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JUNE 2020

“Shocking Surprise”: OPCW Holds Syrian Army Responsible For Three “Chemical Weapons” Attacks In 2017


"Shocking Surprise": OPCW Holds Syrian Army Responsible For Three “Chemical Weapons” Attacks In 2017

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Surprise, surprise! The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) held the Syrian Arab Air Force (SyAAF) responsible for three supposed “chemical weapons attacks” which took place more than three years ago.

The organization’s Investigation and Identification Team (IIT), responsible for identifying the perpetrators of the use of chemical weapons, claimed in its first report that SyAAF warplanes conducted three airstrikes with chemical munitions on northern Hama on March 24, 25 and 30 of 2017.

The report reached the following conclusions:

  • At approximately 6:00 on 24 March 2017, an Su-22 military airplane belonging to the 50th Brigade of the 22nd Air Division of the Syrian Arab Air Force, departing from Shayrat airbase, dropped an M4000 aerial bomb containing sarin in southern al-Lataminah, affecting at least 16 persons.
  • At approximately 15:00 on 25 March 2017, a helicopter of the Syrian Arab Air Force, departing from Hama airbase, dropped a cylinder on the al-Lataminah hospital; the cylinder broke into the hospital through its roof, ruptured, and released chlorine, affecting at least 30 persons.
  • At approximately 6:00 on 30 March 2017, an Su-22 military airplane belonging to the 50th Brigade of the 22nd Air Division of the Syrian Arab Air Force, departing from Shayrat airbase, dropped an M4000 aerial bomb containing sarin in southern al-Lataminah, affecting at least 60 persons  the report, which was released on April 8 reads.

The IIT claimed that its report relied on relevant Fact Finding Mission (FFM) finding as well as on samples and other material obtained directly by the Technical Secretariat in the territory of Syria.

“[t]he IIT has concluded that there are reasonable grounds to believe that the perpetrators of the use of sarin as a chemical weapon in al-Lataminah on 24 and 30 March 2017, and the use of chlorine as a chemical weapon on 25 March 2017 were individuals belonging to the Syrian Arab Air Force. … Attacks of such a strategic nature would have only taken place on the basis of orders from the higher authorities of the Syrian Arab Republic military command. Even if authority can be delegated, responsibility cannot. … In the end, the IIT was unable to identify any other plausible explanation,” IIT Coordinator, Santiago Oñate-Laborde, said in the report.

The OPCW Technical Secretariat established the IIT two years ago under a Western-backed decision approved by most of the organization’s members.

Despite carrying the first formal accusation against Syrian government forces, the IIT report came as a surprise to no one. The OPCW has been adopting and promoting accusations against the Damascus government for years.

This behavior is especially surprising because earlier the OPCW itself confirmed that Syria destroyed all of its chemical weapons under a deal brokered by Russia in 2013. The organization is yet to confirm how Syria would get Sarin, or even to ask to inspect new facilities in the country as it is allowed to do by the 2013 agreement. This raises serious concerns regarding the real goals of the organization.




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  • Lupus

    fuck that shit

  • shylockracy

    Those global(ist) organizations such as the OPCW, WHO, UN, etc., blind people with fake posturing that nations are all equal under international law and blahblahblah, but in reality they act in bad faith in favor of their Ziocorporate terrorist donors like the US Wall St./Pentagon regime, Microsoft/Bill Gates, Bloomberg, Soros, etc.

  • gustavo

    Surprise ? to who ? This was expected since OPCW acts biass western countries. Not my friend, not surprise at all.

    • Bill Rood

      The title to the article is sarcastic. Do you really expect SF to us sarc, /sarc tags in such a situation?

    • Jake321

      LOL…if course it was expected. It was blatantly obvious that it was Assad who made the poison gas attacks murdering his own people including lots of women and children. Time to string the SOB up!

  • nick1111

    That’s all Zionist scum games

  • Azriel Herskowitz

    And it’s confirmed. The Assad Regime did use chemical weapons against its own people. Everyone already knew this except the Assadists. The investigation is over. And the conclusion is clear, the Butcher Regime did gas its people.

    • Bill Rood

      By way of deception thou shalt make war, but there’s no more credibility, fool. You’ve shot your wad, and only fools still believe you.

      • Azriel Herskowitz

        Reality doesn’t change just because you deny it, Nazi.

        • Bill Rood

          Zios collaborated with the Nazis and broke the worldwide Jewish boycott. Jabotinsky’s lifelong hero was Mussolini.

          • Jake321

            Even if so, so? What relevance does that have to this thread or anything?

        • itibi ra

          No, i;m not a Nazi, and i find people like you and Jake disgusting. Can’t you get an honest job, something that doesn’t involve you spewing hate and lies? You know, reincarnation is the REAL “Reality” and you and Jake have burned so many bridges in this life already. You spread Hate and Lies when you should be spreading Truth, Peace and Unconditional Love for ALL humans, not just the self-chosenites like you both. Change your ways, start NOW and maybe Karma won’t come back to teach you a good lesson in the next life.It’s never too late to start.

        • AM Hants

          Mirror transposition, blame others for your own beliefs and actions. So Goebbels. So last century.

    • Peter Jennings

      That’s not what those who did the work said. Their management altered their data.

      • Jake321

        LOL…you say it so it must be true. Very funny, sport.

      • Jens Holm


    • Joao Alfaiate

      And we need to remove Saddam in Iraq because he has chemical, nuclear and bio weapons too….oh, wait….

      • Jake321

        Nahhhhhhhh…we needed to remove Saddam for his repeated violations of the Gulf War Ceasefire. WMD’s were just for public consumption.

      • Jens Holm

        There was many reasons. Some others then You might remember the killing kurds and several others as well as moving the around as cattle. Others also are able to rememeber wars agaist Iran as well as Kuwait.

        Here the oil control of course mattered a lot too.

        People all the time forget, that the oil thing all tiem is, that somebody else will control fx Iraq by the oil.

    • AM Hants

      Ignoring the reports of OPCW experts, who stated otherwise.

      ‘wrap a smear’ tell the lie, get the media or corrupt official to report lie. Then try to present lie as fact. So Goebbels, so last century.

      The Pentagon spent over $500 million, to get Bell Pottinger to spin the Iraq War. How much are they spending to spin the Syrian War?

      John Bolton, back in 2003, to the Director of the OPCW ‘We know where your children are’, when he was trying to get him to lie about Sadam and his WMDs.

      Dr David Kelly, who takes his dog for a walk, when wishing to commit suicide. Owing to his findings not suiting Tony Blair, when Blair was lying to Parliament, concerning Sadam and his WMDs.

      Why when President Assad was winning, would he wish to use CWs on his people?

      Especially when the OPCW confirmed he had handed them all over to the US, back in 2012/2013?

      Ironic timing of article, when US are losing Idlib and recently sent so much in the way of heavy weapons to Syria. No doubt hoping nobody would notice, preoccupied with the Pandemic Live Drill.

    • Noel Ignatiev H8s white people

      LOL. Like you jews don’t use gas on palestinians?

      You jewish hypocrites are a real hoot. You jews SURE care so much about muslim lives. The Palestinians will tell us so….

  • Jake321

    LOL…no country ever has ever hidden any of its weapons from international inspectors. Assad did it as everyone knew for years and he should be hung for it. The sooner the batter. But whom to hang when the international count finds Russia was behind the downing of the civilian airliner over Ukraine which everyone also knew from the get go was done by Russia or its puppets?

    • Cromwell

      But didn’t the US say Assad had destroyed his chemical weapons back in 2012 under UN supervision even using US people?thats what John Kerry said anyway,you prick.

      • Jake321

        Who said I agreed with Kerry or Obama on this? Obama was a chickenshit who froze when facing the need for decisive action. He should have blown Assad and Company away and in so doing saved a half million Syrian lives.

      • Jens Holm

        There are 2 levels in that. 1) Assads were allowed to have chemical weapons as last defence against Israel and 2) secret part.

        So yes number 1 was done.

      • AM Hants

        Yep, but, we are not meant to remember.

    • Concrete Mike

      Bullshit israel hides its nuclear arsenal to this day!

      Stop lying filthy little.scum.

      • Jake321

        What’s that irrelevant diversion about, Igor? Sure Israel hides its nukes. Why not? The better to surprise their enemies with if need be.

      • Jens Holm

        You lie all the time Yourself. I wonder why we dont have the same kind of inhuman rights as You.

      • AM Hants

        Israel never signed up to the chemical weapon of nuclear charters. Owing to not wanting to be inspected, but, scream loudest at those who are signatories of the treaties.

    • Joao Alfaiate

      Just like we hung Saddam. That’s worked out real well….

      • Azriel Herskowitz

        Saddam used chemical weapons against the Kurds in a genocide. If not for US intervention, the Kurds would have been exterminated. Kurds today are much happier to have their own autonomous region where they can live at peace knowing the evil man Saddam is gone forever.

        • good american

          Look! two sock puppets with the same voice.

        • AM Hants

          Who provided Sadam with the chemical weapons, back in the 70s or was it 80s, to use against the Iranians?

          Why did Tony Blair tell Parliament lies with regards Sadam and his WMDs?

          What was Benghazi all about?

          Why did the Pentagon provide Bell Pottinger with over $500 million to spin the Iraq War?

          How much are they spending to spin the Syrian War and use White Helmets and the crisis actors?

          What links did James Le Mesurier, back during the Kosovo War, have to Bell Pottinger Founder Timothy Bell and his brother David. Who founded Common Purpose, where so many UK Prime Ministers and politicians flock to. As well as being the Head of Cambridge University Press and the Media Standards Committee. Why do memories of Cambridge University and the Soviet Spy ring come to mind? Before the Soviet themed EU was up and running and the Soviet Union dismantled. Where did the spies flock to, post 1989? After the spy ring leaders kept out of the limelight?

        • Joao Alfaiate

          Like the Zionist enterprise, the autonomous Kurdish region is not destined to last very long.

      • Jake321

        Nahhhhhhhh…his own Travis hung him and he had it coming. We should have offed the SOB in the Gulf War it wouldn’t have turned out as bad.

      • Jens Holm

        It was a classic stupidity.

        I allow to compare with WW1 and WW2.

        At WW1 France supported with GB took all they could to make Germany small.

        The WW2 was kind of legalized by that taking too much making people bend over more then 5 times a day.

        The Marshall help as well as the USSR mismanegements made people living there organised days after the Nazi defeat.

        In Iraq there was no after. Most egree those many soldiers even in the organized units they ´were in, should have had jobs and salery and given hope by very needed jobs in reconstruction.

        Bad people were given power back for no reason. It was extra visible with hardly any american flags even close to Basra and we all knew even before that winning a war is notr the same as winning some peace.

        We saw it for Hitler/Stalin/France as well as for the bad solutions for WW1 in ME and its not corrected today. People in ME are not even alowed to debate and by that make a better future.

        • AM Hants

          Can you get a translate?

          WWI – creation of League of Nations.
          WWII – creation of United Nations.
          wwiii – creation Full Spectrum Domination/NWO.

          What was the Fabian Society set up for?

          What was the eugenics society set up for?

          What was the Tavistock Institution set up for?

          Wasn’t the Tavistock Institution founded in the same year as the FED Reserve?

          Who created Bolsheviks?

          Who created National Socialist (German) Worker’s Party?

          What was Battle of Gallipoli all about?

          WHAT WAS balfour Declaration all about?

          Who created Fascist movement?

          Who created Mao’s Communist Party?

          What was the first CIA exercise, back in 1947?

          Whose idea was Operation Paperclip?

          Why was the leader of the US Communist Party, Earl Browder, grandfather of Bill Browder involved in choosing the Bolsheviks elite, for safe passage?

          Why was the German SS Intelligence Officer, Reinhard Gehlen, working with the US CIA programme to provide safe passage for the Nazi elite?

          Who was Allen Dulles, who created the CIA and Operation Paperclip, with the help of his Nazi and Bol shevik friends?

          Who else, besides the Bush family, was he close to?

          When were the foundations of Israel laid? Was it not 1947?

          What was Operation Gladio all about?

          Whose idea was Operation Gladio?

          What was Operation Mockingbird all about?

          Whose idea was Operation Mockingbird?

          Why did the Pentagon spend $500 billion, hiring Bell Pottinger to spin the Iraq War?

          How much are they spending in 21st Century Gladio and Mockingbird?

    • Ilya

      Nukes, Israel.

  • Bill Rood

    I see the Mossad trolls are out in force. You must be doing something right or they’d be ignoring you, SouthFront. Keep up the good work. OPCW has irrevocably destroyed its own credibility among the informed population. Everybody let the trolls exhaust themselves.

  • Cromwell

    The OPCW has been compromised by the US Reich using threats and bribery,nothing new.

    • AM Hants

      John Bolton, to the Director of OPCW ‘We know where your children live’. Back in 2003. Funny how Trump uses ‘smear attack’ with China, blaming them for US actions.

      How many UN members, who also fund the White Helmets also funds the OPCW joint investigative mechanism of the OPCW over in Syria? How many of their own experts, do the OPCW ignore?

  • Icarus Tanović

    Oh yeah, that’s right Sarin definitely. Than death toll would be in thousands…This is ridiculous…

    • AM Hants

      Just like Skripals survived a Soviet, military strength nerve agent. Now the same crowd how moved onto pandemics.

  • klove and light

    satanic Zionist bs…..as is the WHO ou UN or OPCW or NATO or IMF or or or

    • Jake321

      Too much Vodka binging sure seems to have made mush of your brain, Igor.

      • good american

        That was stupid.

  • ©igare☘☘e👽Sm⚽️k🚬ng🦉Man️🎲

    Israel uses bullets on Palestinian kids every day. What organisation is looking into that ?
    Turks are invading another country (2 actually, they also have invaded Cyprus since 1974) what organisation is looking into that!
    USA is bombing people at their liking with drones …who is looking into that…
    …nobody cares about organisations anymore…
    Its back to the before WW2 days … Power speaks here.

  • OpenNewPage

    “Of course Assad gassed his own people every time he was about to win a battle by conventional means. Barrel bombs and White Helmet stagings make a perfect sense to”. 😊

  • AM Hants

    How many reports have they ignored, if it shows a different story?

    Who funds the OPCW Syrian initiative?