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SF Website Was Attacked


SF Website Was Attacked

Dear friends,

Few hours ago, southfront.org faced a cyber attack. As result the peneterator acheieved access to the website and damaged/changed some content.

SF Team detected the unauthorized access and took actions to recover the initial form.

If you observe some strange or distrustful content at the website, please, contact us via info@southfront.org or via comments at the website.

Sincerely yours,
SF Team



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  • Drinas

    Consider it a badge of honor! It means the South Front is combating MSM propaganda effectively (not that we had any doubt..)!

  • Marek Pejović

    This one goes to the South Front crew:
    “Hatin’ on me is like hating the truth
    ya can lie to yourself, but deep down you know – I’M THE TRUTH!”
    R.A. The Rugged man, Posse Cut

    Glad to have ya back! :)

  • Marek Pejović

    Btw. it’s interesting that this attack comes now. didnt know our little corner had such weight on the block to deserve a cyber attack! seems like establishment is getting nervous and US and Merkal are trying to suppress and censor all alternative news while Sorosz and crew are trying to get electors to flip. SF, congratulations, you’re a rock of tripping for globalists and neocon scum! so rock rock on!

    • Bobby

      (((The establishment))) is getting nervous.

  • P K

    We stand behind you SF-Team! I will increase my donation!

  • Both-parties-SUCK!

    “Truth Is Treason In The Empire Of Lies!” – signed Ron Paul.

  • andy

    8 hour ago i was unable to access from here in oz..usa and england websites but not all of them my google page said they didnt exist .Google is also putting up front page’s warnings for this site and a lot of other’s .Maybe it’s time to get rid of Google but i use translate quite a bit

    • goingbrokes

      It is a good idea to use non-tracking (at least for now) search engines. You know the big G has info on everything you have ever done through their services. Non-trackers are Ixquick, Dogpile, DuckDuckGo. There may be others. Only use the big G when absolutely no alternative. (The other corporate search engines also track you.) Throw in a VPN and yo are much better off.

      • zencowboy61

        yes google is like all the rest they are part of the deep state

    • trid2bnrml

      Get IM Translator and ditch google.

  • Kell

    What were the nature of the changes?
    Could indicate the source of the attack.

    • They hacked one of accounts belonging to the website’s editorial staff.

      • Please use Kasperskys key-encriptors on all computers used to log into anything related to SouthFront, or into the private Emails of any editorial staff.
        Once Israel gets a Key-Loggers onto a computer, then it is a matter of time before they hack the whole website.

  • Kaspersky built an un-hackable PC, and Server and OS. Please contact Comrade Kaspersky or Comrade Putin to receive a (hopefully) deeply discounted Kaspersky PC, OS and Server.

    And all readers should switch for free to Kasperky right now. Here is the Kaspersky link.


    • John Whitehot

      there aren’t unhackable computers. Unless you plug it off the internet.

  • zencowboy61

    just par for the course. Yahoo says a billion accounts were hacked …they failed to mention that it happened over a year ago and didn’t tell anyone for they were trying to sell it so the new buyer wouldn’t know……….and the hacker probably was the NSA as they are the most hackers in the world.

    • TheLulzWarrior

      Don´t forget, their programs have “backdoors” for the NSA and CIA to “hack” into.