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SF Live Streams Are Back (FINISHED)




TOPIC: Censorship against the alternative media on Facebook, the April 14 missile attack on Syria, the situation in the South China Sea.

Dear friends, you can ask questions about the live stream topics and other issues related to SF in the Youtube chat. (It’s available if you open the live stream in a separate browser tab)



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  • Michał Hunicz

    Perfect time for me in Poland.

    • peter

      Polish people are false ! You can licked US ass !

  • Kandinski

    Didn’t know you have that.

    • David Pryce

      Great news and íl start small donations this week too
      Congratulations 🎊

      • Kandinski

        Yes, I like this kind of non bias stuff, so I always listen Dark Journalist and Richard Dolan :)

  • peter

    Rusians go in front , opposite our fucking govermetns !

  • Dr. Ronald Cutburth

    I recommend SF as an outstanding intelligence operation. I can only donate small amounts. However if you sign in to SF you should all donate even tiny amounts every month.

    • Terence Silvestre Jr.

      I agree with you my friend.
      Southfront, deserve it and somuch.

  • Kandinski

    Hague is political court. Some years ago when were about to join NATO they changed verdict for our Generalissimos Ante Gotovina for slaughtering 500 Serbian elders in our pitiful sectarian madness, from 34 years in prison to free of charge, and then, to pleas Saudi Wahhabi they confirmed verdict to our other Generalissimos from Bosnia Slobodan Praljak.

  • Kandinski

    And in the end I am to sttupid cause I watched Arsenal – Atletico Madrid game