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Shooting at anti-Trump Protest in Portland. ‘African-American male’ Suspected (Photo, Video)

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Shooting at anti-Trump Protest in Portland. ‘African-American male’ Suspected (Photo, Video)

Photo from the scene by @RedheadNomad/Twitter

At least one person has been injured in a shooting at an anti-Trump protest in Portland, the United States.

The incident took place on Morrison Bridge in Portland, police said. “One person down. Everyone needs to leave the area immediately!” police wrote on Twitter. However, nobody leaved the scene.

According to Police, the possible suspect in the shooting is an “African-American male, late teens, 5’8″, thin, wearing black dark hoodie and saggy blue jeans.”

The violent protest with protesters throwing projectiles at officers and police deploying tear gas is ongoing the third nigh in a row. Thousands of people have been out in the streets across the US since Trump won the 2016 presidential race on November 8, defeating Hillary Clinton. The protests are massively supported by the mainstream media and Soros-linked non-governmental organizations.

According to aviable information at least part of protesters is paid to participate in the riots ($15-$18 per hour).

Some experts believ ethat the ongoing events in the US look similar to the developments in Ukraine in 2014 when ‘unknown snipers’ shot in the crowd to provoke an additional violence during the protests.

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Maybe Porosheckl and their man Yats can take over.

chris chuba

It does remind one of Maidan.


Both funded by the Ratchildren through Soros

888mladen .

Soros is Rockefeller’s man to begin with. You guys need to get your facts right. It’s interesting how David manages to sneak from the media radar. The main NGO involved in the unrest is CFR. David and Soros are both its the most influential members as well as Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and numerous others from Neocon camp.. Rothschild have always been known as Vatican bankers. Of cause they all work together through Bildeberg club. However David has been spared for some reason from the wrath of social media while Rothschilds have been on the receiving end. CFR is behind infamous NAFTA trade agreement which has been David’s brain child. Trump has promised to end it and that’s why we are having riots on the streets of American major cities today. We better check our facts rather than repeating popular social media mantras.


Either way, he’s not using his own money. As always he is just the ugly face of it. Cheers


FFS, “What difference, at this point, does it make?” Rothschilds, Rockefeller, who cares? They’re ALL globalist elites and they’re ALL the enemy.

Valhalla rising

Nice i wished for this to happen.Go for it bolcheviks ! Trump and the Stormtroopers will crash you like a foul nut.

Marek Pejović

it’s ironic, isn’t it? that the very politics to militarize the law enforcement in USA now mean that these kinds of protests are doomed to be insignificant as soon as pretorian guard police comes storming in. plus, i can see Trump shrugging: “whaaaa? i even ain’t in office yet, easy!” or “”i would like to remind some people that we live in a democracy, and that i will not allow a choice of the majority to be endangered by a lout minority” (sets police loose)

Joseph Scott

This Fall, I’ve been enjoying watching almost all the Globalists’ initiatives backfire horribly. They seem to be suddenly cursed.


Yeah. Ain’t it great?

Joseph Scott

It’s refreshing.


so we should just allow them to keep on hurting/killing people during their tantrum? Do innocent people have no protections from wild thugs? It’s acceptable for a thug to shoot an innocent person – but not for police to stop that thug with force?

I know of no place on earth where that is appropriate. BUT you might be right about the militarization of police – the DEMOCRATS who armed and trained them, believed THEY would be using them to control US! NOT the other way around.

Michael Drysdale

i think mr trump will do more for black people than obama ever did


Yes, and THIS garbage is the thanks he gets?


“Thousands” might be in the streets, but the MILLIONS who voted for Trump, are pretty much sick of a bunch of kids throwing a tantrum.

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