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Shocking Cell Phone Footage When Lavoy Finicum Was Shot Disprove the FBI’s Story?

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Introduction by Brian Kalman:

The Deschutes Oregon County Sheriff’s Department released an edited portion of the cellphone video recorded by Mrs. Shawna Cox from the vehicle that she was traveling in with the leaders of the occupation of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge when it was ambushed by Oregon law enforcement and the FBI on January 26th, 2016. The video was released just days after the Oregon State Justice Department ruled the shots fired that killed Lavoy Finicum as “justified”.

Upon watching the released portion of the cellphone footage many assertions made by the FBI over the past three months regarding the circumstances surrounding the tragic incident are soundly disproven. There is no “exchange” of gunfire as the FBI reported, nor the discharge of only six rounds on the part of law enforcement as originally asserted. No firearms are brandished by any of the occupants of the vehicle, none make any threatening comments or physical actions toward law enforcement. Law enforcement personnel fire on the vehicle as it approaches the road block, without any warning given, forcing Lavoy Finicum to veer off the road. Lavoy bravely draws fire away from those in the vehicle by exiting with his hands in the air and is almost immediately fired upon. He is hit three times, in the back, after turning away from the initial three to five shots fired at him without cause. Even the official state autopsy proves this. Numerous live rounds, flash bang grenades, tear gas grenades and possibly bean bag rounds to take out the windows can clearly be seen being deployed in the video. Not one threatening move on the part of the activists is made. It has also come to light that one of the FBI HRT (Hostage Rescue Team) members involved, failed to disclose that he fired two rounds during the incident, and his fellow HRT members helped him to cover up this fact.

These tragic events must also be looked at in concert with the recent arrest of 19 people that took part in the Nevada stand-off during the spring of 2014, between Cliven Bundy and the Federal Bureau of Land Management over grazing rights on land appropriated by the Federal Government over many decades. Obviously, after backing down from a confrontation that would have shown the heavy handed and unlawful use of physical force by the United States government to a worldwide audience, that government chose to bide it’s time and attack its citizen opponents after the wave of media attention had subsided. They were labeled “domestic terrorists” for daring to stand up on legal principals and oppose the lawlessness of the federal government. They now face 40 years in prison for “assaulting and interfering in the lawful duties” of federal personnel.

As an American citizen one must ask how far have we fallen as a constitutional republic of democratic principles when a Federal government “For, Of and By the People” can murder those citizens that assertively and peacefully disagree with it.

Shocking Cell Phone Footage When Lavoy Finicum Was Shot Disprove the FBI’s Story?

Originally appeared at TheDailySheeple

Lavoy Finicum’s first official autopsy has already been released. Finicum was shot at 8 times (six by Oregon State Police and twice by the FBI) and hit three times in the back. His family has reportedly commissioned a second, independent autopsy to confirm these findings.

While Malheur County District Attorney Dan Norris made a statement that“All six shots fired by the Oregon State Police, the three into the truck and the three that struck Mr. Finicum, are justified,” RT reports:

However, the US Department of Justice is investigating an unnamed FBI agent who fired twice at the Arizona rancher, but didn’t report the shots. The four other members of the agent’s Hostage Rescue Team, an elite FBI unit, are also under criminal investigation for potentially helping the shooter cover up the shooting.

The family believes Finicum was murdered.

Now this cell phone footage Shawna Cox shot from inside the vehicle during Finicum’s murder has been released, BUT as Citizens 4 Constitutional Freedom pointed out, “This footage has been cherry-picked for release. Only those parts that the government considers supportive of their own narrative have been released.”

C4CF notes that, “What is shown already disproves some of the claims made by the FBI when they originally released the aerial footage.”

Watch this horror and decide for yourself. Warning: graphic content.


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