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Shooting Attack In Utrecht, Netherlands (Video)


UPDATE: According to recent reports, at least 3 people were killed in the shooting incident in Utrecht. A 37-year-old Turkish man was identified as the suspect, according to police. He is still on the run.

Shooting Attack In Utrecht, Netherlands (Video)

Utrecht Police


Shooting Attack In Utrecht, Netherlands (Video)

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At least one person was reportedly killed and several others were wounded in a shooting incident at 24 October Square in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

According to media reports, anti-terror police were called after a man reportedly shot multiple people in a tram.

“Several shots were fired in a tram and several people were injured. Helicopters are at the scene and no arrests have been made”, police spokesman Joost Lanshage stressed.

The NOS news broadcaster says that anti-terror police have surrounded a building where the gunman may be hiding.




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  • You can call me Al

    Latest – same attacker (?) has somehow got into another area and has shot off, close or inside a Mosque.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Sorry kiddies, this was not a Zionist op. It is some Turk dude angry at his wife or girlfriend who probably did not put enough tabbouleh in his kebab and he shot her up. Just a domestic spat. However, the Zionists will do something outrageous in Europe soon.

  • Zionism = EVIL

    Zionists have been busy this week with proxy terror from NZ to Europe. Expect more Jew fanned global mayhem.

    • Len Zegelink

      it was a turk you scumbag .come to holland .he kills 3 girls a 9 pepol are woondit ..moslims are evil .

      • Tchoutoye

        There are plenty of cases of white / non-Muslim Dutchmen committing murders. But when they do it, “they’re not evil, they just had rough childhoods“.

        • Jens Holm

          In Denmark half of all crime is made by muslims and half of the women in our safehouses are muslim women too.

          Muslims are less then 8% all inclusive. How comes ????

          And 90% of the muslims even poor are like our 95% being never criminels aprt from parking tickets.

          So selective groups of muslims comming from selective countries are the ones doing all that.

          Your ironic “the just hace a rought childhood…” is no good explanation of most of it. It is true smaller groups are traumatized for several reasons and can be excused some or a lot –

          BUT THE REST IS ABOUT RAISON WRONG. Much seemes to be about they cant change enough inside to be at least integrated or/and we in fx Holland has to behave better ourselves.

          BUT those people came to us, even we never has asked for that many and certainly not that non integratables.

      • Zionism = EVIL

        Fuck off dickhead. It is a domestic spat you fuckwit.

        • Jens Holm

          In % he is right. Muslims as a groups – which they are not only – in some parts have 10-20 times of overcrime compared to our domestics.

          I see and write about the bad sides of Islam too, and its very strange, You hardly correct that to protect and devellop the non duable parts.

          Some of the most criminals come from Syria, Iraq and Somalia as well as Palestines. Here You even say Assad is a nice fellow and have “rights”. What rights. Given by the poepl living there ? No, given by bajonets and fear stealing oil and gas from the rest of the Syrians…

          Thats how the whole picture is made.

        • Len Zegelink

          come to holland we eat you a life .your mother is a dog

    • Jens Holm

      Maybee You should clean Your microskope and see its a mirror.

  • hvaiallverden

    Yup, and do notice uh….. the quire of politicians and MSM whores whine about uh…. terrorism, do the same people come forth this time, with the same critics, about all Truks are terrorists, anyone, of course not, only white people where wacked so it all ours fault anyway, right.
    The poor dumbf….. Douche…. sorry, dutch are been highjacked, and have lost their soul to the NWO, and never forget this, if we talk about ZioNazis, never forget Amster, its their main capital, and runs the BeneLux countrys politics, domestic to foreign, and I am not even surpriced, at all.


  • Tchoutoye

    Three dead so far. The Dutch police are looking for an ethnically Turkish suspect, but they have not yet confirmed he is actually suspected of being (one of) the shooter(s).

    • Len Zegelink

      yes he is a turk i comming from holland 3 dead and 9 heavie woondit .duchtmen wana ficht moslims look here https://www.facebook.com/faainoord/videos/10205806910609388/UzpfSTEwMDAxMzQzMDQ0MTY1MzoyMzY5ODczMzUzMjQyNjI5/

    • Tchoutoye

      Turns out the case is a combination of cocaine psychosis and revenge killing of an ex-girlfriend by a serial felon. No terrorist motivation, that was just wishful thinking by the Dutch state, eager to show off its anti-terror program to the public.

      • 1691

        These shootings, in NZ and Holland have been well planed to achieve
        1. gun control. 2. more hatred and conflicts for Christians and Muslims. The next hot spot might be Turkey and the Balkans. We know who benefits from such scenario.

      • Ed

        Might want to check your facts! The Dutch police are now saying that there was no connection between the suspect and the victims and a letter has been found in the abandoned car that is now seriously pointing towards a terrorist motive.

  • Len Zegelink

    i comming from holland ,there are 3 dead ,nd 9 havie woondit ,sorry for mij englische..duchts peapol ficht wihte the police ,mosks are close .the moslims ar sceary ,for the duchts ,ducht men wana ficht them .haber workers are super wild and want to kill moslims .https://www.facebook.com/faainoord/videos/10205806910609388/UzpfSTEwMDAxMzQzMDQ0MTY1MzoyMzY5ODczMzUzMjQyNjI5/

  • Jens Holm

    Real Turks of that kind really should go home and do some farming before something like this happend.

    I dont say its better Turks rape Turks is to prefare.