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JUNE 2023

Shoigu Warns Of Inceasing Cyber And Propaganda Attacks Against Russian Army

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Shoigu Warns Of Inceasing Cyber And Propaganda Attacks Against Russian Army

Russia’s Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu inspects the Hmeymim airbase in Syria, June 2016. Vadim Savitsky/TASS

The information sphere has turned into a new battlefield, according to Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu. On March 25 he revealed that during the past year there were over 25,000 sophisticated cyber attacks on the infrastructure of the Russian Armed Forces from abroad. Every year, the number of attacks increases by about 12%, Shoigu added.

The defense minister noted that the military has a reliable protection of information resources, which ensures high stability of the command and control system of the Armed Forces. At the same time, he adressed the concerning situation with Western influence agent inside Russia.

Shoigu recalled that Western countries regularly make high-profile accusations against Moscow, such as interference in the US election, hacker attacks, and concealment of military losses.

“In our country, they (accusations) are picked up by a pro-Western opposition division, regularly trained abroad. Under cover of media laws, its activists try to infiltrate military facilities, hunt for relatives and witnesses. They climb into hospitals where our wounded are, in cemeteries, in commemoration, in the families of our dead guys. They picture entrances and exits of our high-security facilities and put them on the Internet. One can imagine what responsibility they would be brought to in the Western countries.”

The defense minister noted that this situation “requires further legislative regulation.”

Over the past years the activity of Western-funded media and political ‘activists’ has increased drammatically. The network of these activists as well as various pro-Western organizations are beging actively used in attemtps to destabilize the situation in Russia.


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The great firewall of Russia is the only solution


Russia Can Win the Propaganda War With The West, Can Strongly Defend Christian Values, Traditionalism & And Could Defeat Western Globohomo Agenda! In Fact, The Whole Non-Western World Will Agree With Russia On This! To see how, read the article below:



Very good point my Christian brother. But what are they gonna do with all these ‘Churkas’ and central Asian muslims that Russia leeches on to stay alive ?


As long as Russia stays strong in its holy Christian roots those central Asian muslims will pose NO threat to Russia. It is spiritual warfare and unlike Russia, the West is spiritually confused and misguided by multiculturalism, cultural relativism, moral degeneracy and political-correctness…Watch as Iben Thranholm explains it eloquently!


AM Hants

Isn’t that the script of the US tax funded NED NGO and Soros Open Society Foundations?

They start on the kiddies and then work on ‘we know where your children are’ section, as John Bolton comes to mind. Not forgetting those so easy to blackmail, owing to lifestyle choices or coerce.

Good luck Russia, erasing the rabid 5th column and all their supporters.


Only a couple of weeks ago Pompous Pompeo was railing against the judges of the International Criminal Court and he said that the judges families and relatives would have travel problems if the court continued with the prosecution of Americans for war crimes.

I trust that you are enduring the House Arrest ok, AM. I am lucky to have a few acres of garden. Hans has the run of about half of it. There is long list of jobs to to that I have no excuse not to do now :)

AM Hants

Enjoying the house arrest, believe it or not. Glad the weather has turned for Hans and no doubt he is enjoying his garden and leaving a space for you haha. Enjoy getting the odd jobs done.

Had my grandson, this afternoon and he is into ghosts and monsters. Stripping off my bed, for both of us to hied under the bottom sheet, hiding from the monsters. With Roald Dahl’s Big Friendly Giant on in the background. Trying to show him not all monsters are scary. Will wait a few years till I introduce him to Soros Monster. So my memories of Corona Virus, will be hiding under a mattress with a toddler and enjoying every second of playtime, haha.


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So South Front wants my support but allows s**t like this to come through. Why should i send money to an outfit that supports people trafficking?


SF doesn’t do anything for the comment section (disqus, a separate service) and frankly shouldn’t interfere; unless a considerable number of it’s audience do something about it.

It’s up to us to report these trolls and spammers and block them after a few reports. They come to test their luck and they go away, very quickly. SF is not the sort of site that generates much customer for this ilk. This one (like the ones before “him”) is just one person which with a lot of hope created a dozen of accounts and tries to lure a couple of people to milk them. “He” will go away in a couple of days if instead of engaging him, we just quietly report his posts as spam.

Unfortunately I already blocked him. We can make a positive out of it and find out how many spam reports is required to remove a post: Next time I’ll down-vote it and then report it. Maybe by counting downvotes we find out how many is needed before a post is removed.

Are you game?




I will join you in that, Garga. Good idea.


“Western countries regularly make high-profile accusations against Moscow,” Yes, but who is listening? The MSM of the US, UK, DE eg have already outed themselves as a source of news. Latest polls in DE eg have the volk voting against the US. Latest actions (if believable) of the EU toward Iran and VE go against the tantrums of the Pompeo pinheads. When you listen to the braindead murikan trolls on sites such as these there is no cause for worry.


When we listen to 99% of infantile US politicians and MSM , there is little to worry about either :)

Bruno Giordano

Are the ‘experts’ getting tit for tat?

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