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SF Is Searching Geopolitical, Military, Regional Analysts And Researchers


SF Is Searching Geopolitical, Military, Regional Analysts And Researchers

Dear friends,

SouthFront calls on all our readers and subscribers that are concerned of the complicated situation around the world and want to express their point of view on the ongoing events.

SouthFront invites all interested people to our volunteer team.

The project currently needs:

  • Geopolitical analysts
  • Military analysts
  • Regional analysts
  • Researchers

We are especially interested in analysts and researchers to cover developments related to China and the situation in Southeast Asia.

IMPORTANT: You need at least 4 hours per week to participate in the project.

CONTACT US: info@southfront.org (don’t forget check a spam box for the answer)

Sincerely yours,

SouthFront Team



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  • Poor Turk

    The reason analysis aren’t truthful is that they are based on the whims and knowledge of the individual who writes them.

    • Miguel Redondo

      Every analysis is biased by the mindset of the writer , that is completely unavoidable, But a good analyst is able to reflect opposed points of view without pursuing a particular agenda. Also a completely biased analysis contains some truth.
      Absolute truth only exist in mathematics , but never in political analysis.