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Signals Of Nearing Global Conflict Continue To Appear


Signals Of Nearing Global Conflict Continue To Appear

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In the first half of 2020, the world entered a new phase of instability. The US-Iranian conflict escalated leading to a limited, but open military confrontation between the two powers in the Middle East. Turkey went offensive in Syria and Libya. Conflcit zones and points of instability that existed around in the world in 2019 show no notable signs of the de-escalation.

The coronavirus outbkreak, which started in China (possibly with help from the US military), expanded to the European Union and the United States becoming a useful tool of speculations on the global market and media-diplomatic pressure on China. Saudi Arabia went offensive on the oil market causing the fall of oil prices and increasing risks of new regional military conflicts and further destabilization on the international secene.

In previous months many experts warned that the nearing global economic crissi (which may be starting right now) could lead to a new global conflict, which will be used by the Europ-Atlantic establishment to ‘open’ new markets and shirk off economic difficuties upon other states. Now, the risks of such a scenario is increasing.

On March 13, even former USSR president Mikhail Gorbachev called on world leaders to work to prevent new wars amid the growing tensions around the world.

“Only two months have passed since the beginning of 2020, and the world has been twice on the brink of the conflict with the participation of great powers. These were the real military actions – in Iran, Iraq, Syria. Then the participants seemed to change their minds, moved away from the brink … What is it? This is an old policy of “balancing on the brink of war.” A dangerous, adventurous policy,” Gorbachev said.

While the Gorbachev words mean nothing by themselves, they demonstrate that circles close to the global elites are really discussing the possibility of a new global conflict.




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