SF Military Maps Database


Dear friends,

SF Team recalls that the project launched a military maps databse in January 2017. The database is available here maps.southfront.org.

The database allows to browse maps and infographics posted at SF’s website more comfortable and faster.

Maps.southfront.org allows you to get access to all maps and infographics uploaded at our website by categories: Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Ukraine, US Carrier Strike Groups Locations, Turkey, South China Sea and Infographics.

SF Military Maps Database

Syrian and Iraqi maps are also sorted by provinces.

SF Military Maps Database

You can support SF Project by subscribing to this database (HERE).

SF Military Maps Database

Your support allows us to improve our work constantly. Thank you very much!

We ask you to remember that SouthFront is in operation thanks to your  donations.

Sincerely yours,

SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence



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  • Aleks Black

    I love your work, as soon as I can afford it, i am getting an yearly subscription.

  • Igor Henrique

    His works are of high level. Pleace, consider making Libyan maps also..