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She Is Not The Iron Lady. How “Novichok” Is Finishing Off Theresa May

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She Is Not The Iron Lady. How “Novichok” Is Finishing Off Theresa May

Written by Viktor Marakhovsky; Originally appeared on Politanalitika.ru, translated by AlexD exclusively for SouthFront

Alarming news comes from Great Britain. According to opinion polls, the Conservative party (which has already defeated Labour in 2014) will suffer even more in the local elections to be held in early May. Notably, it is expected that the Conservatives will lose about a hundred seats in London.

This, firstly, will make the British capital completely “red” (the discourse is not about the half-forgotten relationship between Labour and Socialist ideology, but simply a traditional colour division. Labour is red, Conservatives are blue. In the USA, the symbolically “Left-Liberal” Democrats are blue, and the Conservative Republicans are red).

Secondly, this result may become a signal to the British politicians that the remake of the Iron Lady at the head of the Conservative party, despite all efforts, still did not take place. And, it is possible, May as a project will be curtailed in the near future.

As the speaker of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Vyacheslav Volodin noted already at the end of March (with regard with the “Skripal case”), “If only it was exposed then all will become clear that the statement of this politician does not correspond to the truth, that all are led to deceptions, she will be left with nothing except with retirement”.

In this regard, it is worth recalling how Theresa May differs from its truly iron predecessor as Prime Minister of Great Britain.

Recall the original edition of the Iron Lady, coming to power in the late 1970s, in power for twelve years (including the general public’s personal hatred of Thatcher), but invariably delivering crushing victories in parliamentary elections. This was tied with the fact that Thatcher in fact appeared revolutionary. That is, she presented herself as an ultra-left reformer, called with the help of the most unpopular measures to demolish the established but clearly stalling and incapable in many respect to sustain itself system. And she carried out her work as a battering ram and bulldozer.

Miners and poor immigrants from Brixton hated Thatcher (they have staged the famous rebellion against her orders in 1981). Communists hated Thatcher (they still had a position in the Western world) and many foreign and Western governments. She was greatly hated even by her own party members.

However, the Prime Minister of Great Britain in 1979-1990, distinguished herself by the fact that she consistently implemented her own, and not anyone else’s, ideas of excellence. Among the “Thatcherisms”, in first place, usually “I don’t care how much my Ministers talk, as long as they do what I say” is remembered, and “Those of you who are waiting with bated breath, the favourite phrase of the media about the 180-degree turn, I can say only one thing, if you want, you can turn. The lady does not turn”.

In the case of the current remake, that is, the geographer, financier, Deputy, Minister Prime Minister May, we can observe something completely different. She repeatedly had to lead social, political and economic processes against those that she herself has repeatedly represented.

Being conservative by conviction (May is the daughter of an Anglican priest), she, for example, has publicly spoken out against the rights of same-sex couples to adopt. At the same time, being appointed to the post of Minister of Women’s Affairs and Equality (this position is traditionally combined with that of the Minister of Internal Affairs), she was engaged in the implementation of the “Equality Act”, which provides for all the rights of the LGBT community to orphans. Under May, opponents of gay adoptions have only achieved some mitigation, for example, the exemption of Catholic adoption agencies from the Act.

As Interior Minister, May has also been criticised for her prejudice against immigrants and radical Muslims (including the campaign “Go Home or be Arrested”, addressed to illegal immigrants). However, the Muslim population of Great Britain at the time of May’s office assumption was about 2.5 million people, and at the end of her duties, over 4 million (by the way, in the next 30 years, according to researchers quoted by the Telegraph, it is likely to triple and reach 13 million, or about a fifth of the British population).

May had to deal with roughly the same as Prime Minister (that is, attempt to soften the processes that cannot be stopped). Being strongly opposed to Brexit and being one of the participants of the preservation of the unity with the EU, May came to lead the cabinet, whose task was to draw up a divorce with the European Union.

Regardless of how brilliantly it reflects on her, it was written enough in the media. In fact, it is a long, humiliating and costly procedure in which Great Britain, instead of coming out nicely and absconding far away, got stuck in the doors of the EU and is haggling to have as many benefits as possible.

Any PR could not cover this main difference between May and Thatcher. So, to the surprise of the Conservatives who voted almost unanimously to hold early parliamentary elections in 2017, they lost 12 seats, while Labour opponents scored 30 and narrowed the gap.

And so, from the beginning of 2018, it became clear that the party of the “Iron Lady 2” is waiting for a crushing defeat in local elections.

In these circumstances, it seems, it was decided to hastily turn the vague case about the poisoning of the ex-spy Skripal into a master class for May on the international arena. With demonstrations of diplomatic power and mastery of intrigue.

However, the initial PR victory (the expulsion of a hundred and fifty Russian diplomats on the basis of virtually one call from May), as of today, threatens to turn into perhaps the worst defeat even if the British Prime Minister’s appeals were not supported by anyone.

Because unexpectedly:

1) Himself poisoned by the deadly, secret, mysterious, murderous, etc. poison, the spy and his daughter not only did not die, but having rested in bed, got better.

2) The laboratory, which was referred to by the British government in the organisation of the “all-Western response to Russian aggression”, suddenly announced that it could not establish the poison’s production place at all; it was a lie. And she cannot assert that it is from Russia.

As a result, May’s prospects are not too bright.

The forecast of the Russian speaker has already come true in its first half, now May in the company of her comic Foreign Minister Boris Johnson are faced with the situation of “revealed lies”. The world is aware that they have lied and, on the basis of these lies, have drawn many countries into a “demonstration of unity”.

It is worth noting that that none of the foreign countries had undertaken anything irrevocable as a result of the devious British plot. All expulsions are presented in fact as rotations, inviting other diplomats to replace those expelled. The expansion of the retorts into the economic sphere and other planes is now clearly out of the question, until we get any real hard evidence.

Which the British Prime Minister clearly does not have.

“Rinse, Lather, Repeat”: False WMD Accusations as a Tool of Foreign Policy

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Yeah…That’s wot I said Novichok the Bitch

Nigel Maund

The reputation of the British Government has been forever tarnished by this entire shabby affair. It has shown up how the Anglo – American Zionist Bankster Corporatist Cabal controls the Government behind the managed news curtain of the utterly slavishly compliant and wholly owned MSM to achieve its evil objectives of war and regime change to advance its quest for Global Hegemony and Govermment for their rotten userous based system of endless expandable credit. The UK Government has been exposed as puppets of the City of London controlled by the Aristocracy and the Rothschild clan.


The exposure of the Zionist cabal must now be built on so as to educate the masses of the future that awaits them if they continue to bury their heads in ‘ Reality TV and Cookery programmes ‘ whilst considering themselves ‘rich’ because they pay several hundreds of pounds per month for a car they will never own etc.

Bobby Twoshoes

“Theresa May differs from its truly iron predecessor” who says SF struggles with English translation? It’s is the correct possessive pronoun for Theresa May :)

paul ( original )

Do you mean its rather than her? I don’t know about SF but some of the commentators have a pretty shrewd grammatical eye.

Bobby Twoshoes

Yes, that’s exactly what I mean. Theresa May is clearly an it not a her.

Beatrice Mcartney

Excellent !

The Farney Fontenoy

I’ve seen an analysis from one blogger suggesting the whole Sailsbury debacle was a plot to get rid of May & Johnson, MI6 cooked it up, trusted aides told patent lies to the foolish pair who went public, the intent was, that when the story fell apart they would be forced to resign, which hasn’t happened, but has left the Tories in a shambles, and things may yet descend into complete chaos after the local elections

which will very likely lead to UK Labour having a golden opportunity to stop Brexit… which was the whole point of all of it.

jerry hamilton

I enjoyed reading that. I do hope you are right.

Brad Isherwood

Ya….you know Empire is gone after Icelandic Women kick the shit outta the Bankers.

England’s lucky the….Gone A Viking**.. ..are mostly metro sexual now and not invading anymore.

Even money the French see a path to Britannia’s bed . Brussels will be jealous the French make love with their faces,

… and get the money before they do. : )


This is a possibility – with the Skripals acting out their roles as victims in return for money and re-location. Julia seem to be totally under MI6 control, why else refuse contact with Russian consul for assistance ?


If I was the Skripals I would consider that in the UK’s view it would be safer and cheaper to use the Breaking Bad script of large plastic barrels and acid and wash your problems down the drain.


Wow that would really be something huh? Kind of like the joke about the boy trying to get VD so he could pass it to his sister, so she could pass it to his dad, who would give it to his mom, who in turn pass it to the milkman, who was the one who ran over the kid’s bicycle.

Ocker Bloke

The other rumour being fed by Russians into the mill is that Skripal may have been running chemical weapons from Porton Down into the Syrian rebel supply networks, implying that he may have poisoned himself and his daughter by accident. We will probably never know the truth, because it is no longer in vogue in Clown World.


Hello Ocker. A British firm sold the basic precursors for chemical weapons to the Syrian government in the 1980’s. This was uncovered by British media a while ago. I think it was here on Southfront, that the story was brought up recently. Jihadists in Syria overran the place where a bunch of it was stored and seem to have been making good use of it with impunity. All the Occidental governments know this but, conveniently ignore it. I wish well to you Bloke.


“That is, she presented herself as an ultra-left reformer, called with the help of the most unpopular measures to demolish the established but clearly stalling and incapable in many respect to sustain itself system.”

She fixed nothing. Look at the state of UK today. It’s been downhill for a longtime for the UK. She just put more people in the poorhouse faster. Iron Lady, my butt. Arrogant twit. Sock puppet for bankers and other shills.

She and May can be compared as two witless, nannies that should have stayed home and made tea.

Promitheas Apollonious

You think they even know how to make tea and is not a complicated task for them?


it’s one of those things no one talks about. shhhhh! ?


Her policies may have been disastrous for Britain, well, most of them, but at least she had a vision and was not afraid to do the unpopular thing. That at least put her a thousand steps ahead of the current crop of political leaders. Who can’t do jack shit without consulting opinion polls and pander to whatever emotional OUTRAGE of the day emerges through social media. And who embarrass their countries by the sheer subservience they show to their American masters. Thatcher may have been a staunch US ally, but she was anything but deferential and at least an equal to whatever American president was in office. Anything but the pathetic sidekick status that later British PM’s seem to aspire too.

That all being said I hate Thatcher and I hope she roasts in Hell!


i was a little worried about you until your last statement. ?


Hey most of the UK/US masses still think Churchill and FDR were heroes… sheesh here in the US most of us really believe we went to the moon.


the list is endless, isn’t it? all the way back to the big bang that wasn’t. lol


May is but a puppet. ANYONE who claims to ‘analyse’ May in more than the simple term is a zionist SHILL. Zionist shills ALWAYS encourage the thickies to indulge in BOTTOM-UP thinking. It’s what the kids of the LESSER are taught at their schools. It’s what the kids of the UPPER are taught to avoid at their schools.

Top down, and you see May exists to front the narrative of the MI6 false flag, and nothing else. She is currently using the british government to contact and convert most of the nations of the Earth to an anti-Syrian/Russian/Iranian alliance on the back of the manufactured evidence. And not ONE mention of this FACT is on Southfront!


well said.


The only lasting victims of the ‘Novochok Pantomime’ will be the ‘death’ of the current UK Government :)


You forget about Skripal’s cat and guinea pigs


Funnily enough in Britain such callousness is worse than 3 innocent people being left in the house to starve to death :)

As an Animal Lover, I agree with that :)

Especially is the ‘people ‘ were Libtards.


Anyway it’s very strange, that they examine all house, found contamination on the door, but do not found starving alimails ;) Were they in the right house?


‘There are none so blind as those who do not wish to see’.


But I thnk, that poor cat waul so loud, that even a blind deadmen can’t ignore it


Yes it would wail and cry and that is what disgusts me the most. Police were standing outside the house next to the front door for 3 weeks.


Understanding cannot be forced on those who choose ignorance


Especially if their jobs depend on ‘choosing ignorance’.

John Whitehot

it’s much more likely that they put them down immediately because they contained proof that the attack was false flag.

it’s sad, because i’d rather breathe the same air as those pets than the freedom fighters at porton down.


they know too much… well, one of the cats has escaped, so it on the way to the safe plase now

John Whitehot

i don’t find that much funny.

if blood samples are taken from a living cat, they may show that the UK government version on the story is fake. So better put him down just in case.

And I didn’t read nothing about a second cat. All I ve read is that there was a single black, long haired persian cat, which was “euthanized”..


I think, that clean animals blood samples shows nothing, because we can not be sure, that they were in contact whith this chemical agent. Unfortunately they were sacrificed for nothing … I read, that Sckipal have two cats – one ot them could escape, and the other one (persian) was burned out (because it was so stressed), but I’m not 100% sure about that, because there are a lot of rumours about that story

John Whitehot

“I think, that clean animals blood samples shows nothing”

you can think whatever you want, in the end animals were killed and potential evidence destroyed.


here is two cats mentioned as well, but still unclear – was it finally two of them or just one? https://www.sott.net/article/382050-Sergei-Skripals-pets-found-dead-after-investigators-seal-off-home

John Whitehot

the article says ONE cat and two guinea pigs like I’ve read elsewhere.

AM Hants

If you had read the story from the beginning, you will know they had 2 cats and 2 guinea pigs. One of the cats was a Russian breed, and the other was a rescue cat. One of them ran away. So no doubt, somebody is looking after the cat, most probably without realising where it belongs.

John Whitehot

well, i’ve read it from the beginning and it talks about one cat only. the only part where it talks about two cats is at the end, when Nabenzha stated that they had information about two cats.

and what’s a rescue cat anyway? cats can’t be trained like dogs, are you sure this isn’t another of those inter-dimensional exchanges?


> “We in the UK don’t need any 2nd amendment, the authorities can protect the public.” > Even a cat and two guinea pigs is too much for the authorities to handle.


FlorianGeyer is one of this forum’s BAGHDAD BOBs. A BB is a LIAR who tells you everything is just great even as the roof is falling in- google the term.

The MI6 false flag has executed PERFECTLY- so perfectly in fact, Trump today announced a delay in ‘action’ cos MI6’s ‘evidence’ from East Ghouta, combined with Putin telling the world that his ‘experts’ ‘proved’ nothing happened there, is working its magic.

Far from a day strike by british, french and american forces, Britian is now raising a coalition to rival that which Blair used to Invade Iraq, and all based on the false flag details from the UK and East Ghouta. The coalition is going to blitz Syria for as long as it takes, and invade when the ground conditions have been made perfect.

So the usual zionist scum will tell you you have nothing to worry about- they’ll MISREPRESENT each stage, and use the common zionist trick of telling you to LAFF at your masters.

Notice FG’s use of the word ‘pantomime’. Not a throw-away, but a very carefully chosen term. People like FG used to mock Adolf Hitler in just the same way during the 1930s- when REAL action against the nazi leader could have trivially ruined his plans.

“No need to act against Hitler”, said our 1930s FG, he’s a pathetic clown. And how many braindead dribblers who would suffer at the hands of the nazis later agreed at the time?

John Whitehot

pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime pantomime

John Whitehot

“Britian is now raising a coalition to rival that which Blair used to Invade Iraq”

Britain does not raise coalitions, it acts as a slave in coalitions raised by the US.

“and use the common zionist trick of telling you to LAFF at your masters”

I laugh at your – masters, zionist.


Hang them, May first!


You will enjoy this . https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/skripals-skripal-russia-nerve-agent-bz-novichok-poison-salisbury-attack-latest-update-a8304841.html


Thanks for that…. I had seen this already though, I suspect, just like the latest terrorist attack on Syria, May will probably get aways with the bs and false flag I’ve no doubt, that MI6 along with the CIA set up in the first place.


Hey ho, hey ho It’s off to war we go I’m Madam Lash I whip the trash And Boris loves it so !

i.e. not Iron Lady but Madam Lash and bozo Boris


May is not an iron lady,it is an iron Tranny, that’s full of rust.

northerntruthseeker .

This Salsibury “poisoning” incident has now been proven to be as phoney as Assad gassing his people …

May is a moron and deserves what she gets.. The sooner the Brits get rid of that bitch the better.

Promitheas Apollonious

and replace her with another bitch what is the difference, as long west is controlled by the ones who created the colonies and their debt based economies, controlling every breath they take?

West is a NWO system and we all seen what each and every one pathetic moron they put in control does. Same shit different name.


Look, just look at those or some of those that manages to be an part of the Crony capitalism we talk about. Uber, is one of them, driving vages down, making the owners indebthed, and slave for nothing in the end and you will have to work your self to death for more or less, scraps, cant feed the family properly and need maby help, even if both works their asses of, so, what happens next, the social system kicks in, to help them to survive, thru paying parts ot whole power bills, and they dont pay for nothing, you have to have nothing for them to even consider paying you, as an native they dont throw money at you to be honest. This money comes from our Tax money. Then we have the housing bobbles everywhere, yeah, the refugee so called inflow is another way of crashing the system and create an nation basicly of slave workers, whom have to live on an ever uncreasing need for economic help. This is some few areas, only. and its called hidden Austeritys to the rich and shameless.

The sad thruth is even worse, Africa is deprived of even its people, economicaly run by large corps and in that sense I recomend one thing, if you want to knoow what I talk about, and that is right now, as we speak, AID is an cancer, etc. United Fruit. It will make you hair stand in the back of your head. More of the good old way of crony capitalism, witch means Imperialism, either by corps or by nations, even churces.

What Britan needs is what the Germans needs to do, is to go back to your roots, find your self first, not everything is bad, and ever mind the bollocs. I have been to Britain, even to areas where Norse, partly Norwegian was still in use, lowly places and people, whats the f…. problem, self-determination, what made you to what you are, Brits. But i dont like Fish and Chips, ugh….. Beer ok, but not near the Germans, where I had an revelation. I still see it and tast it, even God would drink it.


You can call me Al

You are so wrong in this article, it beggar’s belief.


Evidence who needs stinking evidence? I can just see May down there at the bench at 2am with her spritzer bottle of Novel-choke, “see I told you”.


New aspect ‘expulsions presented as rotations’. Guess I should understand that as exactly the other way around ‘rotations presented as expulsions’. Article above states that this applies to all, but I am pretty sure thos by the US are indeed expulsions and no rotations, but I would love to see which countries exactly are presenting rotations as expulsions.

Ocker Bloke

Russians are putting out rumours this week that they captured British CW advisors when advancing on Ghouta and that Porton Down CW munitions were being used by rebels. This will require some effort by the Brits. Ahh….. the blow and counter-blow of parapolitics!


“in the next30 years, according to researchers quoted by the Telegraph, it is likely to triple and reach 13 million, or about a fifth of the British population” is a disingenuos argument as it would make it a 5th of the current British population which according to this author is will stay stagnant at current day numbers, hardly a believable stastitic. Even if the other populations only go up by half, that would 13 million out of 100 million, 13% is a long long way from 20% or for those who prefer fractions 1/8th is way smaller than 1/5.

Gregory Gregory

Funny how resolute this old Globalist puppet is in her support of American warmongering, yet she’s totally spineless in her negotiations with the EU. An evil old crone.

Gordon McPhail

For those using the “”Iron Lady”” moniker for TM …sorry, a Rusty Bucket is all you get. She is a venal self serving empty space like all her minions in Blue. Not long before she is gone. Even War will not save her. The people know that, and look forward to the day. The icing on the cake will be the loss of her seat in Parliament as well.


May in decay, the left-over rust from Thatcher

Titel Gogurion


Zionism = EVIL

More like a WITCH!

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