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Shaping A New World: Russia’s Recognition Of LDPR

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Shaping A New World: Russia’s Recognition Of LDPR

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Shaping A New World: Russia’s Recognition Of LDPR
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Shaping A New World: Russia’s Recognition Of LDPR

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February 21 marked a historic event that shapes a new system of international relations for the entire world community. Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia recognizes the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics in the east of Ukraine as sovereign entities.

‘Do you want decommunization? I will show you what REAL decommunization is!’ said Vladimir Putin.

The decrees were signed, stating that the decision was based on the will of the people of the LDPR and Ukraine’s rejection of a peaceful settlement of the conflict in accordance with the Minsk Agreements.

«They are not interested in peaceful solutions – they want to start a Blitzkreig,” Putin stated referring to the policy of the current Kiev regime. The president noted that Ukraine does not even hide aggressive plans and prepares for the conflict with Russia into which it seeks to drag NATO member states.

Putin called to ‘find, put on trial and punish’ the persons responsible for the 2014 Odessa massacre (when neo-Nazi radicals killed and burned dozens of civilians who protested against the Maidan coup). As the massacre was supported on almost all levels of the Ukrainian government, this can refer to almost all representatives of the post-Maidan Ukrainian elites.

The Kremlin issued an ultimatum to the Kiev regime. The Zelensky government must immediately stop fighting in the region and obey the ceasefire. Should this fail to happen, Putin said, it will bear full responsibility for the further development of the situation.

After the ratification of the treaties of friendship and cooperation between the Russian Federation and the LDPR, Russia can legally deploy its troops in the Donbass region, as well as supply the republics with any weapons.

The Russian President signed a Decree instructing the Russian armed forces to provide peacekeeping functions in the DPR and LPR. During the night, units of the 8th Field Army of the Russian Armed Forces have begun to enter the territory of the LDPR.

Moscow’s decision has dramatically changed the situation on the Donbass front lines.

The activity of Ukrainian shelling of residential buildings on the territory of the Republics began to decrease and practically stopped after Ukrainian President Zelensky did not take any decisions following a meeting of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine.

On February 22, in the first half of the day, the escalation decreased, and the number of attacks on the entire front line sharply reduced.

However, despite the confusion in the ranks of the Ukrainian Army, the activity of Ukrainian sabotage groups continued on LDPR territory as well as in Russia. Earlier, sabotage groups of the UAF carried out terrorist operations on the territory of the DPR and LPR on a regular basis, their activity has increased significantly in recent days.

On February 22, three people were killed in an explosion on the Donetsk-Gorlovka highway, a representative of the People’s Militia of the Donetsk People’s Republic claimed.

Earlier, Donetsk reported on the breakthrough of a Ukrainian sabotage group deep into the republic in the Novoazovsky district, during the clash the group was neutralized.

On February 21, Ukrainian saboteurs crossed the border with Russia near the village of Mityakinskaya, in the Rostov region. They were stopped by Russian border guards. As a result of the clash, 5 violators of the border were killed and one saboteur as captured.  Two infantry fighting vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were also destroyed. There were no casualties among the Russian military.

While Russia has moved into action, the West is in no hurry to support the Kiev regime with military forces, but only intimidates Russia with new sanctions.

US President Biden signed a decree aimed at banning investments, trade and financing of the DPR and the LPR. The EU called Moscow’s decision a violation of international law, promised to react firmly and respond with sanctions. The NATO Secretary General condemned the recognition of the LDPR, claiming that it undermines efforts to resolve the situation in Ukraine.

Russia’s decisive actions mark the time of consolidation of the block of counteraction to the global world system beneficial to the Anglo-Saxon elites and imposed by the so-called collective West. It seems to be clear that China is on Russia’s side. However, Beijing’s position and the level of its support are yet to be officially declared.

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Reactionary Monarcho-Socialist Hellene

China, India and Iran don’t recognize these republics yet. What do they have in mind?


Why would they rush? None of those countries has recognized the Taliban as Afghanistan’s government. I say none of them should take aside as of yet, but we all know which side they support anyway. Also, India is a slave of the West to this day, but, “Pakistan’s PM Khan to visit Russia amid Ukraine tensions” – don’t know why that clown is going there for.


Well put, but the US is hell bent on imposing sanctions on Russia now. They are after burning thru that $500 billion Russian FOREX reserves and liquidating the 2000 tons of sovereign gold stash. Pakistan is a nobody and totally isolated. I bet that Khan will be forced to cancel his Moscow trip under duress. In any event he ain’t got shit to offer Russia and in all likelihood will request money from Russia. It’s a non starter. Pakistan is bankrupt.

Reactionary Monarcho-Socialist Hellene

I don’t know if US will try to pivot to Pakistan or even Iran to find an anti-Russian axis there. But this islamic axis of Turkey-Iran-Pakistan is being exploited by the Chinese now.


Iran hasn’t taken a single step toward implementing that China/ Iran BRI OBOR boondoggle yet. Not a single step! Only selling oil so far at $2 discount per barrel. Nothing else. Iran got sweet fuck all to do politically or economically with neither Af-Pak nor Turkey. And Iran wouldn’t go out of its way to neither back Russia nor China in their regional/ geo-political dramas. Unless you trying to make shit up as you go along.

Last edited 11 months ago by Ahson
Reactionary Monarcho-Socialist Hellene

Every clash matters here. Iran is going closer to China. Even if China is secular and dislikes Islamists.


China is not secular fool. China is communist! Iran has business relations with China. Same same with India. Nothing else. Unless your imagination is running wild. Are you on the rag these days?

Reactionary Monarcho-Socialist Hellene

China is secular market socialist.


Yet all you hear from the western media is Iran is taking over Syria…..isn’t that an example of Iran cooperating with Russia in the Syrian crisis?

Reactionary Monarcho-Socialist Hellene

They cooperate only to kick US out.


because Russia is forced to in that instance or else the Turks/ Israeli’s would flood the Caucasus with jihadists and threaten the Balkans/ Central asia. Iran invited Russia to Syria for cover! To avoid bad publicity for having to kill muzlim jihadists and terrorists. It is only in Syria Iranian interests somewhat coincide with Russia’s, but only to a degree. No agreement on Syria’s future disposition between the two. Just maintain the status quo. Syria remains secular.

Last edited 11 months ago by Ahson
Reactionary Monarcho-Socialist Hellene

Turkey and Iran support radical Muslims. Russia, Israel and Syria (after 2011) fight against them.

Reactionary Monarcho-Socialist Hellene

Who is really the clown? When only Russia, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua accept this thing then you know what is going on. And what I am going on here is to point out that politics is not black and white. For example, Russia, China and India support Myanmar while US, Turkey, Europe and Iran support the Rohingyas.


Nothing to do with them, all those nations promote non interference in other nations troubles.

It’s only the Anglo Saxons who promote the global policeman routine.

Reactionary Monarcho-Socialist Hellene

Anglo Saxon elites. I agree.


You are with them. And very agains Russia, Iran, China, etc.

Reactionary Monarcho-Socialist Hellene

Iran and China yes but I dislike US also.


It is not so relevant for them just yet. Another step forward toward to the planned pan-Eurasian super state.

The beast system: https://youtu.be/26x0RQP1sXQ

THE OCCULT ROOTS OF BOLSHEVISM PART I: RUSSIAN COSMISM https://www.seekthemysteries.com/blog/the-occult-roots-of-bolshevism-part-i-russian-cosmism



Last edited 11 months ago by OnTheFritzzz

Do China, India and Iran recognize Kosovo? Nope. Nada. No.

Last edited 11 months ago by SparrowsNest

Well, no Minsk agreements anymore and Putin said they going to send peacekeeping troops to Donetsk and Luhansk to protect civilians – Putin also said they going to send soldiers but he hasn’t approved to send them anywhere as of yet. But, if Ukraine agrees to never join NATO they can lay a path to diplomacy.

The US and EU sanctions have passed, they called it an invasion by Russia. Also, in the last Putin interview by reports – I think he hints that the Donetsk and Luhansk borders going to be the whole region and not what they control now.

And we just have to wait and see…

Last edited 11 months ago by JJ345
Reactionary Monarcho-Socialist Hellene

NATO is obsolete and EU will be obsolete soon.


yous telling us that yous not who you say you are with that comment of yours no? You ain’t fukking Greek. Admit that yous our old friend doc already.

Icarus Tanović

Yes, he’s not. He’s a goy-zionist English, actually.

Reactionary Monarcho-Socialist Hellene

My name is Christos how can I be English?

Icarus Tanović

Your name is zander, so no you are not Hellen. Or you opted to become a female.

Reactionary Monarcho-Socialist Hellene

Hellene not Helen


Correct, he ain’t Greek. No Greek talks total rubbish like he does.

Reactionary Monarcho-Socialist Hellene

And what are you?

Karl Wolfe

Putin is a modern day Peter the Great against the bigots and bullies pulling the strings behind the scenes who are racist and elitist. He has more Courage than anyone in the formerly pro-freedom Western part of the world. China should stand together with them and REFUSE to subordinate themselves to the feeble-minded con artists worshiping their false deities in secret places. The true Potential of Humanity is UNLIMITED as our Creator intended. Use it for Good Ends and ones name will be Remembered by the People forever in a positive light: use it for self-centered purposes and one’s name will be spit out like poison and despised because Humans are in her Good and Life is given by the Creator to be Celebrated not in perpetual suffering.

Rodney Loder.

China is staying out of it, same as conflicts in the Islamic world meaning jew pox infiltration, and what will little jewey do when US patriots wake up to the fact that israel has Kissingerworking for them loving it up with China. Actually Kissinger believes he can be badmouthing China and get away with it, l guess he’ll have to learn the hard way but at 98 he seems to have learning a little bit late.

Warrior Nation

It’s too bad that Putin didn’t do this in 2014. It would have been far easier on everyone.


The circumstances weren’t ripe. You have to take proper timing into consideration when making big moves like this


Recognition of the two provinces is a step to de-escalate. It’s grotesque the EU claims this to be a breach of international law. It isn’t. But states can differ, see Kosovo. China had offered Russia a military alliance, which Russia declined. It’s difficult to know where they stand. Certainly, the Chinese society model of social credits and direct control is what “the West” is heading for too. However, there is also a great deal of antagonism in China; between the party (the burocratic capitalist group) and new super-companies (the corporate capitalist group. Sanctions will certainly affect Russia but are also a chance to form alternative means of trade, commerce etc. Something which has to be done anyway. The move away from dollar-hegemony and more importantly, fiat-money is inevitable.

Last edited 11 months ago by Dave

I suppose Yanks are still scared from fighting like Custer did, having lost to Sitting Bull and Lakota at Little Big Horn in a hand-to-hand combat. If they don´t have air supremacy and superior numbers on the ground, steady supply of chocolate bars and chewing gum, they won´t move forward. They even negotiate orders given by their officers. See “The Bridge at Remagen” movie. Imagine a German, Russian, even a Turkish or a Hungarian soldier doing that. This is what my grandfather and father had told me from their first-hand experience. I concur. They look great at movies, but perform not so magnificently on battlefields. Pity. I have been ready to change my prejudice watching the U.S. and NATO troops fighting off the Russians in Ukraine with bayonets and hand grenades. Unfortunately, the former proudly ran way too fast to the western Ukrainian – Polish border aware of their technological as well as moral superiority over the culturally inferior attackers. Perhaps the next time I will be luckier.

David Parker

As if Russia needed anything from China. Both Russia and China can take care of themselves. They have both realized that the “West” controlled by US deep state Zionists is not the least bit interested in peace. Their aim is dominion and one world government – Zionist with everyone else dead.


It would be good if someone tracked and arrested the Odessa massacre ringleaders and thugs. It was a building siege ending in mass murder. The bodies of the murdered ethnic Russians were doused in petrol and burned in a poor attempt to hide the extensive gunshot wounds. The Kiev regime police claimed it was mass death by fire and asphyxiation – ignoring the openly available video footage of armed thugs shooting and storming the building. In their violent rampage the thugs even strangled and threw the body of an older woman out of an upper most floor window, all openly caught on camera, who turned out to be an ethnic Ukrainian cleaning woman at work. Ukrainian ‘nationalist’ trash.

Last edited 11 months ago by SparrowsNest
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