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JUNE 2023

SF Predictions Turn Into Reality. Houthis Bring War To Saudi Soil

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SF Predictions Turn Into Reality. Houthis Bring War To Saudi Soil

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On March 10, SF released a video analysis titled “Saudi-Initiated All-Out Oil War Could Lead To Collapse Of Kingdom Itself“. The video provided a look at the Saudi offensive on the oil market and forecasted the escalation of the military situation in the southern part of the Arabian Peninsula.

There is no secret in the fact that the Saudi attack on Iranian and Russian oil producers was coordinated with the United States. Such actions are a part of the global geopolitical standoff and the answer was inevitable.

“…the real goal of the Saudi campaign is not only to secure larger share of the oil market and punish Moscow for its unwillingness to accept the proposed OPEC+ deal, but to deliver a powerful blow to Washington’s geopolitical opponents: Russia and Iran. Pro-Western and anti-government forces existing in both Russia and Iran would try to exploit this situation to destabilize the internal situation in the countries.

On the other hand, Saudi Arabia may soon find out that its actions have backfired. Such economic and geopolitical games amid the acute conflict with Iran, military setbacks in Yemen and the increasing regional standoff with the UAE could cost too much for the Kingdom itself.

If the oil prices fall any further and reach $20 per barrel, this will lead to unacceptable economic losses for Russia and Iran, and they could and will likely opt to use nonmarket tools of influencing the Saudi behavior. These options include the increasing support to Yemen’s Houthis with intelligence, weapons, money, and even military advisers, that will lead to the resumption of Houthi strikes on Saudi oil infrastructure.

On top of these, the Saudi leadership may suddenly find that the internal situation in the Kingdom is being worsened by large-scale protests rapidly turning into an open civil conflict.

Such a scenario is no secret for international financial analysts. On March 8, shares of Saudi state oil company Aramco slumped below their initial public offering (IPO) and closed 9.1% lower. On March 9, it continued the fall plunging another 10%.  There appears to be a lack of buyers. The risks are too obvious.

At the same time, the range of possible US actions in support of Saudi Arabia in the event of such an escalation is limited by the ongoing presidential campaign. Earlier, President Donald Trump demonstrated that a US military base could become a target of direct missile strike and Washington will not order a direct military action in response. Taking into account other examples of the US current approach towards non-Israeli allies, Riyadh should not expect any real support from its American allies in this standoff.”

By March 31, Yemen’s Houthis have delivered a major power to Saudi-led forces in northwestern Yemen capturing a large part of the border with Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, they resumed missile and drone strikes on targets inside Saudi Arabia. On March 28, they employed Badir-1 artillery rockets, Zulfiqar missiles, and Qasef-2K and Samad-3 suicide drones against vital economic and military targets in the provinces of Jizan, Najran and Asir, as well as the Saudi capital, Riyadh.


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Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

yup, if USA pigdogs cannot protect their own bases, i doubt they can protect their homosexual saudi lovers

Zionism = EVIL

Americunt pigs are dying in the streets and a million have the Pompeovirus. They are fucked like their Saudi swine flu. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f52c683fb19fdbf676e04814cb00d0460c36b3952c242516aff1b4b739fe4cbb.jpg

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

i do not have a problem with american people. Their leaders are the proper cunts

Al Balog

“If the oil prices fall any further and reach $20 per barrel, this will lead to unacceptable economic losses for Russia and Iran, and they could and will likely opt to use nonmarket tools of influencing the Saudi behavior. These options include the increasing support to Yemen’s Houthis with intelligence, weapons, money, and even military advisers, that will lead to the resumption of Houthi strikes on Saudi oil infrastructure.”

Hehe, that would be sweet if Russia decides to go in and support the Houthis ??. I’ve long wanted that to happen, and if the Saudi-Russia relations worsen, I hope that Russia decides to. Now’s the time I feel for Russia to get involved, since Saudi Arabia has never been so weak and has betrayed Russia so badly.

I’ve also been chatting with others online and researching myself. Knowing Putin’s humanitarian work (as with Donbass, Syria, and Chechnya), I think he and especially Lavrov are seeing the genocidal catastrophe in Yemen. On October 31st, 2019, Lavrov said this, and has continued to tell Saudi to stop their carnage ever since:


The Western media deliberately ignore the existence of this conflict, except when salient events such as the school bus hit by a US missile with its 41 children killed instantly or the bombing of hospitals and markets that have produced thousands of victims occur. The crimes committed in Yemen cannot yet be hidden for a long time, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Saudi Arabia bombed, check. Turkish military walloped by Russia, check. US bases in Iraq bombed, openly by Iran, check.

What is the point in having an alliance with the US, when they cannot, or will not, defend their allies?

El Mashi

Americans dying by the thousands daily because of governmental neglect and corruption, check.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Well they started it, they have 5 strains of COVID19 due to their inaction back in 2019 before they sent the worse competitive team they ever sent to an international military competition, in Wuhan. It was announced today that the first US soldier has died from it, and 97 bases worldwide have been confirmed to be infected.

There is your international common vector.

good american

The US team did so badly because they were sick with the ‘flu’.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

They thought it was performance enhancing drugs they were taking, like Carl Lewis.


Dick Von Dast'Ard

It’s not if MbS loses his corona, it is when… I’d imagine the deal is already shook-upon and done.


Writer is hinting to Russia & Iran, how to increase oil price by backing Huthus.

S Melanson

Ok, coordinated with US the article claims. Problem is US being number one producer relies on tight shale oil which itself relies on oil prices above $50/barrel. So plan is:

Supply shock (up) + Demand shock (down) = oil price below $20 per barrel.

Ok, article states objective is to ruin Russian economy. Actual effect backfires as ruins KSA and bankrupts US tight oil producers which are THE primary reason for US ascendency as a producer. Backfires implies they did not see this coming. I am sure the US could foresee disaster and I do not think the US was party to this latest MBS move and in fact the US is so upset with MBS they may allow a vote on declaring OPEC a cartel – to signal to the Saud family time to pitch MBS overboard.

As for Houthis taking war into KSA, this has been the case for some time now and I predicted this would happen in August of 2018 – purpose to force end to war or force MBS out. I think MBS staying power has been impressive but I think MBS has used up all his nine lives…

Ivan Freely

Agreed. MbS days are numbered unless the Royal family are so inept that they can’t see the writing on the wall.

BTW, how was off-grid life?

S Melanson

Team member came down with infection in hand. Turned out to be flesh eating disease. So delayed trip. However, something odd about the numbers, this pandemic behaving, regardless if bioweapon or not, unlike any contagion model known, not even close. Raising doubts in my mind about what we are dealing with and suspect this is a contrived sh_t show as cover some other main event.

Sorry for delay responding, your thoughts?

Ivan Freely

AGREED!!! Thus far, the mortality rate doesn’t justify the ridiculous measures taken. I suppose it’s better to error on the safe side but, I too get this weird feeling that this is all a distraction by constantly focusing on the “infection” rate.

IMO, the upcoming main event has more to do with the financial World. I’m expecting to hear news of Deutsche Bank demise, along with the PetroDollar. We might even see the collapse of our pensions.

The talking heads have been slowly conditioning people to expect this to be the new norm like empty shelves, lockdowns, high unemployment; things related to finance. The lockdowns will be used to quell any riots / unrest. It wouldn’t surprise me if they extend the lockdown past the Democrat Convention scheduled in July at Milwaukee. But I have no idea on what they plan to do with the growing homeless population. How does one lockdown homeless people?

Meanwhile, Washington’s push for war are acts of desperation to avoid a repeat of the Oil Crisis of the 70s. What’s interesting is the pushback from the military where one Navy Captain sacrificed his career by using the virus to return to port.

Your speculation about Putin and MbS may be correct. It’s not just the Shale oil industry but the US banks that loaned money to them. Two for the price of one.

S Melanson

Good analysis. Thanks!

Assad must stay

great houthis keep firing on riyadh, the oil terminals, air bases, all the way to mbs house :))))

Toni Liu

Seems saudi just attack all parties or just american, bacause how US able to stand saudi cheap oil attack while its shale got destroyed and still support them at same moment

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