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SF Asks For Financial Support

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Unprecedented pressure on SouthFront is underway.

The deep state has become very upset over SouthFront work and their inability to suppress one of the few remaining independent voices.

Nonetheless, despite all the pressure that we face, SouthFront Team is set to continue its work.


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SF Asks For Financial SupportOR CONTACT US : info@southfront.org

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@South Front Can SF explain why they are using this simplistic posting system? Your discussion section is turning into complete trash and you are losing support from people who have been here for many years ! :(


@ziotroll your dead is brain. you are too stupid to realize you actually help them to increase traffic that’s why they tolerate your moronic trolling. you are an useful idiot. more idiot than useful tho.

jens holm

It might help You, if You cleaned Ypurown garden better.

jens holm

They already has explained the reasons very well.

Potato Man

I haven’t commented and nor have I read your reporters because of people being trolls. I blocked stupid Nazi kids before, and I don’t care about troll from around the world who are just stupid kids really. But now you giving them a free card and I don’t want to see trolls (by seeing them I mean, due to this new comment section whoever say something first going to be the top comment and some people just spawning – look at your new comment section and tell me if you see any old-timer beside Nazi and trolls, which most of us blocked them before this)…the best way to ignore trolls is to block them and let them be with other trolls. Trolls are attention seekers – and attention seeker do and saying anything for ATTENTION – no matter what the topic would be. I saw this and here to say a lot of people left or just look to other websites because of your new comment section. You guys destroyed your community and the people who supported you – as I said, I just look at your other posts and besides trolls and Nazi, I saw no one that I know. I will be real with you guys, I would come to this website to talk, but do you guys think I can now? No, so why would I be still visiting SF…for the love of god PressTV has a much better comment section. Fix it. You guys do great reports but right now besides Hama and IDF “war” there isn’t anything new and the whole world reporting on it.


@jens holm Wow, It’s actually you this time and not some imposter. :) SF has not explained anything about using this lame posting system, which allows the trolls to destroy the discussions. Indeed this may be the end of SF, and some of the damage is self inflicted.


@Potato Man “Trolls are attention seekers” This may be part of the story, but SF left itself wide open for it’s comment section to be taken down by those that may be organized, if you catch my drift.


even disgus better than this—even more dominated by CIA 9 year olds today


Trolls.. Do someone explane to me what a Troll is ? Im 48 year old and I dont know well these trange new names.. Because if a troll is someone that writes sometning you don’t whant to read than I’m likelly a Troll..

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