Syrian Army to withdraw to positions behind them. This is a visual demonstration that the airstrike diplomacy efforts of the Russian side has a particular effect.

The war in Syria did not end and a comprehensive diplomatic solution has not yet been found due to the serious contradictions between the sides involved in the standoff. Nonetheless, the current format of the conflict allowed to put to an end the wide-scale military confrontations on the ground and moved the main agenda towards counter-terrorism efforts, economic and diplomatic questions.

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Ryan Glantz

Great visual with erdog on his flying carpet! lmao

El Mashi

Israel will demand that the US escalate the violence in Syria.


US is reducing troop levels in ME. Biden will be tough on chickenshit Nethanyahu ( as Obama called him).

Davide Herzog

Bidet means anything . By now it is only a political pedo without any power and in some weeks it will be a dirty guest in gutanamo prison for HIGH TREASON . TRUMP WON !


You seem to be drinking Trump kool aide heavily laced with lies. Trump is a sore looser and a congenital liar without any character.


Obama is a poof,biden is a phaedo:

Jens Holm

Some spurce sould ne nice.

Tomorrow the sun will go down in east and go south. The pinquins already wear sunglasses and can only be found in a light version.

Some El Mashi told me …

cechas vodobenikov


Jens Holm

Fake from SPUTNIK


Aaron Aarons

Having nothing to do with Sputnik, it’s a fun cartoon.

Jens Holm

His link is to a sputnik writer Kit Klarenberg and the message is russian propaganda not verified by anyone else – once again.

Russian not even know whats going on i Caucasus:(

Thats how the selfcreated deep dark state is ecen confirming itself by behinds to their world..

Black Waters

Biggest propaganda machine it’s run by Washington, and you are part of it. Spreading bullshit every time in SF because the fascist regime in D.C can accept reality.

Jens Holm

Thats completly irrelevent.

My knowledge level is not made by and from USA at all. And I do give a lot of links from the world I know and yhosemainly are dupported by other fatcs and my own opinion.

Kit Klarenberg is main writer for SPUTNIK which for decades has been know as propaganda site as well as Russian lowers hardly knows whats going on in the world being misguided as they do.

And Yes, I read SF a lot. KNowing Your enemy well is ´very good, if You might have to fight them. But SF also bring a lot of good stuff, where I agree a lot.

I would like to have examples for my “amrican propaganda”. I am no propaganda, never liked Trump, but it is true I in the western economies, where we by Your propagadisme are told we are american slaves.

EU is no slave of USA. Nato not as well. But we certainly by hostica´l and economic reasons are closer to then, then to many others.

You dont know what fascisme is as well….

cechas vodobenikov

lies—70% NATO funded by USA—all decisions made in washington. u believe any fake news form DK Germany—controlled by CIA as Udo Ulfkotte demonstrated…u do know facisism–u live in it

Jens Holm

You are correct in more univeruty grades. But You dont educate major parts of the rest well, so You can produce whar they and You know need.

Here we have mass production for middle education and by that both can produce better, more and distribute it. Rusia hardly has improved since the Tzars.

Its vety visible in GDP even it in some matters is an indicator for high activity only.

And we do know randoms as Your Udo Ulcutte, which like many others are correct or partly correct. We dont ignore facts like that.

We add and subtract.

And we do compare with others like Yours, which at least twice has collapsed itself twice the last 100 years, where so many are even more poor then amost any tight here, where I am.

Name it as You do. If You say its fascism – We love the version of fascisme. If You say You name it as fx Zionisme, we like that kind of fascisme. We love Nato and because its invented by USA against somethig worse.

We also love we pr capotaproduce and sell so munsh, so we also an efffort to import, what we dont have or can produce being in the western economics.

Thats how it is:

Pharmaceuticals: US$17.5 billion (16% of total exports) Machinery including computers: $15.4 billion (14%) Electrical machinery, equipment: $9.7 billion (8.9%) Mineral fuels including oil: $4.8 billion (4.4%) Optical, technical, medical apparatus: $4 billion (3.7%) Meat: $3.8 billion (3.5%) Vehicles: $3.1 billion (2.8%) Furniture, bedding, lighting, signs, prefab buildings: $3.1 billion (2.8%) Fish: $2.9 billion (2.6%) Dairy, eggs, honey: $2.7 billion (2.5%) Denmark’s top 10 exports accounted for 61.1% of the overall value of its global shipments.

Thats export. We do produce 39% to Ourself.

I use statistics. You since more believer in Russian proåaganda then hard head muslims believes in Islam. You dont know us, because every information is biased to You by selfmade propaganda units payd by Russians themself such as SPUTNIK,

We are ied for here too, but we have much more free speak and in drawings too, so we are able to add and subtrsact and find, how things really are.

We by free elections, where any over 18 years old can be elected i an almost fair way. People here by that change, where changes seemes need.

Thats Our main string sides.

I dont have to show You explicit evidence. Facts are all over in my house and when I look out in the streets from schools to sober pension for Ourold ones. People lives longer, we are treated free on the hospitals, we has the lowest corruption in the world, we have trust for the police and can talk witj them, we almost has no unimplyment and fill emplyment gabs by incommers.

And we invented windpower and love its spread out and not only by us, bewcaue we also are learned to share and enjo others has succes by cheep electricity and almost no smog in the air. 50% of the electrity here is by no fossils and we need more for the new cars.


W also has a femmale Premiereminsterwhich like anybody else. By her, the Corona is very low here. And we do correct some too hasty and too fast conclusions according mink, because we cam.

The main changer for correcting the Mink kiling was the opposition – BECAUSE WE HAVE ONE and it guard us against mistakes.

….Arrrh Navalnev …Arrh Kharbarovsk. You cant even use the good guys and people cleaning devastaing crime and in this makng Oligarcs not feeling fine.

cechas vodobenikov

writes the gorkiy malchik…that believes any amerikan propaganda she is required to

Jens Holm

Your propaganda tell You what we believe in or not. You dont know what we think or not, because You dint read or liten to, what we write and tell americans and the rest of the world.

Free speach is not the same as propaganda and Our free speach also is allowed going both ways.

Explicit eviden is on the Internet. The deep darks stateis made by Your kind, which are not allowed to or censured away to 100% open information, where You has to think and add and subtract Yourself.

Which kind things should be copy from Your world. I see none. You should send links for explicit evidence for, what better ….

Concrete Mike

Go suck on kamala’s breast please.

cechas vodobenikov

some at SF deny this reality–the CIA prints the money and finds illiterates from their colonies to provoke

Jens Holm

Soon liras and rials will collapse.

CIA buy all they can for dollars, make it into toiletpaper and sell it in Turkey, Syria, Lebanon and Iran for dollars.


Russian tacticians probably reasoned if they chase Turkey out of Syria the Erdogan government could collapse, leaving ample space for a CIA-freak to take power. Then Russia would have a bigger problem on its hands than slimy worm Erdowahn.


And what could do CIA from Turkey and they can’t do now? From here things look great for CIA and MI6 with what Erdogan does.

Jihadi Colin

I agree with you on that. I absolutely do not see how any “CIA freak” could attack Russian interests more openly and with more impunity than Sultan Erdogan does.


You synthetised my idea very well.

Ryan Glantz

Russians and Americans are working together to combat the true threats, underground alien outposts of negative orientation. Turkey has a huge holdout of repitlians, just like Africa.. and don’t mention Antarctica… . some say the pentagon has a direct tunnel to the reptilians too…. hopefully they took care of that one by now.


Only the Chinese solution of gender seperated camps can bring lasting peace to Syria.


One of Erdogan’s goals is to constantly have a pool of islamist militants fighting for him for his proxy wars in Syria and other countries. Idlib gives him a factory. Who wants to bet that if Turkey joins the conflict in Kashmir, we’ll be seeing these terrorists mysteriously show up there?

Jihadi Colin

The Kashmiris already had a terrible experience with foreign “freedom fighters” (“mehmaan mujahideen”) in the 1990s. Afghans, Chechens, non Kashmiri Pakistanis, even the odd Bangladeshi and East African. These “guest militants” helped destroy the Kashmiri rebellion, and it’s only because of the utter incompetence – not to say deliberate desire to keep it going as a political tool – of successive Indian regimes that the rebellion has ignited again.

Mr T

bullshit statement, how stupid can you be and lie. Paid Russian troll.

Concrete Mike

Ah yes, and were supposed to take you seriously?

Al nusrah lover?


They already shown up in N-K war.


Hi everyone, come here to meet for sex – https://cutt.ly/dg5VKdd

Mr T

we will not leave Syria and keep taking in North Syria regions. We will not allow terrorists PKK, PYD, assadist, Iranians on our border.

Concrete Mike

fuck off invader.

The supreme crime is agression. You are nothing but cheap boots on the ground for the euro/american white boyz.

There was a paper on foreign affairs magazine( i was subsribed to that fascist peice of toilet paper)( i know gross), it clearly stated a new concept call war on the cheap, us troops stay home, so the population dont get upset, just use locals, and shower them with money, intel, guns and drugs.

This is what you people have been doing in Syria.

I stand with the people of syria and denounce the war effort against her people.

You sir are an invader pig no better than israel. You are an apostate and all muslims and christians hate you!

We will destroy you eventually.


I doubt if the evacuation of surrounded posts are due to Russian “bombing diplomacy”. A few days ago Erdogan clearly said he has claims on northern Syria and Iraq and see the lands as Turkish. The map recently published widely in Turkey included almost all of Armenia, northern Iraq including Musol and northern Syria including Aleppo, parts of Greece, Georgia, etc.

Maybe a clash in Idlib is imminent and the Turkish troops in in those posts were nothing but easy hostages and PoWs for SAA. If Turkey was sincere in leaving Syria, they wouldn’t build fort after fort in areas outside of SAA control.

Evacuations are either because of an imminent SAA+allies liberation operation (but there’s not much news about that, SAA is currently busy in the south and desert, and no news at all about liberation of 40km wide border strip), or Erdogan wants to start a stealing operation himself. One thing I’m sure, he didn’t do it for the good of his heart.

Zaphod Braden

“US officials routinely lied to Trump” That is treason during a time of war.

cechas vodobenikov

not in amerika

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