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Shipment Of Chemical Weapons Arrives Jisr Al-Shughur In Syria’s Idlib Province – Report

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Shipment Of Chemical Weapons Arrives Jisr Al-Shughur In Syria's Idlib Province – Report

Russian military inspect suspected chemical weapons workshop in Aleppo, November 14, 2016 © / Ruptly

Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), the former branch of al-Qaeda in Syria, moved several chemical weapons containers from the town of Maarrat Misrin in northern Idlib to the city of Jisr al-Shughur in the northwestern part of the governorate, a local source revealed to the Russian news agency Sputnik.

According to the source, the containers, which contained Chlorine and Sarin, were transferred to Jisr al-Shughur in a refrigerated truck. The shipment was reportedly escorted by members of the White Helmets and militants of the al-Qaeda-affiliated Turkistan Islamic Party (TIP).

Earlier this month, the Russian Center for the Reconciliation of Opposing Sides in Syria revealed that a cell of ISIS stole two chlorine cylinders from a position of HTS in the northern Hama countryside. Two days later, Russia’s Permanent Representative to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) warned that militants are plotting chemical weapons provocations in Idlib.

Russia has repeatedly accused Western countries of supplying HTS with dangerous materials in order to provoke a staged chemical attack that would justify a military action by the U.S. and its allies against Damascus government forces. This plan was apparently put on hold after the Russian-Turkish deconfliction agreement on Idlib. However, the chemical weapons remained in the hands of radical militants.

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Promitheas Apollonious

I wonder why they keep talking about it rather than doing something about it. Are they waiting for few thousand people to die and start accusing the west about it and the west to accuse the syrians. Some really sick games are played behind the scenes here.


The UK, US and Israel have been prowling around scrutinizing the S-300s provided to Syria. Soon we will witness the effectiveness of the S300s against the air power of terrorist supporting states and their F35 turkey. It’s always interesting to note that the CW weapons are accompanied by the White Helmets; the group praised by countries that support terrorism in Syria.


” The shipment was reportedly escorted by members of the White Helmets and militants of the al-Qaeda-affiliated Turkistan Islamic Party (TIP).”

This is not possible. It has already been reported that the White Hats have been relocated to Canada.;-)

Concrete Mike

Too bad that they dont tell us where in canada.the neigbhours sherwood and ccm really want to meet them.



Should we put skates on them first! :-)

Gregory Casey

They’re in Canada ‘cos of the persistent ‘white-outs’ throughout Winter in the cold and chilly north: that they may perish and never again be seen until at some point in the distant tens of thousands of years, archaeologists release them from the frozen tundra as the world heats up again following global warming followed by and icy crash back to the Ice Age. You think not? too outrageous? Not so! Just consider the story of the White Helmets to date! These evil bastards should be beheaded and their heads allowed to rot and be fed to Hawks on railings struck in the middle of the Arabian Desert.


Oh, well good then! I am a long time resident of the middle, of the middle of nowhere Canada. I think that I will know just what to do with the little thug nuggets. A wee bit of a spray down with a fire hose, then they can be released into the dusk on their very own ice flow.

A pork chop can be tied around their necks. It will help them make friends with the wild life, eh? ;-)


Well, someone in that chain of evidence is a terrible liar. It is not possible for all of these things to be true…

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Why not?

neil barron

If you are the truth then you are stranger than fiction.

svenne svensk

It would be a Good thing to strike those convoys and send down some teams to dokument it and then get them out again.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

You need to capture the weapons, not destroy them If you capture them you can document everything and you have the proof. EOD in Iraq always preffered to get the IEDs back home, for the above reasons


proof doesn’t matter. Deny, deny deny. Herd will beLIEve.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Hit them hard Russia.

Fernando Silva



Send the Chemicals back to Washington and Tel-Aviv for storage and self consumption….

Gregory Casey

And Oh Lordy : Finally out in the open: Israel Funds Blacklists of US Citizens, Playing DC against Iran with the Israeli Government finally having light shone on it as it is implicated by “shelved” Al Jazeera Investigation: And…….. who, precisely “shelved” the Al Jazeera 4-part Series??? https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/blacklisting-u-s-citizens-playing-d-c-on-iran-aj-investigation-implicated-israel-1.6577528

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