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Shootout at the Tajikistan-Uzbekistan Border

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Shootout at the Tajikistan-Uzbekistan Border

Tajik-Kyrgyz border

On June 14, a series of shootings took place between Kyrgyz and Tajik border guards. One Tajik border guard was killed in a shooting on the Tajik-Kyrgyz border. The incident took place in a region of Kyrgyzstan located near the Dagestani village of Vorukh.

Tajik Foreign Ministry commented on the shooting at the Tajik-Kyrgyz border and blamed it on Kyrgyz border guards. A statement posted on the ministry’s website says that Kyrgyz soldiers, using firearms and mortars, suddenly attacked the checkpoint Keh 20 kilometers from the village of Uruk.

“What happened is an unjustified act of aggression. The ministry said that during the battle the commander of the border crossing was wounded. He is in Isfara and his condition is critical.”

Also in a statement, the Foreign Ministry said that the Tajik side initiated urgent negotiations between the border guards of the two countries, and at 7:30 am local time, that is, an hour and a half after the start of the conflict, a truce was concluded.

Foreign Ministry of Tajikistan: “Because of the above, the Tajik side regrets that the provocative actions of Kyrgyzstan against Tajikistan have become regular and these illegal actions only complicate the situation on the border and destroy the atmosphere of mutual understanding and good neighborliness.

One of the representatives on the settlement of the conflict in the Sughd Valley said during a telephone conversation that the causes of the conflict are now being clarified.

At 6 a.m., a shoot-out on the border occurred because of a minor misunderstanding, and a joint task force of the Tajik and Kyrgyz prosecutor’s offices is being set up to determine the cause of the conflict – he said.

This is the second shooting in the region within a few weeks. On June 3, a Tajik border guard was wounded in a shootout on the border between the two countries on the same route; the country’s Foreign Ministry then blamed the incident on Kyrgyz troops and accused them of deliberately infiltrating Tajikistan’s territory.

No Kyrgyz border guards were injured on the border with Tajikistan. No one from the Kyrgyz side was hurt, but the situation remains tense according to the Kyrgyz border guards. The Kyrgyz border guard for the Batken region and the Tajik border guard for the Sughd region conducted telephone conversations and representatives from both sides went to the scene of the incident. Later the sides held negotiations. At them, the border guards made commitments to remove the units of the occupied combat positions and clarify the routes of the units on the ground, as well as to bury the excavated trenches, the negotiations will continue.


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Kyrguyzstan is not Uzbekistan.


Mistype may be, you won’t find a mention of Uzbekistan in the text except the title. Sometime this happens to me, when i make mistakes in well known things. But no, i’m not the author.)

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