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SF Is In Danger

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Dear friends!

SouthFront unites volunteers all around the globe who threw the gauntlet to mainstream think tanks. Surviving on donations, SouthFront Team creates mind-changing analytical content, exlusive videos and graphics.

Despite the constant pressure from ill-wishers, the project produces over 800 pieces of content per month.

Unlike other media outlets and think tanks, SouthFront does not receive support from corporations, governments or any persons acting for his own self-interest.

Since November 1, the project has collected 1798 USD. Thank you for the support!

SF Is In Danger

Unfortunately, this is only 36% of the minimal monthly amount needed to keep the common number of content.

Without your support the project will be pushed to decrease production by the end of the month:


Account: southfront@list.ru

SF Is In Danger

Tinypass (Piano)

This systems accepts all types of cards, PayPal, Amazon Payments, bitcoin (FAQ is under the main text, in P.S.)

You can subscribe for a monthly donation of $15 (or any another amount) OR make one time donation by clicking buttons below

SF Is In Danger

SF Is In Danger

SF Is In Danger

SF Is In Danger

SF Is In Danger

SF Is In Danger


Donate via SouthFront’s Patreon account (click here)


Bitcoin: southfront90@list.ru
Adress for BTC: 1PvKhgVDoXp96Yyp7Pgs5uMPkChSMA2G5n



Sincerely yours,

SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence Team

P.S. How to donate via Tinypass (Piano):

1) One time donation

SF Is In Danger SF Is In Danger SF Is In Danger SF Is In Danger

2) Monthly subscription

SF Is In Danger SF Is In Danger

SF Is In Danger

SF Is In Danger

SF Is In Danger

SF Is In Danger

SF Is In Danger

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Its always, this days an fight between bad consciousness because I use you, and the second that I am flat broke all the time, I haven’t bought my self cloths for years except tome slack to have home since I dont go out much anymore, and some socks, thats it. I made ONE big mistake, an almost new car, witch I define as Broken Windows fallacy in practices and in real time. Rolling crap. But it will be dumped soon, I hate cars.

I hope to be better but this days with skyrocketing inflation is difficult and I hope the other is more “enriched” that I am can help. My humble apoligize, and this site is really rear, and I am more into real time than weeks after. You do that at an level few does.

I hope you make it, and I urge others to help, please.


John Smith

Greetings. I am the admin of the facebook page “Rusia SOT”. I always share you content. Just donated 25$ from Albania.

Good luck

Marek Pejović

I also need to apologize for my online banking illiteracy. in NL you have iDEAL, a way to pay online with common bank card. this is the only way i can buy online, usually all services here have it. unfortunatelly i can’t donate like this. any ideas how to make it happen? i have a maestro (nor mastercard) card… guys, can you write your IBAN? I think it could work like this. thank you! I’m kinda broke these days but a few hundred euros is rolling behind the corner. some of them i’d like to share with you!


Dear friend, You can use your bank card to donate via Paypal without creating an account. In other cases, we can recommend to try Tinypass or BTC. Sincerely yours, SF


You should allow to donate using paysafecard.

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