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Shockingly Expected: U.S. NSA And Danish Intelligence Spied On “EU Allies”

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Shockingly Expected: U.S. NSA And Danish Intelligence Spied On "EU Allies"

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The US National Security Agency (NSA), with assistance from Denmark’s foreign intelligence unit spied on senior officials of European countries, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, among others.

This was revealed in a report by Danish state broadcaster DR.

The findings are the result of an internal investigation in the Danish Defense Intelligence Service from 2015 into NSA’s role in the partnership, DR said, citing nine unnamed sources with access to the investigation.

This is unsurprising, as the fact that the US spies on its allies regularly has been known fact, for a while now.

The timeline in the investigation covers 2012-14, and then the NSA used Danish information cables to spy on senior officials in Sweden, Norway, France and Germany.

Asked for comment on the DR report, a spokesperson for the German chancellery said it only became aware of the allegations when asked about them by journalists, and declined to comment further.

Reuters requested a comment and unsurprisingly, the NSA did not immediately reply to a request for comment and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) declined to comment. A spokesperson for the Danish Defense Intelligence Service declined to comment.

“It is grotesque that friendly intelligence services are indeed intercepting and spying on top representatives of other countries,” German opposition leader Peer Steinbrück told German broadcaster ARD. “Politically I consider it a scandal.”

He accepted that western states require functioning intelligence services, the fact that Danish authorities had been spying on their partners showed “that they are rather doing things on their own.”

Sweden’s Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist told Swedish SVT broadcaster that he “demanded full information on these things.” Norway’s Defense Minister Frank Bakke-Jensen told broadcaster NRK that “take the allegations seriously.”

Back in August 2020, Denmark suspended the head of the Defense Intelligence Service and three other officials from their posts following criticism and accusations of serious wrongdoings from an independent board overseeing the unit, centered around the 2015 investigation, according to DR.

Danish intelligence also helped the US agency to spy on the Danish foreign and finance ministries as well as a Danish weapons manufacturer. The FE also cooperated with the NSA on spying operations against the US government itself.

A Danish expert in secret service operations Thomas Wegener Friis believes that the FE was faced with a choice about which global partners to work more closely with.

“They made a clear decision to work with the Americans and against their European partners,” he told NDR.

Patrick Sensburg, who led the German parliamentary committee to investigate the NSA spying scandal, was not surprised by the news. Anybody surprised by the news would be the actual news.

“It’s not about friendships. It’s not about moral-ethical aspirations. It’s about pursuing interests,” he told NDR.


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Danish are fruitcake NAZIS

The Danes are whores and worse than Nazis and will kiss Americunt and Zionist arse regardless. It also shows that the EU trash will backstab each other at the first command from US and Zionist masters.

Pens Holm

Yep, they surrendered to Germany literally in 15 minutes in 1940, they served nazis for 5 years, then in 1945. they switched to serving UK/US by brutally molesting german POWs, young kids mostly. Pathetic and cowardly nation without any trace of honor.

j̼̅ẽ͓ns̜͘ hol͖͘m̘̖̲̞͓͐̄͂̈͡ @ https://jensholm.se

This Not truuueee!!! DEnnmark is cradle of democracay!!

This is how you keep slaves submissive, make them mistrust and spy on each other, enslave and hate each other.

Bad Jens defending his criminal NATO libtard lgbtqlmao cesspit in 3…. 2…. 1…..

Well, Ypoirs too. You sll will dry out by the clkimate things. So where do we see that. Its a well hidden secret. Its confirmed by the ones comming here.

I have a lot of new and old knowledge and can give it fast and also use the information from internet well.

My english is the fast version partly verbal in writings and often with simple spelling. But my oppions are there, and if not, I write back. I lost myh almost fulltime job by Covid but now I again have some by the same company. Nice to have colleges a few days and nights again.

I TAKE TIME FOR WRITING HERE because its interesting for me. By that I spend less time on other activities.

Many here should play less with their Barbies and Kents and solbve other problems then thiers. I even heard men from Your part of the world killing Barbies, if the want divorse:

The ideas are very easy to understand. If You are in a Ghetto in Our definition, You only some places hardly meet a single dane. If You have no job You dont meet a single dane. How can You integrate. We only has been succesfull for 50%. And we try to improve that. We have to absorbe them.They have to learn to be represented in all levels of education, income, housing and most kinds of behaving.

So we spread out, so they cant avoid learning how things are and Our good sides – fx how we can support them well by how we are -Some even think we have stolen Our kroner money from their countries:)

It makes no sense to compare with USA unless You might compare with Sanders. Well actually Sanders has taken very releveant parts for USA as inspiration.

Its chheper there. Many actualy are farmers themself and then could get a cheep house and grow vegetablkes and have some hens or something.

Even very biased I can confirm what we do. After 10 years with everything paid free including schools, kindergarden, learning danish, education, free hospitals, free halthcare and a lot of other things free such as free housing in good aprtments, where some now are classifies as GHETTOS about 50% of the incommers has no descent jobs and the females are restricted and the women are not allowed to have a job. We also see a devatsting overcrime.We never asked them to come. Danes creates advanced jobs. We have too many for non educated jobs.

So I dont care where those people live here, BUT THE CERTAINLY SHOULD NOT BE HERE BY MY TAX EVEN MONEY – MY MONEY – GET ITI dont buy half a toruist camel for that family crap. Denmark is not based on families like that anymore because of its LIMITATIONS. By that we are selkular and for that raise children to be more independent and flxibele.FAMILIES HERE IN DENMARK IS NOT THE WELLFARESYSTEM. THE SEKULAR STATE IS.

AND AGAIN: Moving around people like that slightly forced is because Danes normally do it themself, when they grow up and make their own independent small family.

So What many see as we are horrifying people almost deorting is normal here. We dont raqise people as obeying sheep to their Fathers and Grandfathers funny farm. Here we also see in those Ghettos, that so many firls and You8 womens are totally family controlled.

Half the vomen in safehousing in Denmark are muslims ones even less the 4% are muslims.

Those people show us no respect. They still get everything where they are spread out. No tents. Their women already has a tent:( Its also cheeper for the country if unimployed lives, where the prices for houses are skyhigh as in Copenhagen.

It makes no sense to compare with USA unless You might compare with Sanders. Well actually Sanders has taken very releveant parts for USA as inspiration.

Very nice You are homosexuel. You have time to work, by that makes a loty of tax and you probatly makes no children as well. Hip hip for that. If You want to escape, You can espcape to Scotland.

Last edited 1 year ago by jens holm
Jens Holm

Looked like another load of shat so did not read it. Thanks for wasting your time writing it but we already knew you were an idiot .

jens Holm

Fake jens. Looks like written by robot.


So probably it is the real one.


Hmm LMAO I would understand the NSA it does it to every fucking person on the planet no surprise to me AT ALL. But Danish Intelligence haha, what intelligence does single small Danmark for God sakes. Hah

Florian Geyer

Danish intelligence generally has the same low IQ as US intelligence. They are TRANSnational bedfellows.


Merkelite regime flip flops over the years, when the Führerin repeatedly changed stance to support Amerikastani diktats, were inexplicable unless the Amerikastanis had blackmail dirt on her. I had said as much on Google Plus in 2014 when it became known that the blood soaked mass murdering war criminal Barack Hussein Obama had tapped her telephone.

Florian Geyer

I have photos of Angela M, Theresa M and a female president of Lithuania posing stark full frontal naked in the early 70’s during the Summer on the GDR coast.

Pens Holm

“Danish intelligence” Jens Holm definitely 😄🤣🤣🤣

Danish intelligence is an oxymoron, and poor Jens is just a moron…


Merkel should probably just give the US/NSA all her passwords – they will break or tap all her communications anyways. They think she is an unreliable and wavering vassal in regard to key US Geo-strategic goals – an ex-communist ‘Ossie’ who is willing to partner up with Russia for Nord Stream. God forbid Merkel would prioritize reliable natural gas supplies for the German economy, over the US Neo-Con cabal’s obsessive fixation with destroying an independent and strong Russia. By US Neo-Con logic Merkel must be monitored at all times!!!

Last edited 1 year ago by VaporTrail
jens holm

Well some has to keep the level for real debate based on facts low. If You aks the Nobels might make a price for it parallel to the one about lying.

The price for lying is some sand from Al Tanf pead on by and american and a bottle of water, so You can make Your own beach.

I heard they might add svimminglesson to it.I hope not. Even the best glue and cemnet cant make most of it fit.

In normal parlementarisme elected ones get seat in the parlament. My oppinion is it makes much more sense with a wall around ME west of Istanbul and somewhere north of Azarbaidian. By UN I ahve paid a little since I was born and my parents and grandparents for that too. Why pay for anything there since 1949. They makes no kind of peace. Several there hardly are people and agaility for dogs is the only relevant option.

CIA bot

Zero sense. that’s so-called danish intelligence I guess

jens Holm

fake jens . Too dumb to be real


too dumb to be real jens???

jens Holm

I am Danish spy . I spy through keyholes and windows. I see lot of thing I would like to do myself one day.

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